DML Podcast: (Ep178) The red wave turns out to be a red puddle, and the end of Trump 2024

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 50 minutes for today.

DML provides insight and commentary on the midterm election results.

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    • We lost our congressman, that wasn’t so great. I’m sure big Soros money was poured into the hateful campaign ads by his opponent. YouTube, Television, Radio, yard signs, mailed ads & flyers. I guarantee his opponent did not raise that money on his own.

  1. Good bye DML. I am done with your sanctimonious attitude. I originally started following you because of your support for Trump now there’s absolutely no reason to follow your hatred. Deleting app now.

      • He hasn’t turned on Trump, Trump needs to grow up . I want to win because our futures depend on it we can’t lose in 2024 and we will if Trump is the nominee. Furthermore if Trump cared about us and this country he would step aside . We need to win Trump will get us to lose

        • Agree. Trump is hated by far too many people. He “stirs the pot” and I think people
          are sick and tired of his childish rhetoric! Need someone who can UNITE both sides.

          • I agree with you…. Trump may have been a kingmaker but he is not a King… But do not get down on DML…. The frustration I feel in Minnesota is immense, but I am not going to give up, I am hoping that the democrat elected?? here in this state takes notice that he did not win by many votes.

        • I agree…we are about keeping America free and healthy, and balanced. Not a person and we shouldn’t lose sight of this. Sometimes what is right, isn’t always what is best. We do need someone who will be able to move our country forward and not someone who has to fight His battles the entire time. I love Trump, but thinking Desantis may move us forward. Don’t lose sight of the purpose.

  2. Do you want to know why the democrats are so powerful? They stick together through thick and thin. It hasn’t been 24 hours and the Republicans are falling apart. Why was the election less than what we wanted? Could it have any bearing on the state’s election laws that allow ballot harvesting, ballot boxes, mail in voting, no ID, dominion voting machines, etc. Why would we expect a different outcome from 2020 to now if the election laws haven’t been changed?

    • You are right but no one can accuse of any kind of election fraud now or they will go to jail like “True The Vote”. Last night the results didn’t budge for hours in Wisconsin, Georgia, PA and of course we know what went down in Arizona. I know because I haven’t been to bed yet and it’s 4 PM Wednesday. “We lost our congressman that we loved and the dirty filthy ads against him came in TV rapid fire every few minutes. That had to be Soros money paying for that amount of hate and they were in abundance on You Tube. What I am most shocked about is that people would elect Fetterman, Hochul, Whitmer, the entire squad and the little 25 year old commiei. Florida. Also someone explain this. Newson was declared the winner with 20 counties reporting 0 – that’s zero votes had not been reported in those counties.

    • Oh, boy, you may want to work on your debate skills. Trump called Desantis a derogatory name and now threatening to release dirt on him. Please save your stick together routine for the next time you visit Mar-a-largo

    • Oh, boy, you may want to work on your debate skills. Trump called Desantis a derogatory name and now threatening to release dirt on him. Please save your stick together routine for the next time you visit Mar-a-largo

  3. Election fraud is rampant in our country. If you can’t see that, you are part of the problem. Trump has saved this nation period. If you don’t start questioning the narratives the MSM keeps throwing out there, I have no respect for you. Wake up, your are as bad as a brainwashed liberal. Why can’t you learn to question everything that is put out there. Haven’t you learned anything thru your health issues? 😞

    • I agree. The main stream media most likely started the Red Wave narrative and all the people we watched just kept predicting it. Why couldn’t we shut our mouths and “walk softly and carry a big stick”. Biden gave a speech a few days ago and he might as well have come out and told us we were going to get robbed. Now there will be no investigations, Fauci, the DOJ and FBI, and IRS will all get away with everything. No investigation into H Biden or Joe Biden. They are sleeping easy now. Biden said they created the biggest best election fraud – he said it, not me or you.

