DML Podcast (Ep155) Liberal Hollywood star switches to conservatism, and WH calls MAGA voters extremists

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 48 minutes today.

DML covers an array of topics:

-WH press sec. calls you an extremist who disrespects the rule of law
-Students and learning take a nose dive post pandemic, report says
-Liberal actor and SNL star turns on left, goes right to save country for his kids
-Chicago’s racist mayor gets loads of illegals from Texas, freaks out
-New video from Jon Voight
-California warns residents to not charge their cars after declaring EV will be only cars sold in 2035.
-Fox News Doocy destroys press sec. about immigration and death via drug overdoses

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  1. Our school children will be last in the countries, Hitler administration is to concerned about sex changes, and teaching hate. I love Jon Voight! Every . state needs to be complaining about the illegals to old man Hitler.

  2. We are a Constutional Republic we are Mega for TRUMP we are not Violent, Joe pushes Violence and tell’s his people to attack us REPUBLICANS this is insighting Violence.

  3. I have been getting cut off while texting some things about my opinion an this Mar-a-Largo stuff they don’t want it posted and all of a sudden it was gone don’t even know where it went to continue my paragraph!


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