DML Podcast: (Ep156) Biden goes devil red, and this is my last program for a while

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 38 minutes today.

DML covers Biden’s devil-like speech, dividing the country worse than it is already.

DML also mentions the call for more foreign labor as the news jobs report shows an uptick in unemployment.

Also, DML explains why this is his last podcast, for a while anyhow.

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  1. DML the things that are going on in this country are despicable. I am starting to believe my older friends when that are giving the daily gloom and doom. It is so scary. Biden calling us extremists because we love America and don’t think we should allow people to just come on in and pay for all that bs!!! I never thought it would get this bad. I am gonna move to Florida from WV just because of Manchin. What a weak backed low down scumbag. Anyway I am glad u decided to stay MAGA . We need all the good Americans we can get its gonna get bad for us we have to all stick together and fight for what we believe in. MAGA 4life TRUMP 2024!!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We’ve stayed silent too long, we need to keep trying to get the freedoms we so dearly love back. We will if we VOTE!! If we can have a fair election

    • DML. Brought me to tears. Will do miss you but you will be back!! Will pray for you every day. Thank you for all you the info you have passed on to all of us.

  2. Listening to your podcast right now. Whatever you r going thru did not catch God off guard. He has a plan for your life. Sometimes He has to get our attention. I was out of life for about 6 mos once but I had time and learned so much and got so close to my Saviour. It truly was the best year of my life that was 20 yrs ago when I was 50. You & family will continually be in my prayers. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Sending you nothing but best wishes that you come back feeling great. I’ll be here waiting and will continue to follow your ap.

  4. Oh my gosh this is so very sad, DML my prayers are with you and your family.
    My husband and I are going through some Major Health issues too, my husband has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer and will start Chemo next week.
    I have to have Major Back Surgery the end of this month, it was cancelled last week as I have a torn rotator cuff on my left arm.
    I have been with you since you started, to hear your Podcast today is so very sad.
    You will be in my daily prayers, get well DML, we will be waiting for you.
    God Bless and prayers for you to get healthy again.

  5. Praying for you DML! I will lift you up in my prayers everyday. God will get you through this. Praying for healing and answers to whatever it is! Thank you so much for all you do for our country. You truly are my one and only source of news I believe in everyday. You know we all love you and will be right here when you return. May God bless you, heal you and love you through this. I just know you’re going to be better than ever. Somehow I just done think God is done with you yet. Prayers for you and your family.

  6. Praying for wisdom for your doctors, and strength and courage for you and your family. Sorry you have to go through this. Take care of yourself and be careful in NY! 🙏

  7. Best wishes and feel better soon. I’m moving to Florida next year so am a little disappointed to hear this. Hopefully New York will treat you well and you will be better soon. Take care.

  8. Want to wish you great health in the near future
    Ok now what you mean about health care have Lyme diabetic and adrenal problems I know the struggles
    Wishing you the best

  9. You are in my daily prayers, Dennis. We all will miss you especially in these chaotic times. Glad you are able to go back to NYC for treatment. Stay positive and strong!!Rest and relax as much as you can. Looking forward to your return.!!❤️🙏✝️🇺🇸

  10. You have touched my heart years ago, I am having bronchial issues unknown cough…. thst5 can be non stop.ugh. so, last night, I spoke to God n asked him to heal this mess, I as you are allowed to ask for help. So, today, I haven’t coughed all day. I thanked him n don’t know what it was not to cough during the day. I am.shocked the Mayo Clinc wasn’t mentioned. I understand the medical down there, my gf severe prostate problems, they all knew his problem, they let him sit in the er for hours n didn’t want to treat him. I believe that was his breaking moment. He has lived in Florida his whole life. Spent what he was able to with his 2 teenage girls n wife that evening. The next day killed himself in his backyard. His daughter found him. A freaking saddest story..n I blame the medical there…he didn’t have to die, as well as he didn’t have to suffer.
    But, let’s get back to you Dennis. I have learned n watched n listen to you in my car on trips, you are a bright day even if the talk is dark, love your family, the closeness you have, the respect to your family
    n they give it back, service to your country n community…are way to far gone n you kept it going. Kudos’s. If you feel NY is your healing grounds then be it. It’s sweet that there are friends n family so your not alone. Very lucky. So, they say the 3rd time is the charm! Come back healthy, refreshed, you can do it..n you know it…
    Just like me, today, I had resolved to change some things n positive attitude in doing so.. love to you n Miss Mary, who will miss you beyond the galaxies out there. You are showing your children look this happens when you don’t listen -this time don’t follow me, get the jump-start .. healing prayers , strength n love, keep the fight for positive healing. I will include you on my talks to my clutch of saints that are in my circle….including our Heavenly Father. Love you always, already waiting to hear from you again…I say see you in target date for you n me!!!

