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Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 45-minutes long for this day, February 8.

DML is joined with best selling author Pete Schweizer.

Peter’s new book, RED HANDED is currently #1 on Amazon and The New York Times.

According to his research, it appears China is buying the Biden family, big business, sports, academia, and Congress. The Bidens allegedly received $31 million from Chinese communists.

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  1. The Biden’s and several in Congress have been taking payouts from China and other countries for years. That is a direct conflict of interest and should disqualify Joe and others from holding public office. However like most DC elites they won’t be held accountable.

  2. These offenses in my book are PAST impeachment measures , SWIFT REMOVAL from office is desperately needed NOW . There is tremendous evidence against this pig and his admin to launch them.into space via catapult

  3. Remove this scumbag traitor from office immediately. Knew all along he was a moronic mine grabbing scumbag, along with his kid and wife. HOW DO WE REMOVE THEM ? Next thing you know chinas tanks will be rumbling down Main Street, and the scumbag Biden’s will be long gone !!!! I hate Traitors !!!!

  4. These cops need to be taken behind the barn for a real ass whooping. You don’t treat a 78 yr old gentleman with force. Find out where these police officers are from and what groups they are associated with. Check to see if they are Canadian citizens.

  5. This is what I don’t understand. Say there are 1500 or so people in the swamp. There are over 300 million people in the US. So why can’t we drain the swamp and get real people in our White House who love our country and want to actually accomplish good and not ruin our country. How long do we let this continue before it’s to late. My children and grandchildren deserve better. Americans deserve better. Biden’s, Clinton’s Obama’s have been in bed with China and others for a long time. Open the drain!!!


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