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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 52-minutes for this day, Feb 15.

DML is joined by Darlene Pederson from Illinois. This is a must listen.

Darlene’s mother was 69-years-old and unvaccinated when she came down with Covid. She was sent home from the hospital but then later returned when she grew more ill. She was denied monoclonal antibodies despite being eligible based on her age and health. The family is outraged now that she’s dead, claiming the doctors left her to die. The details of the story are criminal.

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  1. Crimes against humanity! Politicians denying and supporting early care need to be held accountable.
    The monoclonal treatments work! As does other therapeutics when given early.
    Also, people need to have here early therapeutics on hand they are available!

  2. It’s not Health Care any more. Was it ever about patients right? No. It’s Scare Care with dictatorial protocol. Big Pharma, Bigger Government Bloated Medical Institution •• This is just heart breaking.

  3. It’s hard to imagine what has happened to our medical community in America and to think even the so called doctors are a big part of the tragedy occurring in hospitals today

  4. This will continue until people Start holding the doctors, and the hospitals accountable. They need their ass sued big time

  5. I hope all survivors who feel this same way as this grieving family get together and file a massive law suit to end this crime. This is murder and so scary. Where are the good people now that we can trust in America? This is pure 👿 evil. Sending prayers to the Peserson family. ❤️🙏✝️

  6. Same thing happened to my Dad right here in Cape Coral Fl. back in August. He was 77 and in good health. They would not give him Monoclonal or any treatment for that matter. I was able to get to see him on that Saturday after he went in on Monday. He had no IV’s running he was weak and thirsty. They killed my Dad, The Greatest Man I Ever Knew. I did get him home under Hospice care on Sunday afternoon and we lost him in the early hours on Monday.

  7. I am so angry hearing this tabocule they did to this poor woman. These are not doctors and they are not upholding their oath of do no harm. We should never trust doctors, hospitals, and nurses. All these people need to be held accountable!! God bless this woman and this family.

  8. Everyone needs to have Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine on hand along with vitamins 5000 IU of C, 1000 IU of D, and 150mg of Zinc. People need to have these medications on hand because of these exact situations. Do not trust your health in no one else’s hands

  9. Yes! This hospital needs to be sued. I really hope that they get a good malpractice lawyer. This is sad. Very true you have to advocate for your family. We do put too much trust in doctors and we shouldn’t. This family better get a good lawyer because there are lawyers that will take this case. I’ve been through this malpractice. It was not a Covid case but it was hospital malpractice.

  10. This is happening by the thousands in hospitals across the country fed gov’t (CDC/NIH) is giving $$$$ for positive Covid diagnosis pump the patient with drugs that slow their breathing Remdesivere vent them and leave them to die $100,000 for the whole schebang just like Big Pharma drs and nurses are exempt from liability yes this is criminal

  11. I finally got covid, after two years. I did take all the recommended vitamins and CBD but I was running out of my CBD and gave my 91 year old Mom my remainder jars. I didn’t want her to get covid. I’m 61. Thank goodness I have a Son that set me up with a doctor and I was put on ivermectin and z pack and I followed a Protocol. I’m well now. Kaiser, my plan offers nothing only if you’re close to death. I have to order more CBD it has kept me covid free for along time along with the d3.

  12. Over 40 yrs ago Our medical care became a joke.
    It’s still the same Only the rich our those who live off of Americans get medical care.
    The only people filling up hospitals are those dying from being given the vaccines. Those who have been jabbed are the Carriers And they infected her Not the other way around.
    There have been over 10 young people in the last 3 weeks that fell dead with s heartache after receiving the jab
    And all were healthy and under 18

  13. My Father also passed away in Nov. 2021. He was admitted Covid-free with a heart condition, after 2 days in the Green Bay,WI hospital conveniently had Covid. My family immediately asked what their protocol was for treating Covid and even tho the WHO had published back in Nov 2020 that using Remdesivir & vents were poisoning people, that was still their protocol!! We told the Dr NOT to give our Father either one but we have no idea what they did to him as we were not allowed to see him. (But we’re gonna find out!!) My Father was 95 yrs old and unvaccinated. He was a perfect candidate for the hospital to slap with Covid, to let die and collect their money for a Covid death. I might add, he was scheduled to be discharged the next day after his death to an assisted living facility. There’s not an assisted living facility on this planet that would accept a Covid patient but yet they listed Covid as one cause of death on his death certificate!! My family doesn’t believe for one second he even had Covid as his only symptom was a cough he’s had for the past 40 years! This is ALL ABOUT MONEY!!! It makes me SO angry!! So my heart goes out to this woman bcuz I know exactly how she feels!! I do not trust the hospitals or Dr.’s either!!

