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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 90-minutes for this day, Feb 9.

DML interviews Chad Carswell. He is a US veteran who has no legs, heart issues, terminal kidney disease and a death sentence.

Chad needs a kidney transplant, but hospitals will not perform the procedure because he is not vaccinated.

DML tries to convince Chad to get the shot and save his life, but it appears to fall on deaf ears.

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  1. The commies that push this jab . Shame on them . This man served this country and now they dont want to serve him. Sick bastards.

    • They don’t like the people who served our Country, because these Commie’s are against our Country. This is the great reset to change America from what the founding Fathers set forth. We are founded on Christian principles and they are against God.

      • You have it so right, and it’s unbelievable they’ve made these advances infiltrating so many levels of government. We the people outnumber them by multi-millions and we’re watching some minuscule percentage of miscreants funded by sick bastard billionaires to destroy the greatest nation ever founded.

      • Absolutely right, and they’re just ignoring the man who invented the vaccine Dr. Robert Malone like a bunch of idiots. The man saying it’s dangerous and he would never give it to anyone under any circumstance 65 years old and under yet we want to go against him and believe the puppet fraudster Fauci who’s been wrong on everything since the AIDS pandemic.

  2. Our government paying the medical establishment to murder people and people trust both?! Time to find a holistic md, time for honest doctors to start their own medical system. Let’s create alternate businesses so those that want to comply can go to the murderers and those Thant don’t can get honest medical help.

  3. Reach out to Desantis and go to get transplant in a non communist state! FJB
    Give cracks to druggie for 30 M but have our veterans blocked from life saving medical procedure!!!

    All libtards that think Obidens policies n mandates are great please do the patriots a favor n move to fucking China!!!
    Where they can harvest your organs n sell to highest bidder!!

    • I agree contacting DeSantis is a fantastic idea or Abbott and caving to ” the jab” ??? NO . This man said ” i was born FREE and will die FREE” Bless him and i pray something changes very soon

  4. DML I listen to you everyday and have the utmost respect for you; but, sometimes we are all wrong at some points in our life. This is one of those times! I agree with and stand with Chad Carswell. His stand is a stand of magnitudinal proportion! Taking a stand for what is right is not only courageous, but heroic!

    Praying for Chad Karswell and thank him for his courageous service to this country into the world and for standing up for freedom!

    Stephanie Broussard (Brew-sord)

      • DML what is wrong with you? The jab is also a death sentence and if you don’t know that by now you need to go back and do your research! I can’t believe you wouldn’t know this by now!

        • “R”, give it a break. I’m not a fan of the jab, but 200m peep in the USA are not falling over dead. Instead of Chad being a person you learned of in a podcast, imagine he was your son, brother, father or spouse

          • And people who haven’t been vaccinated are not falling over at all. that’s the difference, but I know many people who have been severely injured and I know a few people who have died right after they got this jab. When Dr. Robert Malone one of the inventors of this mRNA jab says it’s dangerous and he would not under any circumstance give this vaccine to anyone under the age of 65 I think we should listen to him. he’s a brilliant pro vaccine doctor. Also just go on the CDC website. over 1 million people injured, thousands dead, and maa was by more are going to die in the years to come because of the micro blood clots, that’s not me talking that’s a Dr. McCullough, Dr. Malone and many other doctors. so 180 million have been vaccinated and a large percentage have been injured. also, the CDC’s website says more people have been injured in one year by this vaccine then all vaccines combined in history so if that’s not so bad, I don’t know what is.. call for a vaccine when you have a 99.9% chance of survival. Never give in and never bow down to these tyrants

          • Then I would respect them and their decision the same way I do Chads. God Bless that man and praying for this hero. You have no right saying he should choose a jab he does not want and is no different than Biden and the left. Shame on you! It is his choice and no one else’s. I believe it’s time you apolize for statements that are extremely rude to your followers and supporters. If you believe in the jab and getting it that’s your business and no one condems you for it. Please have the same respect for others!

