DML Podcast: (Ep179) WSJ blames Trump for midterm losses, and DML responds to hate emails

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 63 minutes today.

DML reviews an op-ed written by the WSJ that blames the midterms squarely on Trump.

He also speaks about the importance of Hershel Walker winning GA, and what needs to be done to ensure it happens.  Also, the new elections are based on mail-in ballots, the GOP needs a new strategy.

Also, ‘Fetterman for President’ is pushed by popular lefty media personality, and DML reads the hate emails he received yesterday.

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  1. Candace owned talks about a snub from Trump after the jab interview.. says exactly what DML said without saying it. She was the last person i would see jump off the Trump train.

  2. I’m pretty fed up hearing that Trump was the reason for our losses. I think it is the complete opposite. Trump wasn’t the one on the ballot. Another attempt by those with Trump do rangement syndrome and the never Trumper rhinos trying to blame Trump for some thing that he had nothing to do with. Trying to pin Trump and DeSantis against each other will only have negative and extremely detrimental ramifications for Republicans. Trump has done nothing but good things for this country and the fact that so many people have forgotten that so quickly just because DeSantis did well in Florida (continuing on the path that Trump forged for him), He is now the golden God. So sad that so many forget what Trump did for us. I’m sick of hearing it.

    • Holly, I am so proud of you and your statement. You are more then right. Let Candice go, her loss, I am not as impressed with her as every one else is. I am also disappointed in the back stabbing DML gave Trump, Guys did you forget that TRUMP did win 2020 and they said “Lets let this one go” REALLY? let it go? WHY? Where are the republicans and DML where are YOU? We do stand for letting someone steal and slap their hand and let it go. No we don’t. Trump deserves the next 4 years he already worked his butt off making some of YOU famous. DML, you were nobody before Trump, I had never heard of you. He helped make you who you are, and you back stabbed him. Sorry you did that, but we all know you did. Never bite the hand that feeds you. You think Trump didn’t feed you? Well he did. I stayed here to help support you, you are a hard worker I will give you that, so much like Trump you are a hard worker and fun reporter. You are better because of Trump, now we know who you are. Trump deserves all 4 years he was cheated out of and by the way we never lost this election FAKE news is still lying. Keep watching guys, Trump won this like he will win again with or with out you DML. You didn’t make Trump, he made YOU!

      • Dear tin foil hat lady, aka Linda,
        First off, I am not a fame seeker, never have been and never will be. In fact, my kids and wife are the only ones I care about sticking with me, and caring for me. They think I’m somebody, and that’s all that matters. And I’m nothing like Trump. I don’t cheat on my wife, I don’t hire stupid people, I didn’t get my start from my daddy, I don’t do deals with the Saudi Arabians, I don’t smash mouth my governor before Election Day, and I would never “love DACA kids.” The list is longer, by in short, the first two sentences I wrote above rest as the perfect example why I am nothing like Trump.

        As for my media presence, I was around doing my thing down at the border — trying to stop illegal aliens from entering the US — by means of highlighting the issue starting in 2009. While I was facing cartel and trying to tell the real narrative, Trump was hiring the illegal labor to build his skyscrapers and work at his hotels.

        And I was in the news biz and politics long before Trump decided to steal talking points from people like me in 2016. With that said, I didn’t lose the midterms on Tuesday, just like I didn’t win Florida for DeSantis. My job is to be honest with my listeners, and to give news and political insight to the best of my ability. I try to make people see all sides of the story, so this way we can win the elections we need to win. Most people think I do my job really well, I always have and I always will. I did it long before Trump was pretending to be a conservative in 2015, and I’ll do it long after he’s gone. And there’s nothing you and your two bit presence can do to change that. So get ready, because I’m only getting louder. 🙂

        • 💯 DML! I read some of the most absurd comments on these articles you post. Just look at all the conspiracy theorists claiming something fishy going on because of all the close midterm races. How absurd. All eyes are on secure elections so only an absolute bonkers individual would attempt to cheat on a mass scale. The bottom line is, Trump is the reason we didn’t see a red wave in the midterms. I voted for him 2020 but I’m done with him. He’s an arrogant schmuck. Bombastic insults and the antithesis of “presidential”. The GOP needs to reject Trump. If he’s the 2024 nominee, they hand a win to the Democrats. All the crazies on the left will turn out to vote against him just like they did two years ago. I honestly believe the ONLY reason Trump won 2016 is because Democrats thought he didn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell against Hillary so they didn’t show up in droves to vote. 2020 was 81 million strong voting against another term for Trump. Frankly believe he’s just dumb to have come out hurling insults against the best Governor in the USA says before an extremely important election. He needs to go away and the GOP needs to reject him.

