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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one hour for this day.

DML interviews the CEO of Remote Health Solutions. The discussion covers a new method of delivering health services online. Included in the podcast is how telemedicine works, who is it providing the services, and how people can protect themselves during the next set of shutdowns.

The show can be heard on The DML NEWS APP, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. The program can be watched on

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  1. There shouldn’t be a next set of shutdowns. It doesn’t work; we all need to say enough already. If they’re letting illegals enter our country with whatever communicable diseases they may have, then they have no right to a shutdown when they’re creating the problem.

  2. NO SHUTDOWN. It has been proven it doesn’t work. They cannot cage people in like wild animals while politicians do not comply. Land of the free and government is supposed to govern not rule
    Last I checked we do not need them to make decisions for us.

  3. We already know what happened they either found new jobs, unemployment or there old company wants them back now they know it’s all a ploy that didn’t work

  4. Yes! The American way: find a need and fill it! Good job Adam I pray your company is very successful we’ve needed an overhaul of the “healthcare” system and this provides freedom and choice for those of us who are pure bloods thank you!

  5. Nancy: Adam said to go to go into the patient portal set up acct pay, schedule appt with Dr. He said meds can be in hand within 90 min to 2 hrs

  6. Yes, 4.5 months after getting fired for not taking the jab, proud of it, .still no job in the healthcare field. As an RN-BSN I am taking on a waitressing position. I have been rejected by sooo many companies. The discrimination and segregation is so thick here you can cut it with a knife.

    I am awesome and a survivor! I am STILL A HERO 🦸‍♀️

    I will take a look into this. Ty

    • If you had excepted getting the job, you might technically have a job and be unable to do it. The permanent damage an injury some people receive from getting the job make getting it in the enormous gamble. I would rather be a healthy waitress than a disabled nurse.

  7. DML, wow!! to this podcast. I am so grateful for Adam’s efforts to set straight the absolutely disastrous healthcare system in our country or, should I say, this country as it is no longer of, by and for the people. I’ll give you one brief example of how my PCP operates. I called the office on April 8th (today being the 17th) to refill a prescription. That Rx still has not been received by my pharmacy! Grrr!

    I visited Adam’s website to review the Concierge program. Nothing listed at this point in time. I am very anxious to know if I could drop Medicare Part B and use RHS as my medical resource.


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