  14. I’m sure Darlene’s story is the same scenario for many of what is really going on in the medical field, especially in the past 2 years. Partly, I blame the CDC/Fauci’s misinformation and poor handling of the COvid outbreak.This travesty which happened to this family should have never occurred, especially under the supervision of misguided and ill prepared medical staff/Doctors under the guidance of those who may have a different protocol/agenda for the treatment of concerned lives. I do agree that this family should hold accountable all involved with her beloved mother’s medical treatment and passing. The proof is evident.
    I can only say that I felt Darlene went through all the necessary avenues from the get go in questioning her mom’s procedures since her skepticism began upon hearing the hospital updates. Thank you for sharing. It should help the public become more aware to ask questions and do more research when it comes to their health and well being as well as their loved ones.God Bless Darlene and her family…I pray the accountability will come to fruition.

  15. Recently had a family member who was admitted Covid positive having oxygen levels around 85-90. Of course they started remesdivir – she was doing good for about a week while hospitalized then lungs became much worse and was put on a bi-pap and chest tube. Ended up blowing a large hole in one lung and other lung scarred so vented her and she died 2 days later.
    Truly believe remesidvir caused all the fluid buildup because it affects kidneys etc.
    They wouldn’t allow children, grandchildren or anyone in to see her during the 2 week hospitalization. Son got into a verbal fight with a nurse because they wouldn’t let him in to see his mom just before they vented her- they ended up allowing him to one time see her.
    Sad sad this is happening in our hospitals.

  16. When crimes against humanity are exposed, there are going to be thousands of doctors and medical staff under indictment, rightly so! There will be a huge shortage! Although, the medbeds should take up the slack!

  17. I have heard this same story many times. Remesdivir was the cause of this woman’s death. It causes renal failure. Floods the body with fluids and then they sedate and vent the patient. I believe this drug should of never been used. It is standard treatment for Covid. It is crimes against humanity and each and every doctor who treated these patients with the drug should be charged with murder. The officials in our government also should be charged. Someday the truth will come out but it will and is to late for some people.

    • This is exactly what happened to my Mother in law. She was sent to the hospital Dec 3rd and admitted , she died Dec 11th ..Friday she was put in the hospital, Started Remdesivere, ,Tuesday she was put on a ventilator Tuesday and sedated and she died Saturday

  18. I wish you had the pet products again.

    But on a more important note, I have a friend who got the vaxx, broke out shortly after with a horrible case of shingles that got so bad she went back to the hospital, the doctors couldn’t explain why, and then it turned into an infection in her spine, still doctors were at a loss, so they just gave her another shot, she went home and died that night. The doctors were refusing an autopsy so the husband sent her body to Las Vegas for an autopsy and they said she died of blood clots. Nobody is taking responsibility. But she was active and healthy before her vaxx. She was raising her 15 yr old handicapped grandson. Now her husband has to work and take care of the grandson who needs 24/7 supervision. This is crazy!!

  19. This is SO shocking the way she was treated so inhumanely and neglegent , I’ sorry for thier needless loss . I hope they sue the HELL out of them . This is just unspeakable.

  20. Prayers for this family, and all the suffering families, because of MALPRACTICE in the Medical System, I lost my Dad to MALPRACTICE, we took it to Lawyers it was tied up for 5 years and then thrown out, nothing done about the doctors and their LACK of Care and contributions in killing our loved ones! She is right, Lawyers, very few Lawyers, are willing to take these cases of murder in the medical system! That is how I look at this, MURDER, I will never ever trust a doctor or hospital with a loved one again! Feb. 15, 2022 God knows and hell is waiting!

  21. Please read Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, “The Truth about Anthony Fauci”. Everything is revealed and explained. After reading it you will agree that Anthony Fauci belongs in prison.