          • Sorry but you’re wrong. The 2020 election had severe irregularities and did you not read the Time article where they admitted fortifying the election? It’s going on now in Nevada and especially Arizona. So we just move on and forget it was taken from us?? Nope not doing it.

      • Really? What about those of us who are following the abortion issue on the *Other* side? You know, from the *pro-life* side—the one which the MSM never talks about? The one where a majority of Americans do NOT support the legalized, subsidized killing of infants up to and (even) after they’re born; and as substitution for contraceptives.
        It should’ve been highlighted as one of THE *Major* reasons for conservatives to get out and vote (because the SCOTUS repeal of Roe—however poorly-timed it may have been—was just the beginning; and it needed reinforcement). But instead the GOP played it down for the RINOs: “it’s all about the economy, stupid!” Funny how the basic constitutional right-to-life never matters (to EITHER side) in elections; until the baby-killers get all worked up over their “right” to unimpeded fornication and adultery being threatened. 🙁

    • Get serious! Trump is the face of the party. He blew it for us because everyone with half a brain knows he is the Republican Party’s Great narcissistic Divider.

  3. Yep it comes down to voter turnout out and the republicans did not go and vote sad but true ! Florida did so well because everyone went out to vote to save our country and in other states they did not.

  4. DML, I agree with Herschel Walker bringing in the GOP superstars but I think you’re wrong about Trump. NONE of this would be happening without him. We would be on a digital currency and you would be silenced by now if it weren’t for Trump. Sorry, agree with a lot you say but not that. Plus Trump had a great night, the Fake news wants us to jump the DeSantis train and you are believing it hook, line and sinker. I’m sorry, DeSantis locked down FL and pushed the vax. Look back at his press conferences. Trust me I love DeSantis and I think he will be president but the president for me in 2024 is Trump. I won’t get off the train. They cheated and we still had amazing wins. Very disappointed.

  5. I’m leaving my real name! Followed you for years, but no longer! I truly love Desantis, but I also am a Trump person too!

    What you have said in this podcast disgusts me. Deleting app now, never to listen to your rambling again. You are irrelevant anyways, a nobody, and pretty much a has been or a never was!!! 😂

    • Sometimes standing up for your beliefs is a good thing. Other times it just means you’re inflexible and incapable of changing your strategy in order to win.

    • Colleen, You work on that one all day? What you fail to miss is the cleansing going on right now. My way of getting the freaks and tin foils to exit left. Don’t trip on your way out, you’re dangling from such a thin string that if you hit your head even a little you’ll make Fetterman look like Einstein.

      As for “Done”, who names their kid Done. Must have been a tough childhood. Certainly appears to be a tough time as an adult.

    • You’re cancelling DML because you don’t agree with something he said in a Podcast? Sure you’re not a liberal, just posing as conservative?

  6. Blame it on the GOP establishment, not Trump!! Why don’t just ask Desantis out on a date, you love him so much!!! Too bad he would lose anyways!!! We still have a chance to take senate and we took the house? Wasn’t that bad!!

  7. DML…YOU have lost all credibility as far as I am concerned. You have been looking for the first chance to bash our President Trump and you jump in hook line and sinker. Too bad your no different than the fake news agencies that are throwing gas on the Trump vs DeSantis feud. Shame on you DML!!

  8. From my opinion

    I believe those that say like that idiot in the Whitehouse saying they will do everything they can to keep trump from the Whitehouse again…. I look at it the fake news media and the rest are pushing it to turn everyone against trump. I myself will be casting my vote for the man even if he’s not on the ballot. I’ll write his name in.

  9. Well DML, way to shoot yourself in the foot so to say. I mean I always knew you were somewhat. Trump fair weather friend. So this doesn’t surprise me. I think you fail to understand that loyalty means something to Trump and his supporters. We don’t always agree with everything he does but we have his back.
    This election is on the Republican leadership. McConnell and McCarthy. Trump has worked his butt off endorsing candidates. They, Republican leadership in some cases, worked to undermine republicans. And you even posted those reports. I didn’t see anybody but Trump standing in the pouring rain in Florida to get people to vote, did you?

