DML Podcast: (Ep176) Trump blasts DeSantis, Early Voting Sets New Record, DML Predicts Midterm Results

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 48-minutes today.

DML covers the following:

-Trump blasts DeSantis days before election
-Biden to stop drilling, announces before election
-Obama rips GOP for saying they will impeach Biden
-Twitter ends the account for Kathy Griffin, Whoopie drops off
-Early voting, and how it has broken a new record

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  1. Hi Dennis, I believe that Trump called called Governor Ron DeSantis, sanctimonious DeSantis after viewing his latest ad,which was released Friday 11/4.

    • So many don’t ..I’m laughing because I said people don’t understand Trump language when he was President…..smh….I think the people that don’t have tunnel vision..

  2. DML nuff said! Why did you have to bash our favorite president ever? Was that necessary? People make mistakes you know, unless your perfect. Ugh…

  3. This wasn’t a bash from Trump. Please look up definitions of de and sanctimonious.
    Desanctimonious means NOT to act like your morally superior over people.

  4. Trump & DeSantis are working together, don’t get caught up in the division the fake news are pushing. They know what they are doing. Read between the lines. Right now we need to stay strong & united of the midterms.

  5. Why is Desantis endorsing someone that voted to impeach Trump? And why is he hanging out with Paul Ryan who not a nice person or should I call Paul a Rino

    • Oh, pray tell where is that! I have search and couldn’t find it. All I could find is, a warning shot Trump sent to DeSantis. Yesterday he said:“I would tell you things about him that won’t be very flattering – I know more about him than anybody – other than, perhaps, his wife,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News Digital. (End Quote) Though Trump voted for DeSantis for Governor, it is obvious he feels threaten by DeSantis in the upcoming 2024 election.


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