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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 50-minutes for this day, Feb 14.

DML is joined by Alec Lace. The discussions cover the following:

-Super Bowl Halftime Show is Disgusting
-Hillary’s crime of Trump’s servers
-Biden and Putin
-Covid hypocricy
-The media picks the president

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  1. I agree, it was even worse than J-Lo’s crotch in the air performance when she and Shakira performed. We didn’t watch all of it. It’s historically low class putrid.

  2. Hey DML, I’m a nut bag with a Heart Transplant and no immune system. So if you see someone with a mask don’t judge them until you walk in their shoes! I was wearing mask pre COVID.

    • So was my son wearing a mask. He had lung cancer and part of a lung removed, but still got COVID. It’s not about eating one it’s about not being made to wear one. Freedom to choose.

    • This is not about you wearing one because you made an individual desicion based on your health. It’s about mandating every one to wear one whether it’s in their best interest. It would be like telling you you can’t wear one because it healthy people don’t like to see you wear one. This is about control.

    • I have said one million times or more, if you want to wear a mask have at it. But whether you have a preexisting condition or not means little when measuring the effectiveness of a mask. In more simple terms…

      If you are having sex and wear a condom with a hole at the top, guess what… you’re not protected.

  3. I felt the half time show was nicely done: I don’t care for rap or hip hop but I thought they did a nice job with exception of the white rapper. I did not care for him at all. But all in all thought it was appropriate for the NFL halftime.
    I was glad the RAMS won.

  4. Another sleazy halftime show. A friend of mine recently went to L A. He described it as “hell on earth” and said he couldn’t get out of there fast enough!


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