    • Amen !!! McConnell, the demoncrat ass kisser, need to bite the disgust, he is no longer with the times. We need somebody who lives and works with the Dems and sees how evil they are, who will fight against them every day !

    • Loyalty? Do mean the sort of loyalty he showed to his wives? Or the kind of loyalty he showed to the Angel Moms when saying how much he loved the DACA kids. Or is it the loyalty to the 9-11 families when he did a deal with the terrorists who funded Sept 11. Tin foil alert!

  10. Ummm if you think there was not cheating in this race you are still demented. So obvious in AZ on all counts. In NV, mi, wi, surely Pa, ny, and ga. many states had vote drops again. Noone will push it. Trump did well. It isnt his fault the wave was a ripple. They tried to call wa and co too. I wonder how many boxes of votes will come in in Ca? I hope we can keep our gal in Ak. Still trump train. De Santos will get his shot.

  11. Republicans stick together dam!!!Y’all are all doing what the democrats want.Trump deserves the presidency!!!They are so afraid of Trump Liz Chaney started all of this and you dam people are falling for the trap.Quit all of this and stick together Trump deserves it.

  12. You used to be smart; and, you were ahead of the curve. What is wrong here? Before your follow the crowd remarks regarding President Trump, I noticed that you are getting more & more late to the party regarding news. Maybe it’s because you’ve been sick (so sorry); or, you want to retire instead while living in FL..not sure. I’m sure your CBD business is so successful. Conrats on that. Maybe focus on only that. But, your analysis has been lacking. Example, you ran a story about Hershal not wanting to show up to debate his opponent. Made him look bad. It wasn’t fair & balanced. If it was researched deeper, you would have known he was committed to a charity event that he had signed on for months earlier. I have several more of your posts that are not backed up that I could give you. You were so awesome when I watched you during the beginning days of 2015/2016. I loved your Dearborn reporting. I loved listening to you. But, now your take on President Trump is shameful. You are now in the group of the many who rode his coattails. Your platform has given you success; but, only through him. You are not my real deal Dennis anymore. Click! Click! Shout out to The Conservative Treehouse & Bannon’s War Room where indepth facts are discovered & God is good!

    • Dear Fake Name:
      I am smart, and I am still ahead of the curve (see DeSantis’s win, see DeSantis’ 2024 victory). I do not follow the crowd, do you know why that is true besides me saying it? Because I don’t listen to anyone else. I do not watch TV, I don’t listen to podcasts other than my own playback for quality purposes. I don’t work the news app, I have a team for that. So if they are late to post something, I should speak to them about it, but only you appear to complain. I did not begin in 2015, I started in 2008. Facts matter. I didn’t report on Dearborn, it was a segment in my film. Facts matter. My take on Trump’s inability to pick winners in the midterms is merely me repeating the results of the election. Facts matter, even when you dont like them. I never road Trump’s coattails. I was for Trump in 2014, long before he announced (videos dont lie). Unlike Hannity and Bongino, and a host of other coattailing people, I liked Trump because he was a businessman. Unlike those in the media and DC who pretend to love him, kiss his ass, ride his popularity, and sell their soul for LIKES, I could give a shit about where I land on the ratings chart. I won’t sell my soul to sell something I do not believe in, and Trump is done. So there, now go put your tin foil hat on, Steve’s third show of the day selling fear and hate is about to start. Be careful not to send him a donation, allegedly it goes into his pocket.

  13. Trump invested all his time and energy rallying none stop supporting candidates with America first agenda, while still being persecuted by lawsuits and witch hunts He never stops fighting for our country and his love for the people . Why should we turn our back on him when he needs our support the most .

  14. Hi DML!

    Fellow NY’er and avid listener for the last 2 years. As soon as the wicked witch of NYC won, I lost all my faith in Trump and his possibility of winning 2024. Lee Zeldin should have won NY. As a mom, I’m worried that Hotchel will try to mandate this “shot” on my kids and I will have to homeschool them. We need DeSantis. I wish we could move to Florida, but our whole family is here and also our family business. Im glad that you are feeling better and hope you continue to do so. God bless you and your family and I love the gummy chews!

