DML Podcast: (Ep161) DML Update, Plus the illegal alien busses and planes and how it needs to continue

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 47-minutes for today,

DML provides an update on his health, and announces an unbelievable DML CBD deal as a way of giving thanks for all the prayers he has received.

He dives deep into the illegal alien busses and planes sent by Gov Abbot and Gov DeSantis to sanctuary cities, and explains how and why they need to continue.

DML asks you to forgive him for his voice, one of the issues he faces is losing his ability to speak without losing his breath.

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  1. I pray for your health, DML. Your contributions to America are valuable. You’ve enriched our lives by helping us stay informed and to share ideas. One of those ideas was that of busing illegal immigrants to liberal enclaves, posted as comment here before anywhere else. I fully agree with you; the busing needs to continue and even intensify, if possible.

    • You do realize, I hope that this DML creep is a right wing nut fuck of the lowest order? The “illegal immigrants” you are talking about are LEGAL IMMIGRANTS with LEGAL DOCUMENTS applying for asylum LEGALLY and are being KIDNAPPED by being given false promises of jobs and legal assistance if they just get on this bus or on this plane.

      Then to top things off, this DML POS is trying to grift you into buying his (probably bogus) CBD products just because you are drinking HIS brand of Koolaid.

      • Jerry, the DNC was bought by Soros, communist infiltrator, posing as a businessman? We let in legally {1} one, million legal immigrants into this country to assure that they are vetted, for their health, ideology and they swear allegiance to this country! These illegal aliens are pouring into this country by the millions, unvetted, carrying disease we eradicated decades ago, plus we have no idea what their intentions are! We have never been so stupid to open up our borders like the DNC has!!! Why??? what will this achive? collapsing our welfare systems, our economic system and collapse America! Socialism/communism will be able to take over a destroyed, dumbed down America because they own most all of the medias! Your side is guilty of promising these illegal aliens jobs, food, money and then forcing all the other states to absorb your lunacy! Put your money and your housing where your mouth is!

    • If the C is for CA, No Thanks!! We have more than enough! You forget we are pretty much a border state and they pour over into our state just like any other border state! Newsom has welcomed them all, and he even went to FL trying to get many of them to come to CA so they can vote for him to keep his worthless butt in as Gov in Nov. So please, send them to the people at the top like Brandon, Harris and other states that don’t usually get as many as we do.

  2. Great to hear you today; I hope you are truly doing better. I use your CBD for myself and my dog. It has helped my back and keeps me riding horses.
    More happy Irish wishes to you. And you did makes me laugh with your September days 🙃 buying more CBD I will purchase.
    Much love to you and family. Mari

  3. Get well we need you.. We can’t let them win. If you pay 5.00 a month they can’t do any thing . as long as y pay something they can’t SAY ANYTHING TO YOU . Go on a payment plan at the hospital .. That’s what my son did awhile ago .. good luck .. And get well ..

    • . DML.I agree with Dee. they cannot come after you legally if you pay even a dollar a month. As I continue to pray for you and your family, for healing, strength, and faith, I hope you will take off some of the stress that only hurts your healing process. So, please, take good care of you, take care of your family, give them a dollar or two, it will
      Keep you right knowing you are doing what is right, for you, your family and the outlandish medical costs.
      May God bless you all, much love and prayers, Bernadette M.

  4. God Bless you and your family – I am still praying for a miracle for you. Stay strong, loking forward to your next chat. Love, Jeanie

  5. Dear Dennis, I am truly sorry to learn about your health issues. My first encounter with you was shortly after Donald J. Trump announced he was going to run for President. I’m a conservative Independent who knew I wasn’t going to vote democrat. I needed help in making a decision on which Republican you believed was going to really help our Country. You educated me on Trump for months and I voted for him. Thank you. Today you need help with some serious health issues and I want you to know that you are in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers. I pray that God will see you through these issues because we Patriots, love you, need you to help save our Country and because you are a good person. I’m 78 years old. I had bladder cancer and made the 5 year mark with no new tumors in February 2022. In March of 2022, I was diagnosed with right lung cancer. On August 18th, my right lung lower lobe was removed. Also, a wedge resection was done on my right lung middle lobe. I am told that I am now cancer free. I tell you all of this because I know that prayers work, God listens and God can work miracles. So I will be praying for you until you are well again, and then in thanks to God that you are well again. God Bless you Dennis Michael Lynch.