  11. Truly, Heartfelt Love for you and yours. Grateful for all that you do. Grace,Hope and Love, to bring you through. Praying God’s love for us all. Hold to his Unchanging Hands.

  12. I have followed you since your walk and talks. I will continue following in your absence, your news app is the only one I use daily. I also take the CBD gels and drops daily. I pray God gives you and your doctors wisdom and for complete healing of your body and that He would envelope you and your family with His perfect love and peace.

  13. I have a friend who lives part time in IL and FL. While in FL her husband was having health issues and no doctor in FL was able to help. So they came back up to IL and got it resolved. I thought with the aging population in FL the doctors there would be great but that wasn’t the case. I hope you get everything resolved in NY and get the best medical care you need to get better and return. Take care of yourself, Dennis.

  14. Praying for you DML, whatever challenge you face, God has a plan, he will get you through this. You have teuly picked up for me, where Rush left off.
    Love you! ❤️

  15. Just listened to your very heart felt,for now, last podcast. I want to thank you for all that you do & will continue to tune in while you take care of yourself.
    Sending prays & blessings to you & your family during this difficult time.
    I look forward to the near future when we connect again. May God be with you always. 💓

  16. Will miss you, praying for you to have a fast recovery. The nonsense going on is scary but I am positive this will not last long. This country will get better again, no doubt in my mind. God be with you and your family. Looking forward to your return

  17. Healing prayers sent, along with prayers to your medical team ! I understand your need to go, to take care of yourself so that you can go on with your work. Appreciate all you do, the truth you bring forth. God’s blessings to you ❤

  18. Bless you and your family for the strength to get you well Dennis.

    I’ve been following you you for over 10 years and god willing, I’ll be here when you are back to listen for years to come.

  19. Praying for wisdom for your doctors and solutions to your health issues that will lead to your healing and a quick recovery. Safe travels to New York, and I look forward to hearing you in a few weeks, strong and well. 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻


  21. May God bless & heal you as only he can do. I will miss your podcasts while swimming or walking… I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease in March which unfortunately has led me down the path of lupus. I’ve made so many lifestyle changes (along with 47 lbs I didn’t want or need) that are hard but good. I have to stay as healthy & positive as I can. It’s not easy but you can do it! You & your family will be in my daily thoughts & prayers🙏 I’m team DML & will looking forward to your return. Be careful up there!

  22. My husband and I met you at the Labor Day bbq in Carlsbad, CA a few years ago. We enjoy listening to your podcast and learning from you. We will miss listening to you, yet will definitely continue following the news on your app. Btw, we really like your cbd face serum. Take all the time you need to take care of your health. We will keep you and your family in prayer. May God continue to embrace you with His precious shadow.
    May Psalm 91 uplift you.

  23. Lifting you up to the Master Healer, may he shower you with his healing graces. My prayers will be with you on your health journey, you mean a lot to a lot of people. Take time for yourself & do not worry about your audience, we will be here for you when you get back! 🙏💙😇

  24. U will b in my prayers and thoughts the same as if u were my brother. I pray for ur drs knowledge and care to b exemplary. Stay positive and full of faith. God has plans for u here on earth. Taking care of urself is all important. Know u r loved and we all will b waiting for good reports in the near future and I believe we will receive them ❤️🙏🙏🙏

  25. Prayers for God’s grace and mercy, Mr Lynch! Put the armor of Christ on as you go into battle! Looking forward to your return, we desperately need your voice of reason and encouragement!🙏💗🙏💗🙏💗🙏💗

  26. Like all the other posters before me , i wish you nothing but all the very best as things move foward for you . A cyber hug from me to you Godbless you Dennis always .

  27. I’m going to keep this short and simple… DML, you are a very good man… Your passion for our country and podcasts are 2nd to none.. Best of luck to you…

  28. I will continue to pray for you, for Mary and for your family that complete healing and strength are granted by God in the days to come.
    You have helped so many; may it all come back to you a hundred fold.

  29. DML, you’re getting your buttockkkks back here. Love you DML. I’m fighting the tears. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. You always have me. I never left your side since 2016.

