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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for this day, Jan 14, is one hour long and it is great.

DML is joined by Alec Lace.

The two men speak about the bizarre and out of control environment that is destroying our kids and society.

DML and Lace comment on an array of videos and photos that are trending on Tik Tok.

They also talk about the old school ways of disciplining kids.

You can listen to the program on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or on The DML NEWS APP. Watch the program on

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  1. This is complete communism people wake up and smell the roses This is nothing less than Hitler did to the you know whose people numbers on their arms stars on their chest it’s just like it but different form separating b v and the unv so this is just like it wake up vote red

  2. That’s their evil plan !! To make us weak and this pandemic , mandates and vaccines are doing it ! They are weakening our children, cops and military! We are at war and losing ! Parents don’t let your kids get vaccinated! God help us!

  3. “They” can not destroy GOD… “they” will not prevail! “They are working on it, for sure, even if we the fallible faithful fall away “they will/can not succeed!

  4. The topics/ debates of the virus , the jabs , jobs, schools, social interaction and masks mean NOTHING anymore ALL of it is moot . Two words that cancell ALL of it out are : OPEN BORDERS

    Thats all there is to it i wish people would get a grip and just LOOK for themselves and stop chasing thier own tails . As far as tictok i felt it was evil from the git go developed in china but you are right at least we can SEE what the unstable sick people are spewing . Great podcast thankyou !!


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