DML Podcast: (Ep151) Most disgusting podcast ever, people need to be in prison for doing this to kids

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 30-minutes today.

DML reviews a report issued by the Libs if TikTok about a DC based hospital that is allegedly performing hysterectomies on young girls. These girls are less than 16 in some cases, reports LOTT.

An undercover recording highlights the report, and DML provides details on what is happening to these kids and who should pay the price.

Also, DML announces a BOGO deal for his birthday you don’t want to miss.

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  1. But yet our politicians in DC are pedophiles that get away with it, just look at Biden showering with his daughter when she was 11

  2. Happy birthday DML! love the podcast. Keep up the good work on keeping people informed I share often and it is nice to hear from someone with some common sense thank you!

  3. Happy Birthday DML. Thank you for keeping us informed. Crimes against children will not go unpunished. It would be better for such people to tie a millstone around their neck.

  4. Happy Birthday DML, I hope you have a fantastic and Blessed day. Also Happy Belated Birthday to your lovely wife Mary.

  5. Happy Birthday Dennis..
    I pray you and Mary have that relaxing weekend you so deserve.
    Prayers for your improved good health, sorry to hear you are suffering in such pain.

  6. The people who do these things and the people who allow it to happen are totally filled with Satan. This should be our red line. This needs to stop Now. Good people can not just watch this happen and do nothing. If we do nothing we are no better than they are! God Help Us

  7. Happy 53rd Birthday to you DML!
    Thank you for making this world a brighter and better place!
    Thank you for all you do-God Bless you my friend!


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