          • Covid is no longer a ‘pandemic’, and the current ‘variant’ is no worse then the typical flu. Meanwhile the reports and accounts of deaths – sometimes with in a DAY of getting ‘the jab’ – and people going through weeks or months or permanent injury from ‘the jab’ are enough to make ME and any rational person say ‘no, it is not worth THAT risk to avoid a relatively minor illness’. Worst of all are the people who got ‘the jab’ and are dead or disabled because of it, and did not need it in the first place – because they were young and not in serious danger from ANY of the varied ‘covids’, or because they had already had covid and did not need the vastly inferior ‘protection’ of the not-a-vaccine. Watch some of the many, many, many experts, immunologists, and virologists online who are telling us why this ‘vaccine’ is dangerous and why NOBODY should be getting it. Why would a hospital prefer to perform a kidney transplant on someone who likely has countless micro-clots and other potential damage from the ‘vaccine’, instead of someone who does not have THAT hanging over their head??

          • Mr. Lynch I have always been a strong follower of yours and will still be – but your argument for the ‘vax’ – that you do not see 200 million people in the US falling over dead…
            Reducto ad absurdum
            You’re denying the suffering and deaths of many, many thousands, much more than a ‘coincidence’ after being vaxed – some within a day or two, or even less.

      • 1) Why should anyone have to bend to comply with tyranny? The shot is biological genocide…people are dying by the 1000’s …blood clots, cardiovascular, neurological problems…many irreversible adverse reactions. Over 22,000 deaths listed on the VAERS website and the CDC admits somewhere between 1/100 and 1/10 are reported. No other vaccine has been continued after 40 or fewer deaths. It’s all about government control (what other vaccine has been force on people and coerced by offering $$, Big Mac’s, Beer, Marijuana, Donuts and other “really healthy” incentives. They could give me a choice of a bullet to the head or the jab, and I’d take the bullet . NO one should be denied health care. (Should we refuse care to smokers, anyone who consumes alcohol, anyone more than 10 pounds overweight, people who eat burgers and fries?) I’m proud of Chad for standing his ground. He should not set an example of complying with communistic control

      • But you are the only one who seems to be worried about it. Chad isn’t worried. why are you so intent on being right. He’s right, that’s your opinion he’s not afraid so he has nothing to worry about. Like he said we all have a death sentence, some sooner than others. And furthermore, he said other countries that have reached out to him to get the kidney transplant. I guess countries That are more free than us which hurts to say. Countries who don’t let their people die because they haven’t been jabbed by a poison spike protein

      • DML, I guess you were wrong when you said that 100% of the people we’re going to agree with you.. it’s almost 100% to the contrary. Boy were you ever wrong!

      • Based on the backlash evident in the comments, seems you may need to eat some humble pie, which is not easy for you it seems. I could be dying you have no clue. In fact everyday we are closer than the day before of dying.

  5. I usually agree with DML, but NOT in this case! Why in the world would he be trying to get this man to take the jab? Never give in to medical tyranny!

      • How can you be so sure he’s not going to die if he gets the jab and how can you be so sure he’s not going to die while waiting for the kidney? His relationship with God is much stronger than most and he’s not afraid but when he gets to a free country like Mexico or Columbia he’ll probably get the kidney surgery. Unfortunately America is not free anymore. They will let you die and not give you the surgery. What the hell does that say about this country. it’s a disgrace of a Country. it’s the land of the fee and home of the slave. Our founding fathers would be mortified, and giving in to Tierney is not the answer under any circumstance. God bless Chad!!

      • DML in the past you have supported these kill shots every one no’s what’s going on maybe you should talk to a Trucker and find out the truth this is a depopulation program plain and simple

  6. I don’t agree with you this time DML.. He fought for this country with his life, how this country wanted him to. Now its time to live his life how he chooses. He fought for this country to keep America FREE CHOICE. If he caters to this jab then he fought for nothing. Its his choice. Doesn’t matter what you or anyone else believes. Its what he believes what God is telling him to do. He paid his time in the service for us. Instead of him taking the jab and fighting for others in this way. Maybe you and all of us should be fighting to stop this administration of forcing people to take the jab in order to have a transplant of any kind. Chad you will be in my prayers. What ever you choose to do, let it be your choice and Gods.. No one else..

  7. Did anyone actually catch it when Chad said things are in place; changes are coming? Apparently he knows something we don’t; maybe has hope that he can hold out, not get the jab and still get his kidney in time. Besides which the vax might create more health problems for him rather than helping. Good luck to you Chad. You’re so strong!!!