    • We are not saved if our elections are rigged or stolen, if we do not have freedom of speech and thought. We are not saved, our borders are open and porous, crime is out of control, inflation is unbearable, we have evil legislators drunk with power. Big Tech, hollywood, and the media is against us. We have a dictator in the WH. For God’s sake Florida elected a 25 year old avowed communist. We are not saved. Trump is not our saviour. It’s in our hands and once again we didn’t show up because we believed in the big red wave and many stayed home thinking, well I don’t have to go out in the cold and stand in line, someone else already did it, enough people already did it. I will just sit home and be cozy and watch results on FOX. If there is cheating we have to negate that cheating by coming out in full force to vote. We didn’t do that. We believed the big red wave was coming and now we are jokes for late night.

  4. DML YOU ARE SO WRONG. TRUMP 2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️I’m deleting you. Your a pig. I will always support our President Trump. Your the loser here.

    • Exactly. Dml you’re an idiot for dividing America first. Your puss obv hurts because Trump said something you don’t like but get yiur head out of your a$$

    • Debi – You know what, I understand if you do not agree with DML, disagree all you want but this ridiculous name calling is way out of line. Some of these comments on this thread are so immature I feel like I am reading comments by kindergartners. Why would you call DML a pig? That is just uncalled for. I don’t always agree with DML but he has the right to support who ever he wants and you do as well. He is giving his opinion, his assessment, you don’t have to agree but my God some of you folks are just hateful. No wonder we can’t win. You can debate but it is not necessary to call people names. Do you call everyone a pig you don’t agree with?

  5. The election yesterday was not about high taxes,economy, high inflation it was about Abortion on demand! Very sad for the greatest country ever!

    • Spot on and absolutely pathetic that people have no moral values and to think your choosing the future of America on this topic that the devil DEMONcrates are obsessed with. The pathetic Supreme Courts plan worked, think about the timing of the decision.

  6. Yep trump 2024. DML you need to keep your trash talk to yourself. I was looking into getting a membership in January but you gave me my answer. Thanks

  7. Now I know why I stopped following you Dennis! You are so wrong about Trump! Your golden boy DeSantis is far from golden and soon all will know!
    You never did your job in 2020 to investigate the absolute major fraud! Why?
    Very disappointed in you… maybe too much CBD!

    • Don’t take it out on DeSantis because you don’t like what DML said. DeSantis has done a good job. His state showed up in full force. Too bad 49 other states didn’t.

  8. This will be a HUGE RED WAVE if we take back the House and Senate, not a puddle. This is critical to me! Nancy Pelosi out? HALLELUJAH! Now we start the HARD work, and don’t back down from stupidity and wokeness!

    • I think you are a day behind……………just sayin’. If you can do math and look at the remaining states in play you will realize we are not taking the senate.

  9. Sometimes it takes time to see people’s true colors. There’s a push now by RINOS to try and get DeSantis to run against Trump to split votes. Anyone pushing this is part of the problem. 174 wins 9 losses is a puddle? This is why I stopped following DML closely well over a year ago.

    • That is not how it works. There would be a primary and whoever wins get’s behind that candidate. Where would the votes be split? Conservatives and Republicans are going to support their candidate even if they have to hold their nose like I did with McCain. I like Trump, I will vote for him a third time but I wish people would stop acting like he is the only thing left on God’s great earth to save us. When he starts belittling people, and calling them names how is he any better than the name calling on this thread????? Just asking for a friend……

  10. Totally dismal results. Red wave is a red dribble. Democrats outsmarted the dull republicans again. Mail in ballots, turning away republican voters at the ballots, same shenanigans.

  11. Why people get offended when someone speaks the truth. I am a Trump follower but I am not blinded . Republicans had done a lot of damage to themselves when they betrayed their President. Now they are paying the consequences. DML is right. Trump is finished. Had you guys saw the movie “ God Forbid”. Just released before elections. Very good timing. This movie is an attack not only to Trump but to all Republicans. They did not care about Falwell they took aim at Trump and Republicans in general. It was a mockery and it worked! Those undecided votes swayed to vote democrap! If there was no red tsunami this time thst economy is so bad it won’t happen on 2024 either. DML you are right in everything you say!

