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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 52-minutes for today.

DML interviews Bruce Goodmansen. He is a guru when it comes to explaining why kids should skip college and make a fortune instead.

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  1. My grandchild is still not settled on what she wants to do in life. She’s a senior in high school graduating in a few weeks. An electrical contracting company came to speak to all seniors about o month ago offering them an apprenticeship jobs after graduation. Pay and benefits were good. She’s thinking about it. This kid is not afraid of hard work and it’s all new construction. I’d rather see her do that that flounder a few years in college with no direction.

  2. Mike Rowe has an excellent non profit that offers scholarships to trade schools and apprenticeship programs. He talks all the time about how college is not what it is made out to be. Kids and their parents go into debt and the rewards are often not all that great. Many of these young adults come out expecting the world owes them large salaries and a cushy life, all because of their education. But many find that their degrees are worthless in the real world.
    Part of the reason public education is so screwed up is because, those who can’t make it in the real world, go into teaching.

  3. As with most things, it depends. If you want to be an actuary, engineer (mechanical or otherwise), architect, accountant, computer scientist, doctor, or lawyer, you’d probably be best served by going to college and maybe even graduate school. And picking a lower cost State school wouldn’t hurt either unless you get a 90% or greater scholarship. 😉

  4. My son is being sued by the ex wife because she wants their son to go away to college. My son owns his own business and did not attend college. He had wished his sons would take part in the family business. They are not mature enough or have any career interests.
    They should attend a community college or trade school. Indiana law states both parents have to pay for college if their young adult wants to attend. If he refuses to pay for his sons college he will be fined and arrested.


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