  8. DML your rude comments to your respectful followers are uncalled for. This is about Freedom and principles. I can’t believe you are pushing the jab
    (which by the way is Not a vaccine). But everyone can be bought. Sadly it looks like you’re there.

  9. Who made you the judge of this man’s convictions? This is just showing me what kind of person you truly are and you speak with a forket tongue, only after customers. You sir have just made me angry as hell and will not be purchasing any more of your products.

    • you’re not punishing me, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. next time you post such a bold comment have the guts to use your full name so i can hold you to your word and block you from our customer list, app and podcasts.

  10. I congratulate Chad for being Heroic and standing for Freedom! I Agree with him for Living in the Moment! That is how we are supposed to Live. Thank you Chad God bless you!
    DML should keep his opinion to himself!

  11. DML
    Bad advise !
    It appears you are as stupid as they are
    Virus’s to kill are all man made They are not in our environment The vaccines are made by the same people And your getting better is not what they want No money in your getting well They are made of the virus.
    And giving it to the healthy Has killed thousands It is the vaccinated that is spreading the virus and are dying Even the CDC says on the average They will die within 2 years . But this man had too much going in to risk another Problem
    I suggest you watch the Russian people’s video where they remove ( and how ) that jab within 30 min of taking it.
    It does the same thing as a snake bite. It looks like a glob of silicone
    And it causes a stroke or heart attack
    Apparently Dennis you had the jab Do speak up. Your time is running out
    I can’t believe you fell so quickly

    • You are correct. Can’t believe DML said this. Not the man I thought he was but I guess he Took the jab. Hope he makes it and down the road he will always be watching his health situation. In my opinion he is weak.

  12. We all are going to die at some point and he is choosing his time.
    It is about choices and free will and he is doing what is best for him.
    Transplantation is no picnic and a host of anti rejection drugs and multiple doctors appointments and also failure.
    God Bless you Chad Karswell.
    Thank you for your service .

  13. More and more evidence is leaking out about very serious long term consequences from this jab over and above the acute responses in the first few days and weeks.
    There are reports of adults presenting with childhood diseases , novel cancers , immune disorders.Clots forming in the brain. For anyone who expired suddenly after getting it- autopsies were not performed or they couldn’t identify “ a direct correlation “. The 13 year old Michigan boy who died in his sleep the evening he got it- they report he had myocarditis . They have no clue what going to do two decades from now after it’s infiltrated every organ and tissue- and they want to keep giving it probably every six months. They have lied and hidden reactions. They are guilty of experimenting on millions.

  14. I got the jab after resisting for as long as possible. Ultimately I felt forced to do so, in order to continue with my livelihood. I had immediate reactions each time. I have not felt my normal healthy self since. I am very fearful that I will be given no choice with the booster. For those that took the jab and feel fine, that’s great for you, but it should be an individual choice especially when the data proves that the jab does have a wide range of adverse effects to a growing number of individuals.

  15. DML you really have weakened. So you are saying take the chance with a So called vaccine that is not a vaccine and HOPE you don’t die from it which we all know is possible, never mind the possible side affects
    Giving in to tyranny is WRONG especially if you have strong beliefs. You know it is wrong but I’m surprised at you. Thought you were stronger.
    I am Irish born lived here 42 years owned a business with my husband. Now I have lung cancer but I had already been taking zinc vitd3 etc and have been out in the public and so far have not had the virus. From the beginning gut instinct told me this virus was released intentionally but that’s just my old soul talking. Would never take this jab. I guess I listened to Dr Malone and in the beginning Dr Peter McCullough.
    I’m just surprised that you would cave. Good luck and wish you the best.
    I agreed with you all the way until now.


  16. DML I am a long time listener and love your Podcast and look forward to it every day. I agree with you that Chad should take the jab and get better for that little girl and family and hopefully gets better. Then tell the world his story over and over on how controlling the government is and what they made him do to live. Also be around to fight future battles. Most of all watch that little girl grow up and be with family. Chad, if you read this thanks for your service and good luck on your decision. It amazing everything you accomplished in life so far being 38. Just think what you can do in Another 38 years.