    • I watched Wisconsin until the wee hours and the results did not budge. I felt like the were waiting to see how many votes they would need to screw Ron Johnson over just like they did others in 2020. I find it VERY hard to believe that election was actually that close with Mandela Barnes, the progressive socialist commie as his opponent. They wanted to get Johnson out to have a r firm grip on the senate but by the grace of God Wisconsin voters stopped it from happening. Why did the counting stop?????????? You know why.

  12. Done with your fake ass … One minute you’re all about Trump next minute you’re not you’re about as fake as the fake news….

  13. I will never say its over … our country needs to stop saying its over . If you say that you might aa well lay down and die.. I am not one to cow down to commies schooling my grandkids that they have something to be sorry for because of their color or pushing they are girls when they are boys ir any ofvtheir other garbage. Never…

  14. That’s right Stop it DML I can’t believe your falling for this, DeSantis hasn’t proven squat I’m sticking with Trump let DeSantis keep hanging around with the rinos that are pushing him to run against Trump to cause problems DeSantis will be bought at some point like the rest them. Trump 2024 fix the Corruption before then there’s still to much of that going on from what we saw last night. Pennsylvanians are shocked I am to Fettermens gonna destroy Pennsylvanians lively hood.

    • Grow up. DeSantis would be an excellent President and does not have the entrenched saturated derangement syndrome so many have against Trump. He would be easier to elect as long as sour grapes morons don’t stay home to ‘protest’ if RD runs.

    • Trin – Why are Pennsylvanians shocked? They voted for Fetterman to destroy their livelihood so I don’t see the problem. Perhaps more should have showed up at the polls to take OZ over the finish line. Perhaps some Pennsylvanians should have dug into the background of the Libertarian candidate to see if that person was backed by Soros. When Fetterman croaks or steps down due to his brain injury and his wife takes over – buyers remorse? You get what you vote for. Pennsylvania did not vote for a man they thought had good policies, they voted against the Republican party they hate even if Republican solutions were 50 times better than Fettermans. Pennsylvanians voted for more crime, less money, less freedom, it’s hard to believe the Declaration of Independence was signed at the Pennsylvania statehouse. It’s just plain sacrilegious.

  15. Whether you support Trump or DeSantis, what matters most is to support whoever runs. Don’t be a crybaby or sore loser. DeSantis is no RINO and either man would be a great President.

    • Exactly what I’m thinking, why are Republicans fighting among themselves. Trump and DeSantis either one would be better than any demoncrat president, and day ! By comparing them, we’re falling right into the mess Demoncrats want us to fall into.

  16. Hi Dennis

    Completely agree with you Trump is done. He can never win a general election too many negatives. 2024 dream ticket for me is DeSantis/Noem.

  17. It’s amazing, Trump gets zero credit for the Florida win. He grew Latino vote in 2020.
    It’s not a coincidence Kemp, Abbott, DeSantis won big…they’ve been Republican controlled and have clean elections.
    DeSantis and his precious family will not be able to handle the arrows thrown during this next Presidential race.

    • Sadly, Trump will be the one throwing the arrows like “Lyin’ Ted” and “Little Marco” and “Desanctimonious”. Cubans and Latinos in Florida came here for family and freedom, that is why they voted Republican, they can think for themselves.

  18. Wow DML spot on! Trump can never win in 2024, he is just too much drama. Desantis reminds me of the Republican version of JFK. We need his smarts and energy to sway back all the
    independents and Republicans that voted for Joe.

