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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 32-minutes for today.

DML reviews the horrific videos published by the suspect in the NYC Subway shooting.

DML focuses in on how YouTube has two set of rules. One set for right leaning Trump supporters, and then everyone else.

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  1. Excellent podcast today DML.and ALL very true . It’s all beyond heinous how these ” rules” are , I’m still waiting for the dam of ” I’ve had ENOUGH” to finally break .

  2. I agree with you. I am one of your greatest supporters. Thank You for always being so truthful on all your podcasts. This guy is crazy and you hear it in his voice. Everything he says is a pure hatred towards white people. He will never stand trial for this shooting in NYC. Of course he is only a suspect because NYC is Democratic under Mayor Adams.

  3. I put the blame for this mans radicalization SQUARELY on the shoulders of the white house. The anti-white, anti-american rhetoric AND encouraging people to burn, loot and riot in the name of “justice” originates from the white house, gets amplified and echoed by the left and the MSM. When are we going to have a serious conversation about the true greatest internal threat to America is the intentional radicalization of the left and black America to further the left’s agenda. They are literally dividing and using race as a tool to destabilize our country and if you call them out on it…”Racism!!”

  4. Definitely two sets of rules and the liberals are so violent but they get away with it. I’m sure all the talk from the Democrats day in and day out is what drives these people to do these evil things.

  5. Wait! How can he be racist? I mean after all, he’s black right? I mean African-American. Whatever that means.
    And here I thought only white people are racist.


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