    • Well you’re in the minority with DML because if you’re truly for freedom and truly respect his decision you would understand that your opinion doesn’t mean anything, it’s just your opinion. He on the other hand has a strong relationship with God, he’s not afraid and why should he cave-in and then he’s going to turn around and tell people not to get vaccinated after getting it himself? no way, God bless Chad!!

  17. I wanted to say I really liked this debate and glad you pushed on him and he pushed back. That being said, I agree with him and this is why. At the end of last year my daughter who is a single mother of 4 was pressured by her work to get the Jab. She held out then they went to mandatory and she at first held out. This is a high paying job for a skill she could not easily replace. She folded and got the second one and right after her job dumped the mandate. They are a federal contractor. I can’t tell you how many times she has told me she regrets the decision and has had side effects from the jab. I think if Chad took it and God forbid his health failed he would regret it to the end and feel he fought for nothing. We also cannot say for sure what side effects he might get that could also harm him he had heart issues and we know the jab has caused Myocarditis. I have a friend that had some heart problems that started right after the jab. He seems to be making a difference and maybe he will manage to help others get theirs I don’t know. I also 100% get that this is his life we are talking about and not a job. He is doing all the things you encourage which is taking care of his health and fighting forward for what is right for him. He made it clear he could die tomorrow. There is no way to know how long his kidneys will hold out, so that helped me with why I agree with him. I hope he can get his transplant before it’s too late.

    • No it isn’t, because he said hospitals in other countries sad to say, more free than America are willing to give them the kidney surgery and not require a vaccine. isn’t it sad that the once free’st country in the world is now a joke. Our founding fathers would be mortified by all this corruption in government. Only thing that’s going to save this country is a Civil War to annihilate these low lives

  18. During this exchange I do not understand why Chad has not explored his antibody levels since he has had COVID 2 times. It is my understanding that natural immunity is stronger in protecting a person as quoted by many in the medical field. Good luck to Chad and hope all falls into place for him.

    • I agree, but many, including the medical community, are ignoring natural immunity…which is far superior to the genocidal jab. No one should be forced to take this clot shot. I have a list of over 30 friends and acquaintances of my own and my best friend from church who have had cardiovascular and/or neurological adverse reactions to the jab. (7 died). But we are being lied to and the Media never mentions adverse reactions. Now they are going after kids…many more kids die from the jab than from the virus (they rarely get sick and/or die from the virus). As one Dr said: “I’m afraid it will take chid sacrifice for people to wake up”.

  19. The shots are not without risk nor is surgery nor is waiting. Everyone must assess his or her risks and make their own choices. He is right with God and has given this to God. God has gotten him this far and he believes it’s now in His hands. That’s Faith. Chad believes this is about something bigger than himself. I support his choices. He’s doing what’s right for him, what he’s willing to live with. In the end we will all be judged and we need to “thine own self be true”. Thank you, Chad, for standing for something bigger than yourself. I get it. May God bless you.

  20. I will die before I take the jab, because the jab is a death sentence too, so either way, they can send me to heaven where I’ll be much better off than on this miserable planet full of criminals and assholes!!!

  21. It’s ultimately his decision. I would make the same one. I have a friend who got the jab and wound up in the ICU with blood clots in his lungs a few days later. So, even though my decision not to get the jab was made long ago, this recent news from a friend whom we have known for years just made it a more solid decision. I hope Chad can get the help he needs and that the crazy protocol that these hospitals and doctors have to follow, will cease. It’s criminal.

  22. Covid twice so that exposes the immunity bullshit…So apparently it isn’t a Covid that is the problem.
    As to DML’s point that a live dog is better than a dead lion…
    DML is wrong…If people are compromised to violate their CONSCIENCE then a good conscience is better than living a life knowing that you gave in..
    Getting this kidney isn’t without risk, there is no proof that he will live even getting this kidney..
    If he dies then let him die on HIS TERMS…

    No more compromises, live life on your terms, not making decisions in a health industry that lies, is corrupt and amoral…the health industry keeps raising the flag, don’t play their game…DML is wrong

  23. The guy’s name befits him. He is a total chad. Critically Hurt And Depressed.

    I met men like him. He is scared to death so he puts on this over the top bravery.