  19. Maybe you need a session over at Lindell TV/Frank Speech. Go look at the impossible voting spikes…some taking away votes. Maybe you should really put your money where your mouth is the way Mike Lindell does. As I have said before who cares about the border when we can’t have a fair election. It’s not Trumps fault that our elections are rigged …at least he is aware of it. You admit that there is fraud but not enough to sway an election. Ask your self why anyone would halfway cheat….most cheaters cheat to win. Are you trying to convince us that “they” are barely cheating, not enough to sway an election?
    Furthermore you flip flop between Trump and DeSantis….as much as you do when you backtrack your predictions. Get over it’s not time for DeSantis…nothing against him…his time will come…it’s not now. Maybe you should use your talents to Investigate election fraud or do a documentary like Dinesh D’Souza did. Why would you think DeSantis has any better chance to win in a rigged election if Trump can’t with his following? Really?? You can talk…walk and talk…drunk talk….throw your “f”bombs all you want but you are not focusing on the real reason conservatives are screwed….The “they” who are rigging elections need to be exposed! If not there’s no Trump…there’s no DeSantis…election fraud will not just go away….ever until we first realize it and then stop it.
    The red wave got erased…someone is doing it….when will you stop spinning your wheels on us …trying to convince us that this shit is legitimate. Reading from above you lost another chunk of CBD customers yet again. I’m sure you will slam all of us or zap us off your platform after telling you what you don’t want to hear. You are WRONG. It’s not time for DeSantis as much as it’s not time for total electric energy…..Trump deserves another term that was stolen from him. Trump proved he could turn this country around! He put his money where his mouth was…your tagline. DeSantis has yet to prove that but he will never get the chance as long as the “they” are not exposed and held accountable for rigging our elections. Have Mel K on your podcast and help people understand what’s really happening in plain sight.….go educate yourself and read her research… find out who “they” are …it’s all there in detail …just connect the dots. We are hanging on by a thread about to lose our country!

    • I agree! Two years ago they took away our right to self govern. It angers me to my very core, that the country, the basic rights of freedom that my Dad fought for, has turned into this travesty. If we can’t have TRUE elections, we are wasting our time even voting. As for DeSantis, I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on it, but something about him bothers me. Trump has so much bluster, ego and controversy around him. But, I can ignore his personal faults, and the controversy (as most of it is bs attacks), because he did so much good for the country I love. I guess time will tell. I’m not abandoning ship here, but would love to look at other sites as well. Any recommendations?

      • Laura – There are some GREAT young black influencers on YT. You would be very surprised how many are Conservative. They have a great perspective. Wish I could name names. DML will most likely delete this. I’m not talking about Candace, she is doing too much Hollywood celebrity coverage now but she has a really good documentary out. If this doesn’t get deleted start with Anthony Brian Logan, Jericho Green (he cusses somethimes), Damani Felder, the Black Conservative Preacher , Officer Tatum, Larry Elder, Dr. Carol Swain, Gothix, Colion Noir, and Terrence K Williams for laughs and for musical inspiration listen to this song by two black patriots on YT – Topher – “The Patriot” (feat. @The Marine Rapper) . Wish I could email you. How fast will this get deleted? Start the countdown……………..

    • “They” is the Deep State. The Deep State principally consists of the FBI and CIA and does the bidding of Anglo-American oligarchs. CIA elements and their Mafia allies carried out the 1963 assassination of Pres. Kennedy, at the behest of Lyndon B. Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles. They then leveraged the White House, FBI, and Warren Commission to cover up the conspiracy. The FBI and CIA have operated with impunity ever since, simply by invoking the trope of “national security.” In 2016, this formerly bipartisan conspiracy went all in behind the Democrats. Narrowly failing to prevent his election the first time and then to unseat him, it deposed Pres. Trump through massive election fraud and judicial intimidation and seeks to neutralize him permanently. It operates much like Iran’s Council of Guardians as an unelected, unaccountable, self-styled fourth branch of government, neutralizing threats like MLK and RFK, backing its own uni-party candidates like GHWB and BHO, and manipulating the American people and world events. It now has no real legitimacy whatsoever. It is treason that must be extirpated root and branch. Don’t believe me? Simply look up the activities and whereabouts of George H.W. Bush on 11/22/63 and follow all of the leads.

