DML Podcast (Ep175) The Wine and Talk w/ DML and Miss Mary

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 32-minutes today.

The Wine & Talk, with DML and his lovely wife Miss Mary offers a break from the politics.

DML and Mary speak about their 29th wedding anniversary and what they did for the past 3 days.

Miss Mary, embarrassingly drank more in the past three days then she has in the past 30-years. The couple gives the details, plus outlines the new season of The Wine and Talk.

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  1. What a sweet, fun Anniversary celebration. I really enjoyed tonight. I would love hearing your fun adventures and more exploring Florida.

  2. A much needed time to get away for you both…love that you share your personal stories, always. Happy Anniversary… Together forever!❤️

  3. It’s so refreshing to see the 2 of you happy again since your illness. I hope this anniversary will be looked at as a memorable one!

  4. Ms Mary and Dennis,
    Happy Anniversary!! You are a beautiful couple. Dennis I see why you fell in love with your wife at a very young age. Mary is beautiful. Love each other forever.

  5. Just saying that was the best audio I think we give to much credit to the professional microphone.. lol. And keep in mind I listed while I driving. With my Bluetooth. I always be trying to turn it up . Not today! Happy Anniversary!!

  6. One more thing..Miss Mary was releasing all her stress knowing your a good part out of the woods. Let it go…let it go…she needed it badly.
    Dennis, I think you can sing.. love when you do snippets of’s a happy ❤️
    Ok off to chiropractor listening Monday morning..still unpacking n moving in.. voting tomorrow. Let the wave flow

  7. Delighted that you are feeling so much better! So glad to see you doing walk and talk…Happy Anniversary! Thanks for keeping us straight with all the political mess….it is so reassuring to have someone to trust about what’s going on…♥️

  8. Nov. 8, 2022
    Dear Miss Mary and DML,

    So proud of you, I say celebrate the moments, this day will never come again! Sounds like you two know how to celebrate 29 years of your love for each other, warms my heart! (loved hearing about the kiss under the Love Tree)

    By the way It’s voting day, I voted and the machine would NOT take my ballot, we tried every direction to put it in the machine! I told them I guess it doesn’t like me wring in GOD for all the demonrat candidates instead of filling in the DOT with ink…..I said OK, let these other people put their Ballots in because the line was backing up! Then I took my ballot back and wrote in Jesus next to where I wrote GOD…God Jesus! When I took the ballot and I put it in the machine it went through! I Praised God OUTLOUD! Amen.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Sincerely, Grace

  9. So sorry that your visit to St Augustine turned out like it did. I agree with you our old town is a good example of poor leadership. It’s turning into a s—t hole. We have been here since 08 and Old Town has gotten out of control with it homeless and to be honest most of St Johns county have them standing at the stop light. It disgusting and sad. If your a golfer the west side of St Johns is the place to be for now.


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