DML Podcast: (Ep183) Border invasion goes wild as Lake loses AZ and Trump to announce 2024

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 70 minutes today.

DML covers a lot of stories, including:
-Border invasion goes haywire
– Kari Lake loses AZ
– Trump expected to announce candidacy tonight
– List of 2024 hopefuls emerges
– GOP about to land the House, finally
– McCarthy faces challenge from Bigs
– Mother reads porno book at school board meeting
– Amazon to lay of 10k people
– Why people don’t trust elections
– Details on next BOGO and TeamDML memberships
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  1. They will do a recount on Lake verses Hobbs. They ballot harvested. The machine malfunctioned in Maricopa Conservative areas. They will do anything to keep power! They are evil, wicked people!

  2. So much cheating. The system is rigged. Nevada cameras conveniently go down during the night for 8 hours. I don’t think so. Hobbs had no business in a counting position.

    • DML, I cannot believe you are jumping on the Trump is old news train. Just not a good look for you and I think you are wrong. FOX and all have jumped on this train and the people WILL tell you what they want….NONE of you will tell us.

      I listen to you everyday, but I think you are wrong on this front. Dead Wrong.

  3. How could it not be Nation Wide ?? We use the same damn Internet Connected VOTING MACHINES THAT WERE DESIGNED TO CHEAT ON ELECTIONS !!!!

  4. we own it ,but they cheated . telivise it every single vote in every state so we can see every vote . like they do 911 when we read the names . they r evil . they need to be in jail gov sucks .
    just say no to drugs . and they can’t sell it . we can do this ..
    they cheat . dems r liers . it was a red wave. they dems cheated .

  5. We need former President Trump to run again and win. All the Republicans must start working together. Gov. DeSantis should announce his stay in Fla. and be ready for 2028. We must have Republicans, back to back to pull America together again, or America will be like Humpty Dumpty.

  6. DML, take it from me as I am married to a latina immigrant from central america. The many residents of Arizona are anchor babies now grown up in their 20s. They see an open border as a necessary evil because ultimately, they are willing to tolerate the crime and bedlam of an open border as long as there is an opening foe their family members to illegally cross.

  7. Trump NEVER said anything about what he’s going say tonight! That’s just speculation (or should I use their favorite fraud term of “conspiracy theory”!) of the media and I see you’ve hopped on that bandwagon! It’s shameful so many jump to respond and judge, instead of waiting to respond with rational. Have a great day everyone!

  8. This is what I think, it took the week to add votes to the democrat just like all the other state that did the same thing. They need to look at all the registry to see how many there are that are registrar in theses states. I can bet a lot are not register at all. It’s a shame they don’t play fair I just do not what one world order and the young people will not like it when they finally fine out what it is really all about.

  9. Arizona wants a new election not a recount. Kari Lake did not loose in AZ they stole it to turn Arizona blue. This has been all planned since last year by Maricopa county group PAC raised money to stop MAGA candidates because they are calling them election deniers. They don’t Kari Lake because she questioned the 2020 election and we have a right to do or say that.

    • Pennsylvania needs a new election also. Who was stupid enough to vote for a stroke victim fetterman who could barely carry on a conversation. It was painful watching him answer. Just painful. I watched him for a few minutes and could no longer stand to look at him struggling to talk. His slovenly attires was pitiful and didn’t help either. If I were interviewing him for an important position and he showed up looking like that, I would not continue, say thank you and show him the door. What ever happened to dressing for success? He looks like a slob.

  10. Remember how you said you despise newsmax because Chris Ruddy gave money to Hillary or the Dems….I am not jumping on the DeSantis hype you are pushing quite so fast. First of all he never supported obvious election fraud (you say to his credit) to me red flag. We will see what Trump announces tonight…not jumping to conclusions what he will say…or if he or DeSantis is even running. Yesterday someone mentioned Kali Fontanilla an ex dem voter on YouTube who brought up some interesting facts after she researched Desantis. I looked for her info someone posted on your comments but I couldn’t find it anymore. Hmmmm.
    Now I will do my own investigating like we all should (like you did on Chris Ruddy) to see if this is true and btw thank you for letting us know about Newsmax….anyway
    She says this:
    Desantis was a congressman before being governor of Florida and a state congressman who voted for things like
    Iran deal and
    for TPP (sending our jobs overseas)
    He was quiet …never bucking the establishment.
    He like Trump was pro vaccine.
    He receives money from mostly big doners.
    He supported Ben Sasse after being kicked out of Republican Party to become President of Univ of Florida.
    His former press secretary Christina Pushaw was registered as a foreign national
    Starting in 2018, Ms. Pushaw did volunteer work helping to advocate for former Georgian President Miikheil Saakashvili, a close ally of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
    First before bashing and praising maybe we should gather facts and give this time to play out and quit choosing sides. We don’t even know who will run yet.
    If I wasn’t convinced of election fraud before the announcement that Kari Lake lost now it is blatantly obvious to the point that I question anyone who doesn’t think there was… including any Republican that won that did not support DJT’s claims….I like Ron DeSantis but he was one of them….even though he apparently did fix the potential of cheating in his state. The truth WILL be exposed! God promises that!!