  30. Dennis, thank you! I have listened to you since your Walk&Talk and you have helped me so much to understand what has been going on for all those years. You are my main source for the news and I value your opinions. May God protect you as you go thru this illness and I will add you to my prayer list. God Bless you and will anxiously wait for good news. Sending love and a huge hug❤️🙏🏼❤️

  31. Dennis, sorry to hear that you are ill. Hoping you make a speedy recovery. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  32. Dennis, prayers being lifted for you and your family. I will miss your podcasts, but your health is more important. May God grant your doctors wisdom and guidance in your treatment plan, and may He grant you a full recovery.

  33. My prayers are with you and your family. May Our Lord and savior keep you in his care . God bless you and your family. I will place your name on our prayer list

  34. Dennis,
    Lifting you up in prayer with what you are facing in the weeks to come. Have faith in God!!
    I have been with you now for several years and your heart, soul, hard work, dedication, true patriotism is so so admirable and that’s why you are so loved. Plus you are funny. Please take care and We WILLLL hear from you again soon. You better listen to your Doctors with no grumpiness. We anxiously await your return and news of your body healing. Take care. Blessings to you and your family!!!!

  35. Dennis, so sorry to hear you are having health issues…sending thoughts and prayers to you. We will miss you but God has bigger plans for you!!!! You will be back healthier and stronger! You take care and we will wait to hear from you again…God bless you…You are a true Patriot🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

  36. DML, be encouraged and know that the Lord God Almighty has got you in His hands and your family too! You and your family are dearly loved! Grace wins! Jesus Christ is always the answer!

  37. All the laughter you have brought me over the years! I never thought I would sit hit here and cry like a baby. I will pray for you every day. We love you DML. And you WILL BE BACK!!
    God bless you. Much love to you!

  38. Oh my, DML, you have my Prayers, I will be thinking about you…
    I found you on your WalknTalks, and look for you Podcast each day…
    You giving us the actual truth about all the things going on our country has kept my faith in our country. And knowing that Our Dear Lord, is the one really in control…keeps this old gal on track…
    Prayers on the way… Looking forward to hearing you again on your Podcast…

  39. Dennis – It is my hope that you receive the finest medical treatment available. You are one fine individual. I so glad I met you in person in Florida a couple of years ago at the event.

  40. Dennis, I really hope you get the best care in NY and I will definitely be praying for YOU and your Family. You are special, you have impressed your higher power and all of us listening and you are loved by millions. Stay strong, stay positive and get better soon!!

  41. God Bless you Dennis and you lovely wife and family. You will get well and beat this thing. You put out good and you will get it back x 100. Stay positive, get well and come back soon. I will miss your truthful and inspirational words. Just know myself and all of your other followers are sending prayers and love to you.
    Be strong, be safe and make those Drs take good care of you. Much love and caring.

  42. Dennis I only found you maybe a year ago at most. I will miss your podcast and fb posts more than you will ever know. I’m one of your silent fans. I will be praying for you and pray you will come back soon. Much love and mush prayers.

  43. so i just wanted to say. I love you and yours . i was a listener in all your walk and talks. bought a lot of your cbd before you moved to Fl. life is not what it seems and we are in spiritual warfare. we must seek God first for everything cuz up is not down and right is not wrong and we are in this world but not of this world. movie is time to roll the credits.. if you dont get it by now. WAKE UP brfore its too late. Gods speed my friend

  44. Wishing you the best as you are the best! As you go on this tough journey you have our prayers that you will once again be back to share your wisdom, knowledge and laughs! Good luck DML❣️

  45. I am having a hard time typing through the tears in my eyes.
    I remember a couple of years ago you had some medical problems and had to go through multiple tests. You just didn’t feel well. You came back. Let’s pray you will this time too.
    Your words reminded me so much of Rush’s words to his audience.
    I appreciate all your insights that help me understand what is happening in our world and our nation.
    May God bless you and your family.

  46. Dennis- the universal spirit of God is wide and large,unlimited and doesn’t reside in one place. It’s not in one state, or one place. It is within all of us, surrounding us with love and care. I’m not religious but I believe that the good we do here will be seen, acknowledged, and you will reap the benefit of the seeds you have sown. Dennis, I have learned so many lessons from your podcasts, the up to date news that has become my daily habit. You are my daily habit for prayer, thought and I believe you will emerge stronger, wiser, smarter about your body, an have a deeper more profound sense of our country because of the health challenge you will win. No one can dent it’s a scary time. But we have your back. You will be victorious. Your faith is what gets you through. Plus our love for you. Karen