  20. Dennis I understand your affection for DeSantis being that you reside in FL, but there would be no DeSantis without Trump. Trump is not the reason we had no red wave. You can’t have one without the other. Sorry you need both.

  21. One minute you’re with Trump the next you’re with DeSantis. I’m with Trump all the way. Doesn’t mean I think he’s perfect, but I think he’s the best man for the job for President. I will not be wishy washy on this, not like you, back and forth.

    • That’s not true. I’ve been a huge fan of Ron for a long time, and have said I’d support either one. Recently I thought Trump would be better after the raid, but ignoring his attacks on Desantis is not something I’ll do. And I can’t ignore the walloping he took last night. It’s math.

  22. We no longer live in a free country. I am so upset, I can’t stop crying. There is voter fraud. Twenty five percent of our voting stations weren’t working and they sent people away. It’s all been stolen from us. It’s all been stolen from every person who died for this country.

    • Vic – 💗💗💗 God bless, my heart aches and breaks for all of us. Go to YT – listen to this song – believe me you will get strength from it. Topher – “The Patriot” (feat. @The Marine Rapper)

  23. MAIL IN BALLOTS … Kirk has it right. Mail in ballots during the scamdemic won the election. It worked .. they still did it in PA, MI etc and won again.

  24. The American people are just plain stupid—when are these people going to wake up–how much more has this country got to fall lower than it already has???? The people actually are unbelievable—GOD help us!!

  25. Come on people,just listen closely to what he’s saying. just because he hurts your feelings about President Trump,is no reason not to listen to facts he is trying to get across that America is falling apart before your eyes


  27. Hey assholes. It’s called the Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast, not the Trump Fan Club! If you don’t adapt to change the GOP’s future will be finished. The clue was right in front of you last night. Jerk off to Trump’s photo if you need to get it out of your system, but move your vote to someone that can win.

  28. I really think in those democrat states, it was the abortion issue that had the upper hand. I feel sad with the comments on Trump. I think he has had no support from day 1 from his own party. I know he is his own worst enemy.

    Thank you Trump, I was a fan of you from Apprentice Days and will stay a big fan always.

  29. You people that are turn coats on Trump sound like little crybabies. You are fallen prey to the democrats to divide the vote. If you don’t think fraud played out in this election then there’s is no hope for you. We are much better off today then two days ago. Keep positive and keep the faith, God is in control.

  30. DeSaints would only split the ticket and open the door for a Democrat win. DeSaints needs to stay where he is.Trump is and will continue to be the leader of the Republican Party leader. DeSaints can run in 2028.

  31. I always enjoyed your take on everything but not going to pay for this BS! Thank you for getting me through the pandemic. You made me laugh and I know you’re a good guy but this podcast is insulting. You lost me at “it’s all Trump’s fault”. Won’t be buying your CBD anymore either.

  32. I will agree to a point. Trump caused a lot of problems with this election….BUT, only because 100% of democrats and about 50% of Republicans are offended by how he speaks. If he will not stop offending the conservatives then we can’t win.
    America itself is at stake. A true patriot would speak for, and endorse, someone who can resonate with the American people.
    Unfortunately Trump can nolonger do so. I have to agree that DeSantis is a better representative for us. Trump can’t win and we need someone who can

    • Wrong, not only because people don’t like the way he speaks. Several of the candidates he endorsed were simply not good strong candidates, Dr. Oz comes to mind. Without Trump’s endorsement he doesn’t become the nominee.

  33. I was 100% for Trump in the last election but now I think it would be a mistake for him to run. The last thing this country needs is losing the 2024 election. Unfortunately, I think there are too many republican politicians who don’t like Trump. I just hope Trump supports DeSantis as we really need him to run in 2024.

    I’m very disappointed we didn’t see the red wave everyone expected, I just pray we get enough seats for the house and senate.

