DML Podcast (Ep51) The United State of Joey Magoo Biden, can it get worse?

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Today, the topics covered on The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast are as follows:

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Dennis Michael Lynch and his team, Denny, Ryan, and Ashley, discuss an array of topics that represent how terrible the Biden Administration is, and how the country is unrecognizable.  Also, DML announces a new deal between The DML Podcast and


  1. I worked at Central Washington University at ellensburg, wa small town. They were teaching socialism communism when I retired in in 2012. We are in a sad situation. God is our only hope

  2. All Americans Wake up
    Look up 1963 when Congress put forth Stalins Communist manifesto into the rules to govern Here we are
    FDR has the most dangerous Nazi in his cabinet that set up the UN. And was later arrested and sent to prison John Brennan is And was a-card carrying member of the NAZI party Look at the damage he did when Obama put him over the CIA
    Learn your government and their goals of our destruction

  3. This Englishman enjoyed listening to this podcast. A great discussion. The USA is like a sick puppy. The Dems are the sickness and people like DML and his family are the cure. But at the moment there is no way to administer it.

  4. Trump will still lose to Biden. 2024

    Their is no well on earth will they let trump win . .

    You know it we all know it


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