  15. Dennis sick and tired of seeing hate mail from dopes that can’t see or accept that Trump is done stick a fork in him. People are sick of stolen 2020 election narrative. He can never win a general election again. Keep up the bullshit and you will have Butt Bunp or communist from CA as president in 2024. Than the likelihood of winning in 2028 is very low.

  16. Women voted with their vaginas and care more about killing a baby because they don’t want it and don’t want anyone else to raise it.
    It’s fucking moronic and sad.

  17. I was done with DML after 2020. He claimed the election would be overturned. He was wrong. He’s showing his weaknesses now. Trump 2024

    • Fake news. I NEVER CLAIMED the election would be overturned. NEVER. In fact, I knew it would never be overturned because there would never be enough time to do forensic audits, and the courts would never allow it to happen. But reading fake news from a person named “Heater” is nothing to be shocked about, considering you were so called done with me in 2020 but you still listen to my show, use my app, and post on my website. You’re a walking mess.

  18. DML,

    You make good points. One thing we should all remember is that the hate against Trump by state run media would be just as vicious against any Republican. Example- Mitt Romney.

    Whoever is on the ticket for 24, better be strong, they will get pounded.

    We need to concentrate on local school board and legislature races in order to fix the elections.

  19. DML, did you suddenly forget that a majority of your followers were praying for you (me included) and now you’re insulting us because we don’t agree with you? You are pathetic and not the smartest. I’m glad you will be charging for your podcast because I won’t be spending a penny. Talk about ego.. you need to get over yours!

    • Yeah, Bonny, you sound like someone who comments from the hip and then regrets it later. You’re not permitted to “pray” for me and then blast me publicly thinking the prayer you allegedly made will be the vest to protect you against a return reply. Why not checkout now, get off the app, get off the podcast, go get your CBD from the local gas station, and be happy all alone. I won’t get over my ego, it doesn’t cause me harm like it does to Trump. And btw, I am not “insulting” “most” of my listeners (I don’t have followers, I am not Jesus). I am responding to a few tin foil hats who I prefer move on to another app, show, and comments section. Adios darling.

      • I didn’t mean to get singled out here, DML. I was just chiming in with your other disappointed “listeners” for your own good. I might not have worded it as brilliantly as you can but I can see I got my point across. And you blasted me on your podcast today so thanks for that.

        • You went fishing using me as bait and you ended up hooking yourself. Read your original comment, you’re your own worst enemy. You fit perfectly with Trump. Hope that new cbd works wonders for you, maybe it will fix your lonely.

  20. Rich Baris’
    “The Peopl….
    @Peoples• 8h
    Replying to @Peoples Pundit
    It’s called a shot across the bow and it’s in
    response to what Trump has been hearing is
    going on behind his back, which more than a
    half of dozen donors and scores of sitting
    congressman have told me is true.
    0 81
    17 585
    O 2,021
    Rich Baris “The Peopl..
    @Peoples…• 8h
    They’ve targeted Ron DeSantis as the stool they
    believe is their best chance to foil another
    Trump Presidency and after enough hammering
    away at him and blowing up his head, there are
    indications that it is working.
    But make no mistake, it is a DC establishment
    plan and is true.
    17 681
    Rich Baris “The Peopl…
    @Peoples• 8h
    I’ve received at least a half dozen calls from
    GOP donors who have told me the contents of
    their conversations AND sitting members of
    Congress have confirmed it.
    @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan
    have hatched a plan to defeat MAGA in 2024
    and Ron DeSantis is the

    • Your last sentence is the reality. Their plot to get back the establishment. It’s a chilling thought. We can see it working right now among us with all the haters & division.

  21. I respectfully disagree with DML. The problem with the GOP is the establishment undermines what the GOP base wants. They would rather lose and be in control of the party than win and share control of it. Did we not see establishment leaders in the GOP endorsing Democrats running against America First Republicans? We saw Democrat ex-Presidents out there stumping for their candidates. Which ex-President from the GOP besides Trump held rallies to motivate Republican voters? The Republican establishment reminds me of the nobles who betrayed Scotland in the movie Braveheart. They can’t be trusted or relied upon.

  22. Trump is still the man, that knows what our Country needs. We would be prospering if Trump hadn’t had 2020 stolen from him. It sounds like many above are turning into RINO’s, and hanging Trump out to dry. I used to like Candace O and DML, but now I’m getting a sour taste in my mouth listening to all the trash talking and traitors. Sad !!!!!

