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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 86-minutes for today.

DML interviews the authors of a book about leaders and how they stay in power.

A very powerful interview, a very interesting debate as DML goes up against two NY City professors.

DML also announces a BOGO deal at for a specific product.

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  1. Cognitive Dissonance and Gaslighting. You got the wrong guys here. They attempt to use academia and status to convince you that you are wrong and that what you are experiencing is better explained away by their keen intellect. That’s been the problem for many years. We have been conditioned to believe people like this for so long without question. Look at the CDC, FDA, NIH and Fauci. Go back and listen. You will find the thin parts that are academic veneer and you can see the holes. Not everything they posit is false, but much of it is propped up with points that CANNOT be confirmed, only speculated and presented as fact. It was a good listen though and I enjoyed the interview!

  2. DML, I really hope you take a harder whack at then next time. These guys and the mentality they successfully sell to the masses, are why this country is such a mess. These are the types that control the narrative. The left.


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