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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for May 9 is 50-minutes.

DML is in rare form today as he explains why everyone on TV and in DC is getting it wrong when it comes to Russia and Ukraine.

He also explains the only way to get the rising costs of fuel to stop.

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    • Joe Biden is putting the United States of America in danger joe Biden is doing everything he said before getting into office he told us at the debate that he was going to raise gas prices and taxes and food prices it’s time to peach joe Biden before IT’S too late TIME for the United States of America to wake up and let’s get back on track and get Mr.D.TRUMP back in office asap low gas prices and low taxes low food prices IN GOD WE TRUST USA grate again Vote TRUMP for 2024IN GOD WE TRUST

  1. Love you DML! Please be careful if your vehicle has a high-compression engine (most luxury models do), you can cause damage to your engine by using gasoline that is lower than 91 octane. In this case, using Regular gas can also possibly void your warranty.

  2. Dennis, so glad to hear of your offers to Alec and an understanding of why he said no. I thought his Crazy Left show was entertaining and informative but I now understand the toll it took to talk about the looney left and i feel better knowing you offered and it was his choice. Thanks for an explanation you did not owe us but I’m grateful to get. I will continue to support his podcast. He does a great job interviewing Dads. I look forward to hearing more of you and hope you will still include the looney left to the extent you are able without getting too depressed! You are and have always been a class act and I will be a subscriber of your new app. Thanks for all you do.

  3. DML, once again, your logic seems spot on concerning Russia/China. It leads me to believe the current administration wants nothing to do with reasonable solutions that don’t benefit their agenda or personal gains. It’s frustrating!
    Everything sounds great regarding the News App. CBD, and forthcoming Team DML addition. Alec will be missed, but I respect his personal feelings for not returning. He’s a natural and very talented young man. Best wishes to him and his family. I will catch him on his Fatherhood podcasts/FB.

  4. I believe the soaring gas prices is mostly artificial and an attempt by the democrats to force us into submitting to the green new deal….buy the ridiculous over priced electric cars that will leave you stranded.

  5. DML I have thot about the actions of Dems and came up with the same worry about our elections. It’s stuck in my brain! They r way to crazy and I think they have lots up their sleeves for Nov. and 2024.
    Also I think they r expecting Americans to get so disgusted with the high gas prices that we welcome electric cars. I’ll ride a bicycle first!!
    Thanks so much

  6. Very sad to see Alec Lace go but understandable! I get exhausted from dealing with the leftist garbage for short periods of time too. It IS exhausting!
    Well; I’m happy you will be on 5 days. Welcome back!

  7. This is all part of the great reset/ build back better! They said in 10 years you will own nothing and like it, well how are they going to do that within 10 years, they are in the midst of doing it right now. Raise gas so high that most people in big cities will give up their vehicles for public transportation, unfortunately the people in the rural areas of the midwest, that won’t work, so people drive 20-70 miles one way (alot of people in my home town work in Topeka, Kansas, it’s 70 miles away and zero public transportation).

    Look at the housing market, one of Glenn Beck’s employees can not find a house, she was outbid by $75,000 cash! She lost the house. What regular person is going to pay 75,000 over market value? A person didn’t do it and investment firm did! They are buying up whole entire neighborhoods. Remember, “you will own nothing and like it”. They will turn around and rent it! Do you know that the rental prices have increased up to 30% in some areas of the country?

    How are they going to get people to “own nothing and like it”? By increasing the cost of everything that people need to just survive! Gas, the cost to rent a house, food! People will have zero disposable income for anything else.

    Look at crypto currancy, why do you think it has exploded all the sudden? If money is digital, they can control how much you get to spend each week, each month, or even what you get to spend it on, if you speak out against the government on social media or go to a government protest, etc they can lock your account, shut off your electric vehicle, etc

    Covid lockdown, mandates were a test! A test to see just how far they go before people would rise up and start pushing back. And sad to say, we failed, we allowed it to go on for far to long.

    • Take the industrial revolution, it was roughly from 1850-1950, think of all the advances in that time period, well that is what they are trying to do now, but they are trying to do it within and 10 year period, by 2030. How will they do that? Massive upheaval!
      Think of all the advances in that 100 year time period. Wouldn’t you be completely lost if that happened in a ten year period?

      How many people understand digital curracny.

  8. Yes I dont like it when someone else hosts the show. He’s a nice enough guy but I’m not secure in what he is saying. He doesn’t have the knowledge. He’s a “good old boy”


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