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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 58-minutes for this day, March 1.

DML is joined by Professor Sergey Radchesko.

The discussion is how to stop Putin from destroying Ukraine and causing WWIII, and how does China play a role. Plus, is Joe Biden at fault?

The two men disagree on many fronts, which makes for a very interesting podcast.

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  1. Why stop Putin? He’s helping to take down the deep state. Taking out the American Bio labs and halting the funding and funneling of the deep state funds thru a very corrupt Ukraine! Their government has been infiltrated from within like ours, Zelensky is working with Putin, don’t believe all the Fake News DML, plz don’t be a part of it either!

  2. What if Putin said Russia didn’t get enough money for Alaska and decided to take it back. Would that be part of the deep state. Putin would have a foothold on North America. Putin is not going to stop with Ukraine. We have a weak indecisive Idot running our Country into the ground. Biden is a puppet of China. China and Russia are allies set on world domination. China could do a sneak attack on Hawaii with aircraft carriers and take Hawaii a Day of Infamy 2.0. We would lose or halfway point to China and Russia our ability to strike back. There is more at stake than Ukraine. This is just the beginning a test. Putin has said he was going to bring back the Soviet Union to its original power and glory. Communist China has a corrupt group of crooked Washington politicians in their pockets that has sold us out. The Democrats only care about enriching themselves they don’t give a crap about the people. If Russia and China struck our Country Biden would surrender give up like the good little Communist he is. Biden is just like Obama they both set out to destroy us from within. When will people wake up.

    • Sadly they will not wake up until it is wayyy to late. People in this country don’t see it until it walks up and slaps them personally in the face. They do not understand that everything comes back full circle when you play selfishly!

  3. Great Podcast. The Russian Professor is a sensible, good hearted man… but extremely naive in some areas. Yes in a “Perfect World” trying negotiations is an ideal way of two or more countries working out their differences. Unfortunately the Professor has NOT come to terms with the fact that there are actually people you can NOT REASON WITH!! Their brains are NOT wired correctly. They have been so evil & mean for too long. An Analogy: Try sitting down with a Hardened SERIAL KILLER & try to reason with him. You can NOT REASON with him. He would slit your throat if he could get his hands on you! He’s way past reaching. The Professor as intelligent as he is can NOT seem to bring himself to ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE PAST REACHING!! I’m 67 years old, I have a good loving, kind & forgiving heart but I’ve learned..I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt there are people that are past reasoning with or helping in any way. God’s Word is CLEAR on that. Putin IS one of those people!! The only way to stop him is to take away his ability to waste good oxygen! DML… I’M WITH YOU 100% ON THIS ONE!!

  4. Good Interview. This Russian professor is a “professor” who has never seen nor been in a real war. It’s his speculation and opinion only! He’s naive to think Putin will be negotiated with on more sanctions. Biden is weak and Putin see’s this! Putin did not dare do this under Trump! Since Trump left office many have taken a public poll stating that Trump kept us out of war! I am with DML on this one. However, the Professor has a valid point that historically wars have been started under many administrations, Democrat and Republican. The professor is right about Putin living in the 1900’s and only believes in FORCE! That’s all he knows and could care less about appeasing anyone. He’s committing war crimes killing civilian’s, women, and children! The people around him need to do everything in their power to stop this invasion and bring him down whatever the cost! No one wants WWIII! It would be the end of human civilization as we know it! DML had a good suggestion about China stopping support to Russia financially. I am not sure what repercussions that may have for other alliances. I was watching Sean Hannity on YouTube tonite. He suggested the US stop importing more than 600,000 barrels of oil per day from Russia – padding Vladimir Putin’s pockets and funding his unprovoked war on Ukraine. That is a great idea! The United States is helping to fund Putin’s war! Also, my Republican Congress woman here in Indiana, Jackie Walorski, thinks the same. She states, and I quote, Energy security is national security. I support legislative solutions to restore American energy production, create jobs, and strengthen our energy security by restarting the Keystone XL pipeline and other energy sources, imposing tough sanctions on Russia’s energy sector, and rolling back burdensome regulations and executive orders. President Biden’s reliance on Russian oil emboldens Putin, bankrolls deadly destruction, and endangers Americans. It’s past time to unleash American-made energy production. America will be safer and stronger when we are energy independent. 

    What do the Americans care more about from this list?

    Skyrocketing Inflation & Gas Prices

    Border Security & Illicit Drugs

    National Security

    America’s Energy Independence

    Americans’ Constitutional Rights Under Attack



    The Biden Administration’s incompetence is ruining America. We have got to Save America by Voting him out in 2024!


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