  23. DML, you’ve lost credibility. Go ahead and keep trying to prop up the same guy that the DemocRATs & RINOS are trying to prop up (Desantis). Anything to stop Trump, bevause THEY KNOW he can WIN!
    You’re part of the PROBLEM!

    • Geez, your tin foil hat is really tight. Dems know they cannot stop DeSantis. They could not stop him from opening the state, or opening schools, or ditching the masks, or cancelling Disney, or cancelling CRT and sex education to kiddies, and they could not stop him from dominating the election and winning the entire state including the blue sections. Pedro, adios baby.

  24. Independents are the “Makers or Breakers” for Republican and Democrat candidates. Independents that I know have voiced their weariness of DJT and hesitation in voting for candidates he endorses. I voted for him twice and will again if he is the Republican standard bearer. This being said, analyze the Senate and Governor races in Georgia. Being statewide in scope of possible voters, Walker should have defeated Warnock by roughly the same margin as Kemp did Abrams. This did not happen and a base supposition can be made that Independents chose not to support Walker due to his endorsement by DJT whereas Kemp was not endorsed. Both Democrat candidates are fairly lackluster in their innate abilities. This surmise of Independents staying clear of JDT-endorsed candidates would even explain the utter debacle which took place in the Pennsylvania senate race.

  25. Some people must stay in a corner with Trump lovers. Mingle with people in your daily life. Bring up the name Trump, see people roll their eyes, turn up their nose, shake their head, say no, no, no. Bottom line, if people just simply can’t stomach someone because of personality, it doesn’t matter what they stand for or even what they have done.
    I think we all know at least a couple of people whose personality rubs us the wrong way and we turn and walk away when we see them. Really think about this. If you can’t stand the personality of a person, you don’t bother learning what they are all about, you just don’t like being around them. Period. Many people that voted for Trump didn’t particularly like him, but they tolerated him. Surely you know people that don’t or won’t tolerate him and don’t ever want to hear his name again. So those people wouldn’t turn around and vote for him anyway.

  26. I listened to the best post Today from Benny Johnson explaining the election and the dire situation in most states with mail in ballots. He also torched McConnell, mcCarthy, Ronna McDaniel and others who did nothing to help with getting red votes. Trump has done so much with his rallies and endorsing candidates.He won in 2020 and he should still be president now. Benny is a wonderful young Christian man with a beautiful wife and two baby girls. He is a fine, young man. His analysis today was spot on and genius . I recommend him highly to those like me who are disenchanted here now. Benny is the one to listen to. I also like very much Deplorable Deb too. Listen to them everyday!! Benny and Deb always set things straight about our best President ever, Donald J Trump!! ❤️🇺🇸

  27. OMG DML, I was laughing my A$$ off as you were reading your messages. 😂😂 AND your comments 🤣🤣

    You are so spot on that it drives the crazies even crazier. 🤪

    Bless you and your family. Glad ya’ll made it through the hurricane.

  28. Countless lawsuits against hm, impeached twice, called illegitimate every day, mocked by the media, disrespected by the media and fellow GOP members, phony Russian dossiers, countless leaks coming from the office, attempts to bankrupt him, Jan 6th committee, Hitler incarnate, deplorable followers, would start WW3, Putin puppet, the list goes on.. and what gets him is his picks for the midterms not performing as well as they should have. Good Heavens.

    There was some definite phoney baloney at foot on Tuesday. Didn’t help that it would be the end of democracy if we voted for GOP and all the fear mongering the left has been doing for a while now. It’s a mess!!!

  29. Seek help Gary you are Wayyyyyyyyy off base dude . I mean really???? Have you decided to be a fence sitter now or maybe joined the evil dems maybe?!? President Trump is NOT done & you’re ‘delusional’ if you THINK that. End of story. Time to just sthu.

  30. Goodness, what is going on here fellow Republicans! Reading these comments sounds like a bunch of Democrats insulting each other! We’re better than that, don’t do this. We have to stick together or we fall. We’ve taken the House and hopefully the Senate. Keep praying!!