    • What’s your point? Everyone has a past. So It looks like people are going to try and dig up dirt on DeSantis and try to destroy him like they did Trump. DeSantis is a governor not a senator or congressman. His election was a state election not federal. He took care of his state and tightened up the election laws/rules. He waded in his own waters. Why is it a red flag he didn’t speak about election fraud? 90% of “R” senators and congressmen didn’t speak out about it. Why is everyone so mad about him winning and now trying to destroy him? Exactly what has he done wrong? Trump was a lifelong Democrat, did that raise a red flag? He cheated on all his wives but did that mean he would be dishonest to us? I voted for him 2X despite his numerous flaws.

      • Trump was not a life long Democrat..He switched parties often until he ran for president. 90% of Republican senators and congresspersons did not speak about election fraud because they are spineless and afraid they will be called election deniers. Also, some of them are in on the fraud and won’t say anything about the integrity of our elections. Everyone has flaws and I’m not so sure Trump cheated on all his wives or Melania would not have married him.

    • I did not “investigate” Chris Ruddy, his donation was listed on the Clinton Foundation website, and he wrote about it on Don’t give me credit for reading public information. Unlike Trump, DeSantis was never a Democrat, never donated to Clintons, never paid off a hooker (porn star, same thing). You’re fishing and coming up with seagrass.

      • There is no proof that Trump paid off Stormy Daniels. All of sudden it matters to you that Trump was a Democrat and donated to the Clintons. You knew that when you voted for him or is it that DeSantis is your man now. How fickle people can be.

  11. Instead of trying to dig up dirt on DeSantis just say thank you for your service as a Navy Seal and for all your accomplishments in life to help make our country a better place.

  12. Honestly, I would be just as happy if Trump came out tonight and said “I’ve decided not to run because this country is so corrupt, the elections are corrupt, the FBI and DOJ and IRS are corrupt, Joe Biden is an illegitimate president and he and his family are corrupt, the democrats are corrupt, the media and tech is corrupt, they cheat, they lie, they steal and the Clintons are criminals.” Then he should tell every rotten piece of info he has on all of them and end it with have a nice life go f**ck yourself. “I’ve taken enough abuse trying to turn this country around and didn’t get paid a dime for it. I will be writing an explosive tell-all exposing all the corruption that will shake the American people to their core. Goodnight Chet Goodnight David.” Trump rides off into the sunset to write his book exposing all the DC scum……

    • I totally agree… I think it would’ve had more of an impact… But he didn’t and here we go with the next 2 years with constant mudslinging again and another damn fake election unless God steps in. Maybe Mike Lindell or Patrick Byrne can pull off a miracle. Who knows maybe even Kari Lake. Otherwise conservative values are gone with the wind. Knowing what he knows and all the adversity the man faces for the life of me I can’t figure out why he would want to spend his golden years fighting corruption with all the adversity with no pay. No doubt the man loves this place.

  13. My point is without fixing election fraud they wont let him win unless they have something on him. It’s pretty obvious that the 2016 election caught them by surprise and they will never let that happen again. Trump was an anomaly. If he or anyone else is not interested in fixing the election fraud on a national level they aren’t worth the fake ballot we voted on…. I just read a news article the other day accusing Desantis of some pretty nasty things… frankly worse than the Trump accusations. Don’t think if he doesn’t run for president he won’t be drug through the mud….as for Republican or Democrat it really doesn’t matter anymore….the Rino’s proved that. It boils down to who wants to save country and who will help us do that. If Ron DeSantis is real he won’t be President unless the fraud is exposed before 2024. We are a thread away from losing our country if elections don’t matter. If he wants to be President he might need to start by admitting the problem exists whether Trump started the fraud talk or not.

    Should I thank Mark Milley while I’m at it? I’m happy to thank any person who serves our country but that doesn’t mean they can’t be compromised. It’s pretty obvious that our country is under siege and whoever is calling the shots will let you know who they decide to elect…for any election. May the best man win! God help us!!

  14. TRUMP 2024, DeSantis won’t run I bet, and if he tries to challenge Trump that’s a big a mistake, Trump has a big following something like 74-81 million ! So a few bail no BFD.
    Trump will win a third time I’ll bet on it.


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