DML Podcast: (Ep186) If you doubt Biden will be held accountable, you need to listen to this podcast

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DML and his mother dancing at DML’s wedding.

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 80-minutes today.

DML discusses a poll that reflects much doubt that the Bidens will be held accountable for their alleged wrong doings.

DML gives reasons to believe the country will improve, and offers how it can happen.  He also talks about the relationship with his own mother.

A must listen that includes information on DML CBD BOGO event, TeamDML memberships, and the launch of his new book.

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  1. Dennis, what ever happened to your walk and talk? They were personal, friendly, informative and free!!! Ever since you started selling CBD’s you started charging for EVERYTHING!!! Your site, your podcast , even here we now have to download and use cookies!!! You’re getting as bad as the money hungry politicians you talk about!!! I’m an old lady, 71, that use to love our FREE walks. But now, that you’re for sale I’m afraid I just can’t afford you anymore 😢 I miss the old Dennis,,,

    • Dennis has to make a living. Advertising is one of the ways he does it. No one is forcing you to participate. Be grateful he is even here. If he can’t make a living, there will be no podcast, walk and talk,CBD or cookies.
      Is that what you want?

    • What a strange, false, and very liberal sort of comment. One, the DML NEWS APP is for free. is for free. And like every website and app, we have ads. Without ads bills are not paid, and without bills being paid there is no news. The server for our website, per month, is $1,500. The server for our app, is $500 per month. The staff that posts articles is hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. The licensing of photos is thousands of dollars per year. Shall I continue?

      As for our podcast, yes, if you want to listen to the full program you need to be a member, which costs money. I could do it another way, I could load up the podcast with ads like the other guys, but I do not sell what I do not use. So I give you a free version, which is shorter than the full version. To do that, meaning, to edit a shorter version, costs FAR MORE than you want to know. Labor, about $75,000 per year, hosting the short version, $3,000 per year. Shall I continue? It would be far cheaper for me to not post an abbreviated version.

      The CBD products save lives, improve lives, and like any product it costs money to buy. Before CBD, I was selling movies. You want to kick me in the shins for that too? Should I make films, absorb the costs and give it to you for free.

      You liked the Walk & Talk. I did too, but a funny thing happened on the way to the pond where the ducks played nicely into the story… Facebook stopped allowing me to reach people.

      Your desire for free stuff, which includes me to have to dish out money on my own to deliver it, is straight from the Obama playbook. What’s next, you want my car, or my house?

  2. I am retired too Dennis. I really appreciate the free ap, especially now.
    I do share your post and tell people about you.
    But I don’t expect it to be free.

  3. Please continue this free app, I absolutely like it I share it on Gettr,Facebook and Twitter for those who can’t get info anyplace else especially those on Gettr who are fighting the CCP that are suppressed

  4. Democrats have liberal judges they stick together. Look at Hillary got away with everything Obama now China joe and family.i don’t believe anything going to happen its all a waste of time…. that’s my opinion.

  5. Hard Times Create Strong Men, Strong Men Create Good Times, Good Times Create Weak Men, Weak Men Create Hard Times

    ….and the beat goes on.

  6. There will be NO reckoning or justice served against the Bidens. We criticize many banana republics but we are the same but with better window dressing.

    The best we can strive for is installing a morally law abiding conservative president who can make strides in repelling our people away from the evils of the current democrat party and install a rule of law and America first.

  7. I really like listening to you. I’ve been listening for prob 4 years. I too started with the walk and talks. I loved the church bells and your respect to the Lord. I am another that get turned off by the language. It’s not that I can’t handle it, but when you ask to share the podcast and you have the d bombs all in it , I just can’t. It’s as if I’m saying them to my shared group. And I just don’t speak like this ( anyomore). I once did but always have been able to curb it when I’m a professional environment. I can appreciate your love for sharing facts. I’m a total conservative but worry that splitting the Republican Party between Trump and Desantis is dangerous. Making a weaker ticket. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a Trump Desantis ticket. Then we don’t divide 9
    out party even more. So so glad you are better. I missed the episode that shared what you did to make a turn around, but Thank God you seem to have made one!!! Keep on pressing forward! Keep Ms Mary on weekly too cause I just love her spunk! We need you !!

  8. So glad you are feeling better and you do need to get away at times. Your kids and Mary are great and it’s almost like we are all part of your family. Have a wonderful week off and take lots of pictures you can share with us when you get back. Loved the podcast today


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