    Look into his past. What man would let himself turn into 400 pounds of fat and knowingly incur diabetes? He subconsciously praises living the moment because he is escaping his past. What did this guy do in the USAF? I dont think we should wantonly praise everyone in the military. Do you give equal praise to an army private assigned to typing as a captain’s adjutant or the private dodging rounds in the sandbox? Of course not. Any sane person would praise the grunt dodging bullets. What dis Chad do? My guess is he was not in a combat MOS. You can tel by his demeanor.

    DML tried to show love by not stroking him but giving Chad a kick in the balls to wake up.

    Chad’s over the top anger came out and his calm collect persona dissolved as a fake cover.

    DML’s intent is pure but you cant help a chad. He is too scared to live as it is easier to die. DML, this dude is cruising on fake pride until he dies. Let him go. There are more sensible and sane heroes out there. You are wasting your time with the chadster.

    • NO one should cave to coercion. No medical “treatment” should be forced or a ultimatum. Especially an experimental clot shot. I have a long list of friends, relatives and my best friends friends and relatives who have suffered clots in legs, lungs, ams, spleen and brain, plus others needing valve replacement, removal of lengths of intestines, and those who have strokes and other neurological and cardiovascular events after taking the jab. Chad had every right not to bow down to the communism our country had allowed to overtake us.

    • What a moron you are. Not a very high IQ that’s for sure. He’s afraid to live? Idiot he’s been living like he said every day, he lives like it’s the last day, he enjoys every second. On the other hand you’re a chicken. you’re afraid to die because you don’t believe in the Lord. you don’t believe you’ll be going to a better place. I don’t think the Lord wants him to take a jab that contains aborted fetal tissue. You’re only on this earth a very short time and morals and values are more important than caving in to a tyrannical system. If you cave-in now what’s going to happen tomorrow when they force new mandates & new laws upon us. Our founding fathers would hang people like you for being traitors. As a matter of fact we wouldn’t even be in this country if our founders didn’t fight back against the evil Empire and the evil king of Britain in the 1770’s. They never compromised their morals and gave in, they fought against the most powerful army with a standing Navy and prevailed, and it was only 3% of our population that was willing to fight and they still prevailed so you grow a set of balls and stop being a good little sheep and a sucker to big Pharma and big government and just say no like this brave soldier is doing.

    • Henry, What a moron you are. Not a very high IQ that’s for sure. He’s afraid to live? Idiot he’s been living like he said every day, he lives like it’s the last day, he enjoys every second. On the other hand you’re a chicken. you’re afraid to die because you don’t believe in the Lord. you don’t believe you’ll be going to a better place. I don’t think the Lord wants him to take a jab that contains aborted fetal tissue. You’re only on this earth a very short time and morals and values are more important than caving in to a tyrannical system. If you cave-in now what’s going to happen tomorrow when they force new mandates & new laws upon us. Our founding fathers would hang people like you for being traitors. As a matter of fact we wouldn’t even be in this country if our founders didn’t fight back against the evil Empire and the evil king of Britain in the 1770’s. They never compromised their morals and gave in, they fought against the most powerful army with a standing Navy and prevailed, and it was only 3% of our population that was willing to fight and they still prevailed so you grow a set of balls and stop being a good little sheep and a sucker to big Pharma and big government and just say no like this brave soldier is doing

  24. IF a woman has the “right” to control her body with her choice then I have the SAME right to MY BODY MY CHOICE…. DML you’re WRONG. Plainly this is a case where the hospital system is overstepping it’s boundaries. NO person can be denied necessary surgery. Just WHO can decide legally whether I can get treatment or surgery? Guess what comes next… Denying to been even seen in an ER. Denied to be seen in a Dr’s office. Denied to shop if not vaccinated. I am a HUMAN BEING who (evidently up to now) has RIGHTS. What a load of hoo ha that any person cannot have basic human rights to their own medical needs.

  25. DML take that anger and put it towards helping him get the surgery without the vaccine stand up and fight for that so he can win his fight…I understood your fight for him to live but you lost me at “oh that f’n guy died – he deserved more from you!

