DML Podcast: (Ep152): Senator predicts MAGA will riot in the streets if Trump is indicted, is he right?

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 45-minutes today.

DML discusses the comments made Sunday by charlatan Senator Graham. The senator says MAGA will riot if Trump is indicted. DML rips LG’s comments, and explains why his comments hurt Trump and his supporters.

Plus, DML discusses the radical comments from the Wicked Witch of NY. And finally, he expresses concerns over the economy and recent remarks from the Fed Reserve. What it means for you.

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  1. As Republicans and conservatives we don’t have to riot to get our point across we are better than the left, we can shut down whole cities in a peaceful manner.
    Lindsey Graham‘s does understand there are going to be people who do not want to do it the legal way,because we know that they will do anything and everything to keep former President Trump from running for president in 2024.

    • This. We work, you know, actual jobs and pay our bills. We will show our power in peaceful protests if need be but definitely in the voting stations. I pray that God Almighty keeps this current Democratic Party from cheating, and that there is a red wave so huge, they cannot win no matter how much money they raise or how they may try to cheat.

  2. If Trump is indicted I think Senator Graham is right that MAGA will riot. I hope not because I think that’s what’s Biden wants so he can declare Marshall Law and shut down the elections!!!

    • Trump supporters will not riot, but there will be people dressing like MAGA and carrying flags to make Trump supporters look bad. But it won’t be real Trump supporters. It does no good to riot but to make yourself and others look bad, get yourself arrested and another Jan 6 committee and fulfill their fantasy. What is the point? Are Trump supporters going to lower themselves to the level of ANTIFA and BLM and the lying 3 letter agencies who infiltrate and wreak havoc? Lindsay Graham needs to shut his big pie hole, it sounds like he is trying to plant a seed. We are not rioters, we do not destroy, set fires, do damage, or physically hurt people. But biden, the democrats, and the media is setting it all up. He calls Trump supporters semi-fascist on the news, in his speeches, you tell a lie often enough people begin to believe it. I’m tired of people talking about a civil war. So who do you go after? Do you knock on your neighbors door and say “oh by the way who did you vote for”? Do you just randomly start fighting people? It’s just ridiculous. A lot of people complaining don’t even vote. If we have 360 million people in this country and only 160 million people vote, not counting children and illegal aliens, then where are the rest of the voters? People are talking about protesting peacefully. The TEA Party had a million people peacefully march on Washington in 2009. It barely made a blip in the news. They even cleaned up everything but still the media ravaged the march. Do you ever hear much about the Right To Life March every year in Washington? No, but thousands show up in Washington. Use your power at the voting box and your energy to speak to people and tell them why they should be voting. Save your time, money, and energy for that. Stay positive.

  3. Lindsey Graham has no right to speak for any MAGA supporter! What a self-righteous, RINO blowhard! Trying to paint Trump supporters as violent, unthinking members of a cult! Please, SC, replace this idiot!

  4. No I don’t think will but just by saying this gives all the idiots out there a chance to get dressed up in trump gear and do it. Don’t you get it ! They will out graham if he don’t play along with the game . There are expecting this . Let’s hope there is no indictment and they lose again at trying to pin something on him.

  5. I think a peaceful protest or something like the farmers did over in Europe would be more appropriate at the most. No destruction or theft of property. No violence against police or government etc. Probably overpass protests would be best. While there pass out the contact info to all the politicians in charge of the area and let them get an ear full. Expect to be hauled off to jail repeatedly but continue to do it anyways.

  6. Says the ‘rhino’ Lyndsey 🥱 who in the HELL gave him permission to ‘speak about ANY of President Trumps supporters?!?! He’s such a dweeb…. & it’s no wonder Trump stopped allowing him to come to MarLargo because Trump can’t trust him as far as he can throw Graham. I knew he was 2 faced when I watched him ‘fist bump that ole cackling crow Harris awhile back. That right then told me he was nobody to be trusted . President Trump I’m sure doesn’t trust him period! And I’m right there w/ Trump on that. MAGA this Graham! You don’t know ‘jack’ about any President Trump supporter so stop acting like you do 🤥🤥🤥🤥

  7. Lindsey Graham is a traitor and back stabber . He’s pretend to like you to your face but cuts you down behind your back. He likes his I’ll gotten money . The pits of hell are opening wide for him. God sees everything. Nothing is hid

  8. First of all Republicans don’t riot! But Democrats do! Any rioting that happens will be BLM and Antifa just like always. They all live in the sewer right along with the sewer rat politicians.