  34. With all due respect, DML, it seems that people like you don’t remember how Trump was everybody’s friend before he came down the escalator. He was Bill Clinton’s golf buddy, co-recipient with Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali of the Ellis Island Award, praised by Jesse Jackson, and had the Clintons at his wedding to Melania. But the closer he got to the GOP nomination, the more he metamorphosed into the Devil Incarnate. The media would demonize DeSantis the same way. DeSantis is ready for the presidency, but if he runs, the Trump-hating Mockingbird media will play up the rift within the GOP daily, promoting DeSantis only until his victory looks certain, and then demonizing him in the same way they did Trump. Despite my own early doubts, Trump proved himself. Do you believe the Election of 2020 was stolen, or are you, like the Democrats in 2016, just partisan, deceitful, and disloyal enough to pretend it was? If DeSantis doesn’t run, Trump will be the Great Unifier in the party, and DeSantis will be everyone’s favorite for his running mate. Under the terms of the 12th Amendment, someone (Trump) will need to give up his FL residency. Trump-DeSantis 2024!

  35. Dml you are correct …Trump is his own worst enemy.. .He was good for the country while he was in office …BUT …he has ruined his chance at 2024…it’s his mouth!!!

  36. For everyone saying DML is wrong about Trump, DML is not the only one saying it. See #6

    This is from Ben Sharpio

    9Here’s the basic takeaway from Election 2022 so far:
    1. Democrats will not change course on anything; they wildly outperformed expectations, except in Florida.
    2. Biden is their 2024 nominee unless he is fully incapacitated.
    3. Republicans wildly underperformed, and heads should roll.
    4. There is a lot of hope for the Republican coalition given their performance with Hispanic and black voters. But their candidate quality was poor and their leadership was either absent or counterproductive.
    5. Candidate quality matters — underlying dynamics are not strong enough to drive bad candidates to victory.
    6. Donald Trump was a major drag on Republicans, from his picks to his antics. Trump picked bad candidates, spent almost no money on his hand-picked candidates, and then proceeded to crap on the Republicans who lost and didn’t sufficiently bend the knee. This will have 2024 impact.
    7. The Republican leadership class, paralyzed by the Trump phenomenon, failed to provide any leadership at all…
    8. Except for DeSantis, who was a leader, an excellent candidate, and an organizer of his own party, leading to a Florida red tsunami.

  37. I can’t believe some of the comments I’m reading! Trump is not God! You need to stop worshipping him like he is! It’s no wonder that Democrats call MAGA a cult! I’m seriously disgusted!😡

    • Tellingitlikeitis – I feel ya but I’ve been trying to be fair on this thread. My best friend is the same way. I can’t even discuss any of his flaws, to her he is the second coming, blinded by something,, I don’t know what though. He can do no wrong, if I question some of his antics she either ignores me for days or comes back with some response why I am so wrong. Clear your heads, start with a clean slate. We don’t know who is running. What we should understand is that if Trump runs (I will vote for him) but we will go through pure hell again, chaos, the media, big tech, the riots, the lawsuits, the committees, you name it. Where has BLM and ANTIFA been? Oh, you just wait, they will be back with their intimidation, rioting, criminality, arson, and mayhem, the media will be back with their lies and tech will censor even more. People will go to rallies and get beat up again. Notice how they are so quiet when democrats run the show…………….

  38. I loved Trump’s policies but not his mouth. I could take it before because he was in the Oval Office. Now he has been gone. Every time he makes some stupid comment, I think here we go again. There are just way too many people fed up with all the drama Trump brings & he does this himself. He doesn’t have to comment about everything that happens, but he does & it does get old. Sadly.

    • I want to add that maybe we can tolerate it just to get a better POTUS, but I personally know quite a few folks that are sick of it. That keeps them from voting for it = he loses. We need an ELECTABLE a winner.

