DML Podcast: (Ep188) Trump rejects Twitter, but will he stick to his guns

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 27-minutes today.

DML covers these topics:

  • Disney ousts CEO
  • Trump reinstated to Twitter
  • Trump rejects DOJs latest hunt
  • Athlete loses scholarship over singing rap song

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  1. Why are the people making the music never held accountable? Songs are meant to sing along to. What about the producers, the artists, the lyricists, and the money men behind the music and videos, getting filthy rich. But a kid loses a college scholarship for singing the words to a song released to the public for profit. Can’t anyone see how hypocritical and wrong this is?

  2. I agree with you about the “N” word’s double standard on black/white people’s usage. However, me being white, I would know better than to FILM myself and put it out on social media!! Young people are so STUPID as far as that goes!! A little common sense goes a long way 🤨🙄


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