DML Podcast: (Ep154): Google screws Trump’s Truth Social, and AG Garland places a ban on DOJ

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 37 minutes today.

DML covers a lot of issues today.

  1. DeSantis makes critique of 87k IRS agents
  2. Biden gaffes big time during rally
  3. Hillary in the Hamptons
  4. Google screws Trump’s Truth Social
  5. AG Garland insults conservatives with a crazy ban on his own DOJ
  6. GOP candidates makes huge mistake at border
  7. Florida is rated #1
  8. Last day for bogo deal

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  1. Best broadcast yet. You are hysterical while making your point! I’m still laughing. Great show. I give you a 10+

  2. DML You make me laugh! I love your show! I’m a Canadian woman and the news in my Country sucks like USA news! I love that you call a spade a spade!
    As my neighbour to the south, I like to know what’s going on in your Country. We are all so interconnected these days. We wouldn’t have a leader if we melded Biden and Truedope together! Praying Trump gets in! God Bless our Countries!

    • Thank you Tracey for your support. biden and trudeu…we could name IT bid-dope. Both are liberal useless people who don’t even deserve to breathe clean air. Most times I refer to biden as the dumb ass donkey butt. Now there is talk that bi-dumb is negotiating a human exchange of 4 towel heads murdering SOB’s and their towel head leader who masterminded 9/11 and the murder of almost 3000 Americans in the World Trade Center buildings. I don’t know who the lucky exchange person is. joe biden is a sick man. It gets worse with the SOB every single day. He needs to meet satan his maker, so he can enjoy the heat of the moment forever. Eternity is a long time.

  3. A great AND hillarious ( at times) podcast and yes i made you and me happy , took advantage og the bogo.AND the 20% saved a bunch !!! Bless you all !!


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