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The Dennis Michael lynch Podcast is 24-minutes for this day, March 2.

DML reviews the State of the Union speech by Joe Biden.

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  1. Pelosi is demonically joyful at the prospect of military service people dying. She has no soul. The vet thing she is joyful about the suffering of men and women service men in battle..she will suffer a worse fate in Hell for her unrepentive soul.

  2. The American trolls don’t care what happens to our country as long as they can sit at a bar and support the sports thugs, shop at chinamart, support all the DEMONcrate destructive policies, carry flags for blm, antifa, lgbt, take a knee, dye their hair pink, purple, tattoos, piercings, free college made up degrees, not holding a real job……WOW! What a utopia they have created

  3. I’m so glad I didn’t watch it. I cannot watch or listen to magoo. Or Pelosi or Harris. Or McConnell or Schumer or ……too many to list. 🤬

  4. It was not State of the Union! It was a pep Rally for the Midterm Election. Biden knows his approval rating is down so he tried to help his buddy’s in November! If we have any common sense that should not happen!

  5. Talk about the horrible rebuttal speach. As a conservative this was the chance to call out democrats for what they truly are and that wasn’t done at all. Chip Roy just blasted the president and he was reminded by the democrat leader to refrain from talking negative about the president. Republican idiots that we pay. Do you hear this… Trump took daily abuse and not one of you stopped it.

  6. I could not watch it, I probably should have just to know what lies and propaganda they spread. I did see the really crazy, inappropriate moment Pelosi stood up and gleefully rubbed her hands together when he was talking about toxic fires….The woman is insane! What, no tearing up his garbage speech? I am sick of them!

    • I heard that was sign language, rubbing her fists together for the assassination of Putin. She’s a complete idiot. I dispise all of them!

  7. What a picture on the faces of Pelosi and Harris! Fake grins and grinding of teeth as well as awkward glances of dismay barely covered up! It was a comedy show, best I’ve seen for a long while! I was sent into Gail’s of laughter!

  8. Behind the “Vegetable” giving the State of the Union speech where the two most powerful women in the world. And they’re both idiots!!


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