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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 69-minutes for this day, Feb 11.

Joining DML is author Valerie J. Walsh. Her book, ‘Shattered At The Core’, is doing great on Amazon. It addresses suicide, depression and anxiety. It’s a must read.

Walsh shares her personal stories on how she addressed her own mental health issues after her mother killed herself. DML also shares a personal story dating back to high school when he considered suicide after his parents divorce.

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  1. This is an important podcast. especially after the interview with Chad and his kidney dilemma. It was clear to me that DML was correct when he advised Chad to go talk to someone (therapist/professional interventionist). No matter how Chad painted his situation, his path was no different than that of suicide.

    I think this podcast is a very appropriate follow to the Chad interview.

  2. This SCAMDEMIC has destroyed so many lives ABOVE AND BEYOND THE INFLATED DEATHS FROM COVID!!!! I for one am dealing with stress, depression, I do take meds I’ve been on for years, not helping. Marital issues as well. When you are married to a man who can’t show his emotions, his fears you have big problems….he Angers easily over ridiculous things. Told him I can’t live like this any longer…


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