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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 63-minutes for this day, March 8.

DML interviews financial expert Denny Artache. The two men discuss an array of items that are specific to life in America: the future of social security, investing, the hope that things will get better, the cost of living, media bias, Biden’s terrible presidency, what Trump gave America and more.

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  1. Democrats are the most two faced crooks in this country! Now they are for police, no mandates anymore, pro border and cancel culture! All this because of the coming midterm election. I think the majority of the American people are smarter than that and will vote across the board RED! We are sick and tired of their Communistic Marxism and Socialist agenda! They ruined this beautiful country to the core and filled their pockets with insider trading, royalties from the Pharmaceuticals and pay outs under the table for favors! I pray that there will be a clean sweep coming when President Trump gets back in office!

  2. Really enjoyed the podcast today. As a retiree social security is a concern. I just pray our country makes it through the Biden administration.

  3. I love getting the inside scoop on the goings-on in the US from DML!! He’s my favourite go-to for easy to listen, easy to understand, breaks down and calls out the bullshït so I know when I get information it’s the right information!!!!

    Love from Ireland 💚

  4. Love this podcast, what is name of ur guest love what he says. I’m retired
    & I am terrified I’m not going to have enough money to last me
    I don’t know what to do to enhance what I have now
    Please give the name of ur guest I’d like to speak with him
    Thank u Susan olmos


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