  6. I’m sorry for the suffering you are going through. God has a beautiful way of growing our faith in Him during such times, and we hear it in your testimony.
    May His Spirit bring you comfort and peace. May God grant you healing and strength for each day.

  7. The government has dropped off more then 50 in our town. We’re a town of 25,000. They just pull in parking lot and unload them. Then just leave! It’s not right for any of us.

  8. Thank You for the best deal ever. I’m one of those silent prayers but am always listening to you. We need you so get well soon. I loved the episode about you mom dad and brother. It inspired me to get closer to my family. We all have a past but what matters is the present. Turn the page and start a new.
    Cheech V

  9. Sept. 20, 2022 Prayers unceasing for guidance and healing and strength and comfort in Jesus name! Amen God knows and His Power is ours today!

  10. Dr. Jack Wolfson is a functional medicine cardiologist in Arizona. You can see him in person and then may be able to do telehealth. He does not take insurance but he works to get to the root cause of the problem.
    Also if you use traditional medicine you can get the high prices down by negotiating with them.

  11. I am continuing to pray for you, Dennis and your family. Praying God places his healing hands on you and on your Dr.’s to completely heal you.
    Thank you for all you do to bring out the truth.

  12. Sending you SO MUCH LOVE, Dennis ♥️♥️♥️ I’m sorry that I’ve missed some information regarding your condition. Have you had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy? Have they checked for Crohn’s? Thank you, and we miss you, too ♥️♥️♥️ God bless you and be with you always, and especially during these difficult times ♥️♥️♥️

  13. Thank you for your honesty and faithfulness to truth! Many prayers on you and your families behalf! I started listening to you during the onset of Covid and have listened to most of your podcasts. I am excited that you have acknowledged your Faith in Christ and in seeing God work a few miracles in your life. Most importantly the forgiveness factor!! Keep trusting Jesus to guide you in your endeavors! He loves you and has His hand on you! He is in control. Keep saying YES! ❤️✝️🌹I just purchased my first CBD gummies. Much love and many blessings!

  14. Great podcast as always just so realistic and I’m thinking and are the same level as you whether political medical or about our country great to hear from you love hearing you everyday when we can it always a nice surprise to my day God Bless you and your family will keep the prayers going for all of youse and wish you well this week hope this is the week they figure it out take care and thinking of you Snd your family.

  15. Dennis, You and your family will remain in my prayers as you maneuver through this medical issue. I pray that God will shrine his light On your Doctors as they heal you. Your wife and children are your great strength. Thank you for bring us up to date.

  16. Tremendous Podcast..Praying for you,DML,Mary.all your family you.we all need God in our lives.we need you to keep us informed. 🙏 🙏 🙏 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️..

  17. Thanks for the updates, DML, they really help us all because we care about YOU and your family. You sound upbeat and strong so chest out, chin up, you’re going to get better because the power of prayers always comes through!
    God bless YOU!! Take care~

  18. Praying for you Dennis. The Vagal nerve is so unknown to most cardiologists. I suffered from horrible digestion and heart palpitations. After a year my functional doctor told me my B12 was severely low. So I supplemented and BAM no more anxiety and palps. That nerve is crazy. We love you…get well.

  19. I’m praying for you Dennis! If I can beat 911 cancer you can beat anything…have faith. God only gives us what he knows we can handle. May he bless you…bills will take care of themselves one day at a time. 10 bucks a.month.

  20. Dennis, you & your family are in our hearts and prayers. Walt & I are big fans and are so sorry to hear about your health difficulties. I’m putting you in my prayer group. We don’t use names just an initial.