      • “DeSanctimonious” was just uncalled for and petulant attacks on celebrities. Who cares about them. He literally stood on the debate stage and called Rosie O’Donnell fat. Yeah OK, she’s fat, she is not a nice person, but can’t he just keep these frivolous things to himself? Doesn’t he have advisors on protocol and presidential decorum? I am not asking for him to be a Monk, just stop with the petty insults and put downs, we just don’t have time for that stuff anymore. He shouldn’t have attacked Mike Pence publicly, just take the high road sometimes. Did you ever hear George Bush do anything like that? Like him or not, he left the office behind when he left and never talked bad about anyone although he could have.

  39. Joe will still win over trump in 2024 .. trump has his chance he blow it with his big mouth !!

    Time to move on

    10% trump supporters that let the rest of us down racist hate mob etc. .

  40. I listened to DML’s podcast twice. I don’t understand why so many people are mad. The only thing I disagree with DML is when he said Democrats voted against Trump. I think they voted against the entire Republican party because they hate the Republicans / Conservatives. They would rather vote for horrible policies than vote for a Republican with good sound policies. It shows how twisted they are that they would rather live with horrible crime, higher taxes, higher gas prices, inflation, indoctrination of their children, weakening of our military, defunding the police, buying oil from Venezuela and other communist countries, no cash bail, releasing criminals immediately after arrest, abortion at nine months and even after birth, open borders and spending billions of tax dollars on illegals meant for our citizens, spending more for groceries, housing, interest rates going up, IRS auditing you at $600, putting coal miners out of work, shutting down pipe lines, dipping into our precious oil reserves, HAVE I MISSED ANYTHING? This is what they voted for rather than vote for a Republican. There was also some “by design” efforts to throw a monkey wrench into certain candidates elections. DML is saying it without saying it. DML is only expressing his opinion on how he feels about DeSantis. Why is that so wrong that someone on here would call him a pig? It appears many people did listen but not with an open mind. Not once did he tell anyone what to do. This is his podcast and his thoughts. I will go further than DML on Trump’s poor choices. He should NEVER have had that back stabbing snake Omarosa anywhere near the WH, Scaramucci, Ivanka, or Jared Kushner. I don’t care if they didn’t take a salary. There were other deeply flawed choices like attorney general’s, etc. He could have kept his Tweeting professional and presidential announcing events and legislation that got passed. Instead he used it to personally bash and attack people like irrelevant celebrities, etc. Why would the United States president argue with celebrities on Twitter ? It was embarrassing and it reflected on his supporters. He was thin skinned. And bringing Kanye West into the WH cussing like a sailor with no respect for the oval office and bringing Kim Kardashian in for prison reform when there so many credible others he could have brought in. I hope some will go back and listen again and apologize to Dennis for the disrespect and name calling. I know this is long but like I always say…..just sayin’…….

  41. Oh my goodness, all a bunch of turn coats, this wasn’t an Election, it was a sting operation!!! Get your heads out of your Buttocks, President Trump, knows what he’s doing, what a bunch of dummies or A-holes, take your pic!! DML, I know you know what’s going on, I have been following you since walk and Talk!! I have listened to you on many platforms of other conservatives! You know exactly what President Trump is doing, he’s bringing out more cabal, he puts them right in our faces to get , yet people are to dumb to get it, so all you dummies WAKE the HELL UP!! God Bless our President Trump and MAGA!!! Wait shits going to hit the fan very, very soon, maybe, just maybe tomorrow, only God knows for sure!! Have a great Life!!

  42. Most of Trump’s people won. I believe the left was still successful at still cheating in some of the races. Without the cheating, I think many of these races would not have been as close as they were. Look at the issues Lake’s machines had in AZ, and the judge turned down their request which was not trivial. Are you going to rob thousands of voters because the machines failed? Millions love and STILL support Trump. I am disappointed to see you run an article like this, but you do not speak for his millions of loyal, supporting fans. Trump is our president. 2020 has to still be rectified if one cares about our elections and what is right. They do not stop working on a criminal case just because it is proving difficult to solve. They drag out cold case files and still work on them years later, though we want this one resolved yesterday. Our country and we the people are paying dearly for this crime. I equate Biden with Lance Armstrong. There will be justice, just not soon enough.

