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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 72-minutes for this day, Feb 17.

Amy Neville lost her 13-year-old son to a fentanyl overdose. He received his drugs from a drug dealer on Snapchat. Her son believed he was buying Oxicodin.

DML interviews Amy, the emotions are high — she cries throughout the program. She is trying to save children from having the same horrible experience as her son. It’s a very important program for every parent and grandparent.

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  1. This mother sounds like a semi-hippie. She was permissive and saw get kid using oxy and rationalizes the pill should have been authentic oxy and not fentanyl or her son would be alive. Just that short snippet convinced me she and her husband were roo liberal with their son and enablers.

    The boy died young but if he continued to live he would blhave become a 20 year old junkie stealing from the parents and the community at large. He died early but maybe the Man upstairs knows more than we do.

    There was no excuse not to discover the dealer. Not rocket science. The parents should have foregone the hippie therapists and social work buffoons and gone directly to the local police.

    The police could have used the kid’s phone and snapchat account to lure the dealer out and then do what good narcs do. Arrest the bottom feeder and work upward.

    fentanyl is the buzz word today but guarantee we will see a new host of horrors from Mexico. If Trump ever becomes potus again, he can stop the drug problem here.

    Make it a capital punishment/life imprisonment to smuggle any quantity of drugs from Mexico into the USA. This will never happen but allowing fed agents to pop two rounds into a smuggler’s head while kneeling on the asphalt is a good deterrent.

    Mexico must be punished severely. Their president is allowing the multi ton flow of drugs into the USA. There is no way that amount of drugs and hands off policy on cartels isnpossible without help from the Mexican president.

    The new president has to have steel balls and authorize lethal force with drone strikes on drug caravans crossing our border as well as hit targets in Mexico. What will Mexicondo if we hit cartels in Guadalajara? Just remind the Mexican president he is next on the DEA’s Most Wantes list if he does not shut up and shape up.

  2. Sorry folks but when I heard the mother rationalize the sun should have taken an authentic dose of oxycodone versus fentanyl, I knew she was a liberal enabler. She and her husband were occupied with finding the next fad hippie therapist when they should have sent the police after their son.

    The police could have worked with the son and his phone to find a dealer and work their way up.

    I think had this child grown up to be 20 he would have become a junkie stealing from his parents and neighbors. Though he died early, only the Man in his wisdom upstairs knows why.

    Mexico should be held fully responsible for the drug epidemic. The next USA president Should I authorize military actions including lethal drone strikes along the border and the interior of Mexico. There is no way this massive flow of drugs and cartel members exist without the help of the Mexican president.

    Just this week the United States along with the Honduran army are attempting to extradite a former Honduran president accused of facilitating drug trafficking. We need to remind the Mexican president he is next.


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