  22. This is my mother and father’s exact end of life details to a Capital “T” except my mom had NO underlying comorbidities and I’ve been so heartbroken over this! They just do not care or want to hear it at all. They tell me I’m insane and have no concept of reality. To ventilate or else and by complete dismay and despite every demand for NO intubation ans NO Remdesivir by my mother and me and my father, they intubated and administered Remdesivir .. no one cares. But you are not alone.

    • I wish there were an attorney willing to fight but we keep hitting walls with that. If no one takes this on they will keep doing it.

        • I reached out to his office but didn’t get a response. I didn’t give him much detail as it’s all submitted online but I figured I’d see if he contacted me but he didn’t.

  23. I listen to The Stew Peters Show and he constantly has guests on just like Darlene. He has even intervened in helping to rescue some of the people being held by hospitals. Their MO seems to be if you are unvaccinated, you are put on Remdesivir and that shuts down your kidneys. Then you are sedated and put on a ventilator. They also attempt to get a DNR from your family.

  24. This story sounds so similar to what happened with my imom who was also not jabbed. Sh was admitted to the hospital on 12/20 & passed 1/21! I can’t decide if the hospitals are corrupt or the doctors are incompetent! It’s a tragedy that our loved ones have to die to expose what’s going on. To ensure my mom didn’t die for nothing, I want everyone to be aware – don’t go to a freaking hospital. Seek alternatives first!!! DML CBD, Ozone therapy, high dose vitamin cocktails, etc. don’t even give doctors a chance to pump pharmaceuticals into you!!!
    If I would have known then what I know now, I’m certain we would have had a different outcome! Don’t let our stories become yours – be very aware & trust your gut, not a doctor

  25. Remdesivir shuts the kidney’s down causing fluid to back up into the pericardium and lungs. They call it Covid Pneumonia but it’s murder…the patient drowns in their own fluid. (no pee, the fluid has to go somewhere). Some Docs are apparently not researching this and/or are denied the right to practice if they don’t go along with Fauci’s protocol Fauci reserved all Remdesivir for the USA …no wonder we have the worst survival rate. Remdesivir was used in trial for Ebola and taken off the trials because 54% of those who received it died. It’s Fuaci’s treatment of choice and Listed on preferred treatment by the NIH (followed by Ivermectin but they won’t tell you that) It clearly lists kidney and liver failure as warnings. There are MANY stories out there about death by Remdsivir aka “Run, Death Is Near”. I believe Dr Ardis has a few of those stories on his podcasts. NOW they are giving that poison to newborns born to covid+ mom’s even if they are testing negative. Many babies have died…just heard a report by a nurse from Hawaii where this is happening. ALWAYS refuse Remdesivir and the vent. Threaten lawsuits if early treatment is denied. Our “Powers that be” have an agenda and it’s to decrease our population. Most don’t die from Covid; they die from the protocol.

  26. We had a review done by medicare which shows that my mom did not receive the standard of care she should have but because the Wisconsin legislation put in a law to protect the medical field in covid cases we cannot do anything.

  27. This also happened to me. I was 71 at the time in December 2021. I was not vaccinated ( due to many allergies to drugs). I became very sick and went to the ER. Once they heard I was not vaccinated they were not interested in helping me. They didn’t take blood ( they said there was no reason to poke you). They did to a scan of my lungs. They stood at the foot of my bed and said “ you made your choice. You chose not to get vaccinated and now you have double viral pneumonia. You can go home and take Tylenol “. I begged them for antibiotics and steroids but they refused and repeated their original statement. I did beg for monoclonal antibodies and after much begging was given them. I was sent home.
    The next day I was still so sick I returned to the same ER ( I know, insanity). This time they took blood and whispered in my ear “ I betcha wish you have gotten the vaccine “ ? Then a short time later they again stood at the foot of my bed and said “ you made your choice. You chose not to get the vaccine so now you can go home and take Tylenol “. It was a different Dr from the night before so it must be their protocol. Ironically it was a Catholic hospital. A week later we ( my husband too) are so very sick and my neighbor begged us to go to a different hospital. We did. They were awesome! I was admitted and spent 7 days there. They treated me with antibiotics and steroids. That’s it. I would have died if I had followed the direction of the first hospital.
    I did call a lawyer. He said although what they did was wrong, it is difficult to win against an ER because you are directed to follow up with your own DR. I have shared this with my various doctors and they were livid about it. They compared it to a car accident where a drunk driver kill’s someone and not treating the drunk.


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