  9. I do not have time for riots not like the fucken trash blacks and Loot from shops, I work and have a family I’ll vote the American way, this guy is garbage

    • Nick, now you are showing your true colors by calling people names and being racist. That comment was awful. We conservatives are better than that. We don’t do racism. We don’t want to do what the democrats keep accusing others of doing, EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO but they get away with it. joe biden just called us all fascists.

  10. The only problem with the Constitution created by our forefathers is they have been trampling it like it doesn’t exist if they do that to Donald Trump who do you think they’re going to do it to next ?Us the American people, the Constitution also says that we don’t have to let this happen- people live in fear of exercising the constitution for” lose of freedoms”. They are the traitors not us..they are rich because of us. Our courts they want to pack or already have communist leaning judges, full in attack, on our weapons, pandering to the criminal element, displacing us, so what have we left of “the constitution our forefathers gave us?

  11. I would hope we Republicans are much better at adulting and stoop that low. But I wouldn’t for a hot second put ot past BLM and Antifia to infiltrate and start it so Biden gets what he wants.

    • And it will be funded by none other than POS george soros. He is funding them and supposedly spending $60 million + to fund dnc and others running against the Republicans. That piece of filth actually wants America to go down. What drove him to this hate against us? He certainly got rich here. Guess it was when he supported that piece of filth hitler and the hitler regime. hitler committed suicide. He really is a piece of pond scum filth. I live for the day he shares a cell with soleimani.

  12. I am sure real conservative MAGA people will not riot but I am 100% positive they will try and peacefully march.

    The problem lies within the demonic Democrat party and their henchmen: FBI, BLM amd ANTIFA. No doubt that if we march and demonstrate, these evil entities already have marching orders to infiltrate, agitate and frame peaceful demonstrators as maniacal right wing extremists.

    Leftists will use the same playbook from Jan 6.

  13. Hang it up Lindsey…. No maga people will do that but…. U will see Antifa and friends dress up like maga and do it tho! Thanks rino man for putting it out there!!!! Jerk!!!

  14. Y’all HAD BETTER GET OUT & VOTE.. now if they steal another election ALL BETS WILL BE OFF THERE WILL BE PEOPLE TAKING TO THE STREETS..not putting up with this clown government anymore🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Are you so-called conservatives and Republicans better quit sitting on your hands… or kiss American freedom good bye!!!! Because we haven’t done shit but bitch… see where it’s gotten us??? I’ll head straight to Austin!!!!!

  16. as soon as I heard graham say mega people will riot. He is trying to lure us in the streets but we know better. We must not riot and fall in their hands. I always wonder why why didn’t trump call for Marshall law. Why? Let’s just vote and pray for peace.


  18. Lindsey Graham is only interested in himself
    He only says what he wants to say to better himself
    A true Rino
    A, in fact, Trump Hater
    He said what he said to hurt Trump
    He needs to be treated like 3 day old fish
    Throw him out ASAP

  19. If in case there is a riot, it will be instigated by the left pretending to be Trump supporters, Antifa, BLM, the left, socialists and Democrats to harm those who support Trump.

  20. Conservatives don’t do that we’re too busy working every day and most of us volunteer we don’t tear anything down we love America!

  21. Wow, DML really has Lindsey Graham figured out… Thanks for the clarity and stripping away all the B. S. like a lazar through butter

  22. If they find papers it’s because the FBI put them there ‘ They wound do anything to keep trump out the white house .

    Ps) big companies don’t give a flying hoot about their staff . .

    life is to short to hustle for a another dollar


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