  47. Praying for you and your family. Also sending out prayers for the team of doctors and nurses who will provide their care for your return. I am looking forward to your next podcast. 🙏

  48. “Brother” DML prayers and wonderful wishes for your health improvement. Thanks for sharing your insights in this bizarre world. We will be anxiously awaiting your return. 🙏❤🤗

  49. Praying for you to heal completely and quickly, and that God would anoint every medical professional that comes near you with wisdom beyond their understanding. It’s not selfish to ask for more blessings. I pray He does♥️🙏♥️🙏

  50. DML.. I will greatly miss your voice, (my nightly bible) however it’s time to put all of your thoughts and energy into YOU! I will send you daily healing prayers to make this next journey of yours regarding your health quick, painless and successful.. God Bless you, your family and the doctors treating you. ✝️🙏🏻❤️we will all be cheering you on in the wings.. 🦋Until then…thank you & take care😘

  51. Praying for God to send you a miracle healing in Jesus name Amen. It is hard to hear about your medical battles. You have always been an upbeat person who keeps us informed. I believe Our God has his hands on you and will bring you back to us better than new. We need you and can’t wait to hear your voice again. Stay positive and believe God is with you. Love you and your family will keep you in my prayers.

  52. Prayers to our heavenly Father in Heaven…peace and comfort for you and your family. May the doctors who treat you be filled with Godly wisdom. May your healing be thorough.I will be looking forward to seeing you back soon. In Jesus Name, Amen

  53. Sending prayers for you, your family and friends. May God Grace you with His healing hands for a speedy recovery. We will all be here waiting for your return, best of luck and may God bestow you with wonderful news!

  54. Prayers for God’s Mercy and Grace .. you’ve been like family to me since 2015 . God still has plans for you God is FAITHFUL to His word.. lean on Him.. be FAITHFUL to Him ..and TRUST His WORD”🙏

  55. DML God Bless you. You don’t need to impress God but I am sure He takes joy in your desire to do so. Trust God and remember when you are weak He is strong . I am glad that I stumbled onto your podcasts a few years ago you helped me navigate through murky waters that you will never know. You are in my prayers.

  56. DML. I know you’re kind words, thoughts, and meaningful messages to all of your podcast listeners come from deep within your heart.❤️ Back at ya! This must be a difficult and stressful time for you and your family. Have faith in God that he will bless you with the best doctors to find the answers to your health issues. Sending “healing” prayers your way for a fast recovery.🙏🏼 Be safe in New York. (That’s an understatement)…🤣 Stay “positive” as you always do for us! I will be anxiously awaiting your return…Love and hugs. ❤️

  57. Great podcast… I look forward to listening to you every day. I too have not listen to my doctor and have put on too much weight. I’m working on it now. I now have a heart issue. So it’s important for me to lose. I will sure miss you and I will be praying for you! Get better soon! God Bless you!

  58. Great podcast… I look forward to listening to you every day. I too have not listen to my doctor and have put on too much weight. I’m working on it now. I now have a heart issue. So it’s important for me to lose. I will sure miss you and I will be praying for you! Get better soon! God Bless you!

  59. DML, I’ve been following you since before NewsMax. I don’t quite remember how I found you but you’re 1 of the few I trust as a news source and commonsense, wise commentary. You’re like a trusted friend. Thank you for taking a step back to take care of yourself. Please put your trust in God and His ability to restore. I am praying for you and your family. I look forward to your recovery and return! God bless you!

  60. DML. You have always been here for us. Now we are here for you. May you feel our prayers and may Gods healing arms be wrapped around you. You are our calm in the storm. May Gods love be yours now.

  61. DML & family,
    You are in our thoughts and prayers. It must be serious for you to have to return to New York.
    Please take care and may your family be blessed with faith, strength and fortitude to support you through this and our nation’s deterioration.
    I ask that the Lord guide us through what is coming ~ In Jesus’s name we pray 😇✝️🙏

  62. Dennis, Thank you for being you … HONEST, COMPASSIONATE, GENEROUS, INTELLIGENT, FUNNY! Thank you for loving the USA and for sharing your wisdom, your advice, and thank you for making me one of the smartest persons in the room! Stay strong. Wishing the best for you and your family. Again, thank you! God Bless You, Dennis 🙏🏻

  63. Hi DML!! Thank you for all of your AWESOME podcasts and Walk and Talks. I have truly enjoyed listening to you. God bless you! No, I don’t want to find a replacement for you! I’ll wait. 😊 God bless you and your family ❤️


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