  26. Unless you’ve been there you just don’t get it, well I’m one of those that have been there, I only have one kidney left due to cancer and after I had another surgery I went into complete organ failure my kidney count was at 1 they where shocked that I was still a live, I passed on the way to the hospital but was brought back, once they got me stable they came into my room and told me that they where going to have to put me on dialysis and I told them NO!! No freaking way, so they gave me another option and it was a IV with some kind of medication in it they weren’t sure if it would work but it did, I don’t take life for granted but I do know it’s all in Gods hands and no mask no jab will save me, if it’s my time, I’m ready to go and have been for years and when I die I’ll be in a way better place then this planet and I’ll be in way better shape then I’m in now and I do have to say I totally disagree with DML he’s a100% wrong and if he did his research he would know there was a man that got the vax so he could get his transplant and guess what he died!!! I do have to say after the past few months of following DML it’s time for me to leave because I’ve learned DML is just another fucking moron like the rest of the left screw him im gone this man is a grown man that has fought for his country and deserves more respect then DML JUST GAVE HIM screw you Dennis and this is coming from someone that’s been following you from the beginning and don’t run for President because you’ll never win. I’ve lost all respect for you.

    • God bless you Bev. You are spot on. What a low class way to act to somebody. typical dumb New Yorker. sounds like an idiot. inarticulate, and thinks he’s a tough guy. What a moron. I was born and raised in New York but got the hell out of there 15 years ago. Good riddance.

  27. Chad follow your heart, I’m almost in the same position and I freaking refuse to take the jab, only one kidney already gone into organ failure once and still refuse, I’ll meet my maker before I get the jab and listening to you I know you know you won’t just be in a box you’ll go to a better place, I’ve never been so mad at DML AS I am today, it’s time for me to leave, there’s already one man that had to have a transplant and they wouldn’t do it without the jab so he fell for it and the jab killed him, follow your heart, I respect Chads choice more then how you treated him your wrong.

  28. I love you DML but I disagree with you 100%. I agree with Chad in his decision. He is a man of faith and you know what, how do you argue with that? A man without morals is a man without a soul. He told you 1 million times nothing is guaranteed in life and even a kidney transplant is not guaranteed. He’s living life and he’s fighting the fight and has been fighting the fight and making positive change. So he is supposed to tell people to fight against Tairney and against vaccine mandates yet at the same time give in and get the vaccine? He’s right he could be waiting another six months for a kidney and they could start changing the rules again and making you get five more boosters. how is that fighting back? If you truly have faith in God you will trust God and good always prevails. Good news is he will probably be forced to get his transplant in a free country such as Mexico or Columbia because America obviously isn’t a free country anymore. We are now the land of the fee and home of the slave. Unfortunately DML you said he wasn’t listening to you but you weren’t listening to him. Just respect his decision because it’s his decision and he’s right it’s just your opinion because in the end only God knows when our day will come. Dr. Robert Malone one of the inventors of the mRNA Technology himself he said he would never give the vaccine to anyone under 65 under any circumstances, so I’ll think I’ll take his word over yours and everybody else’s. God bless you Chad. Thank you for your morals and thank you for standing up to Tierney!!

  29. Gotta hand it to Chad for standing up for what he believes in. I’m praying he gets his kidney transplant without having to get the shot. Disgusting what hospitals are doing. Since when do we have to do something against our will to be able to take care of our health?? I commend him for his principles.

  30. I think you were very hard on him when rightfully you should be proud of him for what he has gone through in his lifetime. We all have to make hard decisions in life and this was one of his and no one should ever try to change it. I know you are a compassionate person, but you came down very hard on him because he wouldn’t see it your way. Next time listen more and enjoy the moment with your guests.

  31. Dml you must have forgotten that Jesus did more for the world by his death than he ever did in his amazing life. The apostle Peter told Jesus not to talk about dying and Jesus rebuked him saying get behind me Satan. Every man’s journey is unique. I think it was you God was trying to reach with Chad’s story because his faith is in God and his walk is his alone regardless of what anyone else thinks.

  32. Prayers for Chad! He made his decision, it’s his body, his choice. DmL did NOT respect it or him. That shocked me! I love DML, but he got this so wrong today. . I’m with Chad and his decision. His decision is brave and will teach and touch many people. Stand up for what you believe in Chad. God bless…..

