DML Podcast: (Ep181) Miss Mary sets DML’s funeral on Wine & Talk

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 40 minutes for today.

Mary sets DML funeral arrangements and so much more. This is a Wine & Talk.

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  1. DML– holy crap! What have you got? I mean are you ailing that badly? What is going on? It helps for me to know so I can pray specifically for your good health.

  2. Really enjoyed this podcast! So much laughter! Loved hearing you with Mary … y’all were a hoot! I really needed this pick-me-up … thanks bunches!

  3. Dennis….you must change the podcast title to something else!! I woke up this morning and it’s the first thing I saw. It made me cry. Honestly, as numerous as the podcast was, given your health problems, it was a shocker. For those who have not listened to the podcast change the title please. There are so many who really love you, and seeing that was gruel. Happy you are still with us.

  4. What about Amy? I would do the research on the boarder. If Amy is not an option. But in my humble opinion i pick Amy.. and I don’t even know her. But if she goes to kennels just to walk dogs she has to love them.. Having 4 dogs one of which is almost 100 lbs I never leave them. Unless it’s with my kid. But I have a Furbo so it tells me when they move, choke,throw up, sleep, eat they can send me selfies and i can throw treats to them…etc. kinda like a nanny cam. My largest one rides long haul with my husband.. he goes from GA to Las Vegas back to GA every week. I call him my 10k dog. Cause that what he costed us to save his life. His stomach flipped 260 degrees so he had to have emergency surgery, then two weeks later he had to have another surgery because a PCs of baked potato would not dissolve in his stomach and cause a issue with the way his stomach dumped. He and my husband are besties. If we go to dinner it’s a 30 mins whine fest when we get home where he lays on my husbands chest and whines cause we left him… so yea I trust no one enough to watch mine. My kid knows I would smack him if he let anything happen to my babies. Hope y’all have a good time. As for service dogs if they are properly trained I am all for it. But a legit service dog will not take food from people jump-bark -etc it is trained to do one thing and that’s save her//his humans life. My son went to school with a girl who had a service dog he got to walk in the graduation and had his own cap /gown thingy. He was adorable..She had seizures and he would tell her when she was about to have one. It was super cool to watch him protect her. By no means was it cool to watch the seizure but to watch him notify her and protect her. Just shows you how much animals are designed to love their humans. On another topic..there is a show called True crime “couldn’t happen here” Dallas Ga episode. The husband got a new GF after his wife allegedly killed herself which means everyone thinks he killed her. One of the GFs said in the True Crime documentary series type thing that he ask her to hold the wife’s ashes while they had sex. Cause it would be like he was well you know. Sick guy. I tell ya sick dude… We live in Dallas,Ga and most everyone thinks he did it. As a dog loving human I pray it all goes well. I love dogs more than most humans. Ask anyone they will tell ya.

  5. I’ve been thinking about this lately. Had a few deaths in my life lately. I like Miss Mary’s genome idea. Also thanks for scaring me…(my sarcastic NY sense of humor). And yeah…the laughs…thanks for the laughs! Love you guys!

  6. I think Miss Mary is Awesome . I figure when I’m gone my spirit and my legacy I leave behind will live on, so my husband can do what ever he want funeral no funeral. The only thing we promised each other is we will both be cremated. I don’t want my children to feel obligated to visit my grave and spend money on flowers like I do for my parents several times a year. My father passed November 19th 1998 my mother followed him on the exact same day November 19th, 15 years later. They are buried next to each other. My father was a Korean war veteran Navy. My children, grandchildren and I are the only ones that visit them to this day. When I leave California hopefully in a year when my husband retires I will feel guilty to leave them behind 💔

  7. Love the rock idea as well as paper weights too.. that’s what is happening for me!!! No funeral for me or us we discussed it. If you can’t see us when we are alive then definitely don’t come when we are gone. Interesting conversation that no one wants to talk about…

  8. Dogs should be able to go anywhere with their “owner”. America needs to be as pet friendly as everywhere in Europe. Stores, restaurants, EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

    If you need dog sitter let me know. We are a retired couple and have a black lab. We live near Orlando and use to live in Pt St Lucie.


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