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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 28-minutes long for this day, March 7.

DML provides his prediction for World War III.

Today is an audio only podcast. Listen on The DML NEWS APP, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.

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  1. Yes the world is a shit hole under this fake president. We get it. But I can’t continue to spend every minute of every day in deep depression. I’m going to live my life the best I can right now. This doom and gloom crap isn’t helping at all. We all have to get out and fight but we all have to take care of ourselves also.

  2. Exactly and we are being trolled! Trust NO ONE that has a media connection they are all brought and paid for. Notice how covid disappeared

  3. Can we can they somebody overthrow this compose all the clown impeach him impeach the Democrats now before we lose everything. And put Trump back where he belongs he won we all know it they cheated and this is what happens when people cheat we’re almost losing America. I hope everybody’s happy.

    • Dee, we can not impeach anybody as long the House and Senate are under democrat control! And when we impeach, Harris and Pelosi comes in line. That will take years to get rid of them!

      • It’s going to take a complete Resolution to get rid of this horrible Democratic Party that cheated so they could destroy our country for money, lots of it! There was no other way to get Trump out of the WH. We had so many traitors in Trumps administration to help them cheat. Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Mitt Romney, just to name a few. They are all filling their pockets with dirty money as we speak. That’s why Barr refused to investigate Hunter when tons of evidence right in front of his dumb ugly face! Same with Pence being paid off to not defend Trump when he knows darned well the election was stolen. Romney, I don’t have enough space to write about this swamp creature. This kind of money I’d the “ROOT OF ALL EVIL”. They are wolves in sheep clothing but God knows. That’s all that’s really important! They will burn so better enjoy that dirty money while God gives them another day, one by one!

    • I so agree with you if Trump was President this would never have happened….Biden the corruption family and NOBODY does a damn thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dennis, I don’t see China stepping up or in to this Russia/Ukraine mess. First off, why would they? They want to be the 1 true world power. Russia does to a certain point but I don’t see their ambitions coming to fruition quite in the same way. I do however think we, America and Americans are in a very dangerous point in our history and I think it brings home the fact of why the 2020 election was allowed to happen as it did and why it happened. The elites could not have Trump in office any longer because it messed up their plan and that plan was to take this country down as Kruschev said would happen “from within”. I have long fear a large scale terrorist attack on our soil. I think many of us that pay attention to the news knew that on 9/11, it wasn’t just 4 planes that had 19 hijackers on them, it was at least double that. The only flaw in the plan of the terrorists was they never foresaw America and the FAA shutting down all commercial and private aviation as quickly as they did. This time whatever attacks are in the works will be simultaneously so that we cannot shut down whatever industry they will use. So whether it is Russia launching a nuke or a terrorist attack on our own soil we are in for a world of hurt that most of us haven’t gone through. Maybe this will our Great Depression as our grandparents went through theirs. Maybe that event makes us stronger once again.

    So yes, it’s a bleak outlook for America and one that doesn’t have a quick fix. There is pain at the pump, pain in the grocery stores, pain spread across many industries. How much pain Americans will endure will depend on them but it won’t be pretty.

    • China let’s Russia do all the dirty work and then they destroy Russia. Just trust in God not in government.

  5. Very interesting and thought provoking Podcast. I don’t doubt that many Americans see the incompetence in the current administration. We have ability for change if we vote for candidates that are for keeping America a free and great country. Democrats have got to go!

  6. The American people fought with George Washington for our freedom and formed our great and inspired constitution over two hundred years ago. Our great American heroes also fought a civil war and two WW’s and we didn’t come this far to allow some two-bit unelected brain dead President to destroy this country along with his minions. We have not been asked (yet) to take up arms to fight an enemy who is invading our country like the Ukrainians…our enemy is within this great land. We can do some things now! We need to put pressure on the five states to decertify their elections, we need to call our senators to start impeachment proceedings against this fake treasonous president. We need to do what our truckers are doing and start protest in the streets to put pressure on our government to open up the pipeline and start producing our own oil and gas. We need a leader, we need our Republican Governors to get involved and to stand up and expose the traitors in Washington who are trying to start WW111! We need to wake up the American people now!

    • I fully agree with you MAGA can rescue us only God can save us vote in 2022 and again in 2024. I can’t hardly wait never thought I would pray for time to come extremely fast especially at 66

  7. Dennis Michael Lynch, your prediction is nearly right. I had this prediction since Biden took office! Iran is not the next one who move, it will be China when the Ukraine is under Russian control. China is building his military encirclement to the USA. They build up Basis in in South Africa, Middle and South America. When they established that, then their move will be Taiwan. Then maybe Iran go with China together. And don’t forget North Korea! To beg China will have the same effect, when Biden begged Russia for Oil. After that Putin knows that the time was right for him to go into Ukraine!

  8. Completely agree with You DML. The war of Armageddon is upon us. I know you like keeping to political talk and keep religious talk out of politics, but the two can not be divided. Our Country was founded by and on Christian Practice. If we don’t take back both houses, the USA as we know it will be no more. The next step is the globe divided into 10 regions with 10 leaders, (Bible says kings). I never thought and hoped it would never happen in my lifetime, but my deep gut & belief is unless we turn back to our Christian roots, we will be dissolved like God did to Sodom and Gomorrah. We will no longer be the USA, we will be ruled by another.

    • I agree completely.. politics and religion do good together though many don’t want to believe it. But it is so true!!!

    • Children all over the world being trafficked for who knows how many decades and the Christian community in USA is not very vocal..People cry out when gas prices go up…..Until we stand for the children…God can not bless us.

  9. Even if the evils of the last election were to come forward and say that they rigged the last election there would be NOBODY to stop it and reinstate Trump. Even the Supreme Court is corrupt. I do not think we will have a fair election as the evils behind the curtain.. probably an untold massive amount.. are pulling the strings. We are sll being played IMO. I have not one shred of hope left.

  10. Thanks for delivering this news as difficult as it was, DML. Makes me sad when you’re not feeling confident. You’re always right. Take good care, DML.

  11. Sounds accurate but if Russia and or China start a nuclear war with the United States then it is reasonable to think that Russia and China and Iran will also be destroyed in the process and quite frankly there won’t be a world healthy enough for anyone to live in, never mind being a country at the top. So it’s quite possible that Russia and China and Iran, and no one really, wants such an outcome. We are all going to lose.

  12. Totally agree. China doesn’t want us s to fail completely. Just enough to tap out and make China number one in the world.

  13. Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.
    Revelation 22:12

  14. Piglosi & a few other key leftist have picked their districts/constituents, so it’s highly unlikely that they’d be voted out.

  15. This is all gods plan. America was blessed when god was involved. Now that god has been thrown out he no longer blesses our country. We are left to our perverted ways. Freedom without god will never end good. If it did then the prisons would be empty. The devils have been riding on peoples backs for along time. They work to destroy lives and most importantly souls. It makes me sad what is happening in the world today but also makes me happy that evils time is running out. That is why we have all the distractions and divisions happening now. In the end times world disasters are like birthing pains. Glory be to God

  16. I’m a 66 year old woman and I’ve never send our country so shattered and by such an evil President so please everyone vote in 2022 for all Republicans don’t be fooled by anyone saying your vote will not count let’s put God back in our country and pray that this total madness by this President will be exposed let’s remember that voting has consequences as this last election has proven this so we do our part by electing those in 2022 to stand in this Presidents way and vote for a different President in 2024 that will be strong enough to Make America Great Again MAGA can rescue us only God can save us so Pray Pray Pray


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