  33. DML your filthy mouth sucks …you had to brag on how smart you are but your vulgar mouth using the f word over and over and over made you sound like an idiot. Chad obviously knows where he is going….not in a box like you must believe you are. Today you made me want to throw up. I hope you don’t talk to your sweet wife Mary like that when she disagrees with you.
    Chad it sounds like you have accepted Jesus as your savior and are at peace with your brave decision. No one knows your heart but you. Your path is yours to choose. I hope DML is man enough to apologize for his disgusting , rude behavior…you deserved better from him. I guarantee he lost a lot of followers today.

    • I agree Evan. I Am out of here. I listened to this again and DML sickened me to the core thinking the F word makes him a heroic something! It made him a complete idiot! A complete IDIOT! He needs to know God and he’s not even a close. The Lord is returning and my advise to him is to try to save his soul before our Lord returns! If not, he won’t be advising anything to anyone in Hell! I am an elder and his choice of words makes me sick and showed me just how immature he really is! He isn’t worth anyone even listening to anymore! Using the Lords name in vain along with his F word should get everyone moving away from DML! He’s a sick man!

  34. Sorry DML, you are wrong on this one! No one should ever comply and take the jab…and I hope you are reading the comments to see what your followers are saying! Live free or die! Its Chad’s right to not comply!

  35. I listen to your podcasts every time you make one, DML. I can deal with your extremely large ego; though at times it gets old. I have to disagree with you and am appalled by how you treated Chad. It was YOU who sought HIM out – and for what? I am thoroughly disgusted and wish I could get that hour + back. Although now I’m truly starting to see that you aren’t the person I thought you were. God bless Chad

  36. He said kidney donors haven’t had the jab .. where would he get this info from ? But he has to get a jab, all sounds abit fishy to me.

    • My friend your either hard of hearing or you don’t understand english. In the communist country of America they will not give him the transplant unless he gets the JAB, but he did say in Columbia or Mexico they have reached out to him to get the transplant there without needing the JAB. There’s nothing fishy about that. The only thing that smells bad is that our founding fathers who created the freest country in the world are now spinning in their graves because we are no longer free when countries like Columbia and Mexico who are not requiring Vaccine papers like the Nazis, then you know we’ll we’re done as a country when those countries of more free than us

      • I’m talking about the guy he said his donors haven’t had the jab ?, very much doubt it if their asking him to get it .


  37. I believe you’re both right I don’t want Chad to die because he doesn’t get the shot! My Daughter’s friend died from the Covid shot! I listened to the interview and Chad’s had some heart problems and the shot is like Russian roulette! It can cause blood clots and different things other side effects! Or he could be fine after the shot!

    Side Effects are important to me I had a child that had cancer when he was two and relapsed when he was seven and when he was two I read everything about Leukemia. I didn’t care about the side effects that much I just wanted my boy to live well my boys is 30 he’s alive but has a lot of side effects. Short term memory problems. Seizure disorder. He works with my husband now. No shot for him! I get so angry thinking about what they put in the shot and covid 19 is a bio weapon! Crazy!

    My family most won’t get the Jab!
    I think OK just do the one shot but no they want the whole series they want the booster too! This is ridiculous and will take time! Time he may not have! What can we do to help Chad?

  38. I agree with DML. Chad is misinformed. He has some issues that are not going to change easily. And he is fighting against the wrong people, the ones that can help him. The jab does generate antibodies. Just not the optimum kind for the current virus variant. He has a shit load of risk factors for failure following a transplant: diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, anti-rejection drugs that suppress his immune system and whatever else is in his medical history. Follow the transplant protocols and take the jab. What do you have to loose? Live on to fight and continue to get your message out.

    • The jab generates ‘antibodies’ but not very well or long-lasting, and without creating the memory T-cells that retain info about the virus long after the antibodies fade, which you do get from an actual vaccine or the disease itself. The jab also generates blood clots, autoimmune disorders, mental issues, heart attack, stroke, myocarditis, Bell’s palsy, Gullaine-Barré syndrome, paralysis, tremors and other fun things to live with or die from. For a ‘vaccine’ that does a poor job of protecting you from an illness that is not very serious anymore?

      You can have my dose and my son’s also, and a lot more besides. Just be sure your affairs are in order.


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