  31. I guess the Establishment Republicans are getting what they wanted. Infighting in our party. Trying to split us up by pitting everyone against Trump by backing DeSantis. Why all of a sudden are Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush et al pushing DeSantis? Not that hard to figure out. They know Trump is probably running and they don’t want him back in office. That’s why they did what they did in 2020. I will never be convinced that it was not taken from us. Sad to see the name calling in these comments. Sounds like Democrats.

  32. I was listening to Steven Bannon Charlie Kirk and Benny great people and beautiful families just like DML. I have to say they said they weren’t going to talk or buy into the media about DeSantis or Trump. We have a lot of work a head… I believe you are all acting like children… we can all agree to disagree why are we arguing its so childish. DML I would have just laughed at those emails. This isn’t Trumps fault he worked very hard on rallies and got a lot of people elected. I must say one thing you did say if Fetterman wins they cheated. That is not Trumps fault. Arizona there taking there time don’t make Trump look bad it’s not his fault ( you know that). I’ve been hearing things about DeSantis about him being. Rhino and how Trump helped him in 2017. People have been using Trump for years it’s his time to run but maybe he won’t. If I were him I would retire and enjoy his beautiful family and life. So people could leave him alone. Best President ever. I say pray for this Country we need it. Peace

  33. They are accomplishing exactly what they have intended all along. Continuing to divide the party but aligning themselves with republicans. The media has a goal divide us. The democraps have the goal. Divide the republicans by making up stories to divide us. It’s working. D m l you are feeding the division. Good night I’m done here

  34. Don’t think my comment will be read nor acknowledged because it’s not full of hate and anger which is exactly where the heartless, narcissistic, mind controlling bigots on the left are conforming us to be. Reading down these posts makes me see that they won more on Tuesday than ever. They are winning period. We – team DML are divided, angry and thoughtless to each other. this has been one platform that I have been able to come to and feel like I was somewhat sane in an insane world. DML I hope you read through these comments that YOU have posted in the coming weeks and think about the energy and time you took to try and prove your own beliefs and truth. They are yours- let those stand if you choose to speak them. That my friend is exactly who and what our governor stands for. He doesn’t defend the wiring with anything but the facts. Do the same leave all else out. Remember when you were laying in that bed remember how you felt. What you knew you wanted to live for – it’s not this. I have listened to you since the walk and talks and I come to you for the truth first thing when something is going down and always will. I need that and I need you. To everyone else your doing the same thing those assholes are doing trying to beat your beliefs in others open your mind think for yourself – zoom out the lense – the whole picture – it’s scary but if we have a team it’s not so scary…

  35. So Trump stole talking points from DML? That’s hilarious, I’m pretty sure nobody had ever heard of DML until after Trump was President! You seem to be like every other coat tail rider that has used Trump to get what they want to only turn and backstab him! And I agree with Holly100%. What should happen is when they push Trump out ALL of his supporters should leave too, let RINOS, like DML and democrats have it, the Republicans would never win again, that seems to be what these turncoat Trump people want?! Let them suffer with it!

  36. I hope you ALL look back on your nasty comments to one another and are ashamed of yourselves. We should be able to have a discussion and disagree without ripping each other. You included DML!

  37. In his public life, a man must behave himself as a fit member of the State, in his every action he must conform to the welfare of the nation.

  38. Trump is a narcissist. He rubs people up the wrong way. I agree with DML on everything however when he started answering the comments he started to sound like guess who??? Yes!! He sounded like Donald Trump. But even though DML may be just as thin skinned as Donald I always learn something from him. Personally I always give the very flawed Trump the benefit of the doubt but now he has gone full bore on to Desantis he’s lost a lot of friends including me. And DML of course.

      • I’m in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England. I buy my own cbd. But having rubbed cbd oil into my shoulder for a few weeks it fixed a long term injury and also its very good for gum health. Directly applied. Cbd can be beneficial.

  39. Oh, dear Lord we need you now more than ever. We need leadership that has integrity and love of country. We need leadership that is not communistic. We need leadership that follows the Constitution. We need leadership that respects our rights. We need leadership that UNITES us, not DIVIDE us. We need leadership that respects our laws. We need leadership that respects our history. We need leadership to leave a better country for our children. IF there is a leader that can do that, please step up to the plate. So with the help of God Almighty, LET’ S ROLL. Let us UNITE to save our beautiful America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Love and Blessings from Southcentral Pennsylvania.


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