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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 80-minutes for March 15.

DML interviews an expert on 5G technologies, Dafna Tachover. She explains how the 5G network works.

A lawyer and activist, she explains how she believes 5G can potentially harm your health and crush your privacy.

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  1. Hello Dennis,do you ship your products to the Netherlands too?If yes,at what costs? By the way,if love your show👊

  2. A lot of people are connecting the “vaccines” and nanotechnology to 5G. Graphene Oxide has supposedly been found in the jabs and can connect people to the internet, essentially turning them into robots. While this appears to be a conspiracy theory, too many of those end up being true. Hard to know what to believe anymore

  3. Thank you DML! Boy did I learn a lot today ! WOW! My son was in medical school and he told me years ago that big brother was watching us. He blocked all his cameras on his pc’s.


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