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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 59-minutes for this day, May 11.

DML interviews author and relationship expert Tracey Cox from the UK.

Cox explains how to achieve great sex, love and relationships after 50 years old.

This podcast is for those who are in love, searching for love, married, single, divorced….

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  1. What???? I am no way listening to this! Have you lost your mind? All that is going on in the world…what is going on with the truckers? Wow!!! You have been going downhill and with all the other podcasts out there today you are are just putting nails in the coffin. DML app used to be the 1st place I looked. Such a shame!!!

    • That’s your choice, if it’s not your topic then don’t listen. But a healthy sex is a part of life for most of us.

      Articles all in the app on the news you prefer.

      • I totally agree with you Terri. All of Dennis Podcasts are extremely informative on all levels of the spectrum. If this is a sensitive area for Norma, she doesn’t need to listen, but her views are also available. I myself have been widowed for many years. My choice. Would love a relationship or a friendship with someone in my senior years. And that doesn’t mean having sex. Just holding hands, going out to dinner, or just meeting up for a morning cup of coffee is all fun. I still adore my late husband. I’m sure he would much rather know That I seek friendship rather than sitting home and being lonely. I’m 73 years old, I love my family love my children and love my grandchildren and I don’t feel that having a relationship with someone crosses those boundaries. Life is too short especially what’s going on in the world today.

  2. Oh My Stars!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ DML I can NOT even “stomach” listening to this. Yesterday’s Podcast with the General was SPOT ON!! A man of integrity talking to us. I’ve already commented on that broadcast & again I say I truly appreciate it. You have done a 360° from yesterday with Today’s broadcast!! I’m a 67 year old widow. My husband of 42 years passed away over 8 years ago. I never have before & I never will again LOVE another man like I STILL LOVE MY HUSBAND. I said all that to say this…When you love someone like we loved each other you do NOT need some “Lame Sex Teacher” for instructions!! The Love between a husband & wife is the Best & ONLY “Love Making” Instructor You Need!! In your introduction you mentioned single.. divorced etc. If you are single, divorced or widowed like myself YOU’VE GOT NO BUSINESS HAVING SEX PERIOD!!!! That’s a “Gift & A Privilege Between A True Husband & Wife. Today’s podcast did NOT bring a smile to MY face!! All I heard of it was YOUR introduction..I shut it off before that was even finished. This was a repulsive idea & as much as I have admired your wisdom I’m afraid I DO THINK You are getting kinky on this issue. I’ve picked up on it in your words on some of your wine & talks to Ms. Mary. Nothing you say to your wife about sex in private is anybody’s business… it’s fine between a husband & wife…but it’s one of those situations where “You Need To Keep Your Thoughts To Yourself.” My Advice To You Is To DELETE THIS PODCAST…Chunk It Up To A Bad Judgment Call… Let’s Just Forget About It & Move On. 👍🏻🇺🇲

  3. We all need to hear this podcast! We need a break from the devastating events happening in this world today. Every day bad news is not good for the brain.

  4. Omgosh Dennis, the best interview. I’m a widow, been alone for years. My choice. But would truly enjoy a relationship. Tracey was a wealth of information. My children look at me like, if I was to say the word ‘sex’ they’ll look at me like I had snakes coming out of my head. 🤪
    Enjoyed listening today. I’m taking action towards a long time friend, a little more aggressive. Love you Dennis and Mary. You’re the best..

  5. Dennis, I loved your podcast today! I have more respect for you about going there, and listening how we all change, as we get older👍 Love you, and all your podcast great change for today, we all need that!
    Thanks Tina

  6. Thank you, Dennis, for having this chat today. I have a very healthy, loving, sexual relationship with my husband of 48 years. We never have been with anyone else, but have discovered that we are each other’s rocks in life, love, and spiritually growing our lives together has been wonderful for us. Here’s to 48 more years!! Get moving. Stay healthy. Sex is so much better being physically fit!

  7. With all of the crap that is going on in the world and having to suffer thru the worst administration this country has ever seen, it was a refreshing change of pace… Nothing wrong with it at all IMO…

  8. Good podcast. It was very informative. Unfortunately some listeners do not want to hear what maybe happening in their own intimate lives and are not willing to listen.

  9. 👍 I am a divorced 68 year old woman. I honestly didn’t think I would want or miss sex after my divorce. Two years later I “woke up” one day. I am now in a great monogamous sexual relationship with a very sexy, great guy. I feel great… loving life again.
    👍 Thanks❣️

  10. I thought it was a great podcast. Very informative. If people don’t wanna listen to it they don’t have to, I just don’t understand what the big problem is.

  11. I’m sorry but what is wrong with you people??? I cannot understand why sex is not a major interest to you and you’re in your 60s, are you dead inside? I think it’s a GREAT TOPIC!!!! More women and men need to talk about it. It’s not taboo anymore! I did need to hear about this because it is a topic in my life that needs to be addressed!!! A healthy sex life is a MAJOR intimate part of life for your HEALTH!!!! Do your research on that topic!! Use it or loose it. Thank you DML!

  12. I’m finishing listening to the podcast, I’m 60 tomorrow, I’m super happy that you broadcasted this . Sex is so so important. So thank you.

  13. Enjoyed listening to the podcast. I’m 68 and have been married close to 45 years. When you age there are so many changes. It was good to hear Tracey address those changes.

  14. This was as always another GREAT Podcast!! 🎉Thank you DML 🇺🇲 . You are AWESOME! 😎
    If your lucky enough to be married to someone you love, then this is something you should listen to! I’m 44 and my husband is 49 , and we are doing GREAT in this department, but I also gained some good insite for the future! 🌅❤️❤️❤️

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed this Pod cast. You asked all the right questions that I have been pondering on. I am 44 years old and I went through a divorce with my husband that I was married to for 23 years. He and I had grown apart just as she spoke about, so much that my husband became a functional closet alcoholic and we lived miserably with each other for 8 years and the romance had disappeared and the love became more like the way your love a sibling. We had three kids at that time the were 8th grade and up. We separated when my youngest was a senior and divorce was already the plan as neither of us felt like we could have any resolve. Being divorced at first was a challenge, but I felt like I had time to figure out what I loved about me again. I was able to appreciate certain hobbies and my fitness again. I was not focused on how I was going to take care of someone who didn’t care about his health and being his crutch was very difficult in those 8 years. My kids saw that I was more lively, more energetic, and I started dating pretty quickly, simply to just get an idea of what was out there. Most of the dates were just dinner out and my kids didn’t meet any of them until I found one that I felt a little better about and knew that he was not just some one night stand. It was a transition and currently I am very happy with one man that is 16 years older than me. He is at least in the same generation and we have all the same quirks, likes and dislikes. I was not looking for older or younger, I just wanted companionship, but the sex is a plus. We make it work without pills and it is more about focusing on being calm and taking things slow. It makes a big difference and it gave me the romance that I had been without for 8+ years. I have been following you since walk and talks and I am still a fan of all your podcasts and your CBD! Keep on doing what you do! You are awesome!


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