  21. Dear Dennis,

    You are going to be okay and your team A and God will see to it. Speak words that affirm your healing and thoughts that do the same at all times even in the pain. I have gut issues and I had pre esophagus cancer. You and I will be okay have faith man, we got this!! SPEAK WORDS OF TRUTH DO NOT TELL YOURSELF HOW ILL U ARE. I know it sounds crazy and I am not dismissing your fear or mine but we must speak truth of healing and God will answer our need. Thank you for the gummies and God speed as you heal!

  22. Praying for God to bless you and heal you. We really need you back to yourself again. You inspire us to be better. Love you DML and your family. God Bless

  23. Prayers for you and your family. God answers prayers in many ways. God reminds you that He is in control. Ask for direction. That He will grant you.

  24. My continued prayers for you DML and your family, and all the doctors involved with your care. Don’t forget how much love is out here for you; I hope this gives you strength knowing all the thousands + prayers and thoughts for your full recovery. I loved your podcast regarding mending relationships and want to thank you for always candidly sharing with us. God Bless you, Mary, your children, your mom and all of us that are praying for you and/or fighting health issues and trying to mend relationships ! Family is important and can really hurt.
    Godspeed during these upcoming appointments ❤️🙏🏼

  25. Sending prayers Dennis, Trust in God and your faith.I know you will be ok, but sometimes we have to walk through the “ fire” so to speak, I know I have ,but I believe you will be ok!

  26. Good morning Dennis! I’m setting here listening to your podcast, it’s very touching and powerful. I’m praying for Mrs. Mary, You and Your family. You and Your family are in God hands now. The power of prayers is amazing. Thank you for all you have done for all of US! Sending big hugs God bless!!

  27. Don’t use Go Fund Me use Give Send Go if you are a conservative. Never use an HMO!! The main stream medical cartel needs to be blown up as Big Pharma completely controls it. You must use integrative functional medical doctors as they look for the root cause instead of giving you prescriptions to get rid of symptoms. You will also be treated as an individual. Florida is breaking new ground in natural health care and it is not insurance based. Have you been vaxxed? Very important to stay away from all vaxxes because it forces your body to produce proteins that can be produced and deposited anywhere in the body. Did you know the normal cholesterol level before Big Pharma developed Statins was 300??? The only reason the “normal” level is much lower now is because Big Pharma wants to make a fortune selling Statins. Cholesterol is a healthy important substance. Every person who makes old bones has high cholesterol because cholesterol is necessary for so many bodily functions. See a naturopath As a second opinion. CBD May be good but it will not cure you of anything serious. If you are in good health it will help you function better. Best wishes for a full recovery. Good health is hard work and often requires many adjustments in lifestyle. You can do what it takes to recover but look for answers outside the main stream medical Cartel!!!!

  28. A couple years ago I had a terrible time with my intestinal track. Pain spasms and diarrhea for 43 days straight 20 to 30 times a day I lost 20 lbs in 20 days I went to different doctors & 3 gastroenterologist and they all could not come up with a diagnosis…
    I than picked up a couple of books from the Medical Medical…Anthony Williams, I started following his protocols within weeks I was 90% better and months later I am back to normal and feeling better than ever!

  29. (352)376-0309 Christine Gass-Ellis LMT & Acupuncturist licensed in The State of Florida. Training in Japan and located in Gainesville Florida with a specialty in dealing with holistic health care, physical and mental rooting healthcare from an eastern meets western approach. She’s very ‘Spiritual’ as well. I pray for your recovery! Ronnie Schaefer of Vero Beach 🏝 Florida.

  30. Praying for you Dennis. I’m in NYC it’s a shit show here and Adams is looking to put the illegals on the cruise ships. How is this happening? Hochul doesn’t care all she is worried about is abortion and pronouns. Hopefully she doesn’t win.

  31. Great podcast DML. Continued Prayers and made my first order for a 3pack of the gummies with mints. Thank you and prayers daily, DML🙏❤

  32. I am a new listener and I ran across you on red ribbon, a community, of prayer warriors. I listen to some of your podcasts and I just want to let you know that I am praying for you that God will heal your body inside out. I am also praying for your wife and your family that they be strengthen in Jesus name. Be encouraged and never give up.


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