  43. I agree with your analysis. In my humble opinion the Republican red wave didn’t happen for several reasons. One is because the Democrat voter turnout was much greater than expected. Democrats came out in huge numbers and early vote. Republicans need to stop thinking of Election Day as the big day to push for turn out and move towards pushing for big turnout during Election month. Secondly, candidates matter. Republicans must choose strong candidates and then must support these candidates financially. Both President Trump and Mitch McConnell failed to provide the proper financial support in many races. Thirdly, the power of incumbency is hard to beat without lots of money, stellar candidates, and good messaging. Speaking of messaging, Republicans must have better messaging and not just say we will change this, but explain how they will change things. Republicans have to work much harder to get their message across since whatever they say is distorted and censored by the Democrat controlled media.
    As for President Trump, he was a great President who had excellent policies. He was constantly attacked and treated horribly by the media and that’s not fair, but sadly he has too many negatives to be successful in 2024.The Independents, who are the real deciders in presidential elections, won’t support Trump not because they don’t like his policies, but because they don’t like his personality. Ron DeSantis supports all of Trumps policies and is a counter puncher who fights the fight without making it personal and without calling people names. DeSantis is the future of the Republican party and if he chooses to run in 2024 will be the next POTUS.
    I hope that your home and family are able to ride out Nicole’s wrath without too many problems. Stay safe.

  44. I’m from Pennsylvania and l certainly did vote for worthless fedderman or shapiro l voted all Republican and l’m certain some how some way cheating took place!!! I’m sick about the turnout for Pennsylvania l feel like l want to move, nobody is l know wanted that moron fedderman! We had two of the most wonderful real men running one for govenor of our state Doug Mastriano and the other for senator Dr. Oz! They were cheated as there is no way fedderman( an idiot) could win over Dr. Oz!!! The demon dems cheated because they had to have Pennsylvania and all The key states and THEY DID CHEAT!!!!! IF cheating doesn’t get fixed we will never win, PERIOD

  45. No matter how great someone’s policies are, people have to like you to vote for you in most cases. Even a lot of Trump supporters would find him cringe worthy at times, even many times. But if your fans cringe because of what comes out of your mouth, you need to realize the naysayers, and even the independents are just not going to vote for someone they don’t like. People judge your personality first, then what you do. Most elections are won or lost by just a couple of points. So if even 2-3% of voters cringe at the mention of the name, bingo, you lose an election. Trump has never had the kind of people around him to convince to shut his pie hole. He just simply can’t win because people are sick to death at even the mention of his name. Forget his policies long enough to watch the look on people’s faces at a gathering when his name is mentioned.

  46. I pray DeSantis isn’t a Rino I heard he is talking to a lot of them. Media they all want Trump out. It’s messed up. I pray I’m wrong. Trump needs to get back in. Btw this Kari lake I would watch out

  47. Has everyone forgotten all the accomplishments President Trump accomplished when he was in Office and didn’t take a salary, and how Great everything was!? If anyone sounds full of themselves it’s DML!

    • So there are still a lot of haters. Listen to them. They don’t trash his policies hardly at all. Listen to what the haters are saying. It’s his personality. You ever see eye rolls, it happens all the time. I know people that voted for Biden because “he SEEMED like a nice guy.” Many don’t look much past the end of their nose. It’s important to learn why people don’t like a candidate. If it’s mostly the personality, that’s huge.

  48. Agreed Dennis 100% still love Trump, but he’s so childish..Desantis has presidential presence. If Trump had Desantis demeanor, he would have beat Biden, but instead he had to play twitter games 🤪 I personally would love to see a Trump-Desantis run in 2024! Maybe they can balance each other out. God help this country 🇺🇸

  49. Can’t y’all see what’s happening here? We’re eating our own! This was their plan and you’re ALL falling for it…wise up people. We need to unify. I’ll choose to have a doctor with bad bedside manner’s but saves my life. Same scenario.


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