DML Podcast (Ep17/2023) Elon Musk and free speech get warning from World Economic Forum

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 55 minutes today.

DML covers an array of topics.

  1. The Monterey shooting
  2. Dangers of vaping and Fentanyl laced vape pens
  3. Juul Inc. Lawsuit gains approval
  4. Antifa activists burn down Georgia
  5. FB allowing transgeder & non-binary people to post breast pics
  6. Why men shouldnt carry cell phones in their pockets
  7. Katherine Clark’s Trans daughter vandalizes historic Boston monument
  8. Man who ran down mother and baby gets killed
  9. WEF threatens Elon Musk

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    • It needs to die. With extreme prejudice because of the existential threat from the WEF. It is worse than any climate crisis clamor they keep fabricating.

  1. WEF will be the demise of America, corrupt commie devils led by libTARD hypocrites. It’s all about complete control and making sure there is only the wealthy and the poor.

  2. So when a cell connection goes on hook it rings a very low power digital output alarm. The radiation would have to be in the continuous pinging of the transmitter receiver to the cell tower and during a call. But there is very little real science in the public domain which addresses the effects of the radiation effects.

    Follow science not what wackos are speculating. It lowers your own credibility.

  3. Did you see Diamond’s Funeral. Silk stated she died suddenly. She explained exactly how she died. She wants answers and don’t you dare call her a conspiracy theorist! Trump was there. He sat through a 3 hour service and then he spoke. Her service was good.

  4. These E-cigarettes

    These people will have lung problems in later life

    Far too much smoke going into their lungs.

    No matter how old they are


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