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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 63-minutes for this day.

DML interviews Dr Felice Gersh. She is an OBGYN in California. She is all about women’s health. She has written books on menopause, PCOS, fertility. She is board certified in integrative medicine, globally renowned expert in women’s health and complex disease management.

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  1. I’m all in favor of women’s health. Some of my very most loved people are (or were) women. Wife, mom, grandma, and an elderly aunt I am still blessed to have. But women outlive men by quite a few years. Imagine if WOMEN were dying years before men, it would be a national crisis like nobody has ever seen. “American women get the death penalty!” because they die sooner. But, it’s men, so it doesn’t merit mention.

    The late comedian Alan King said ‘Women live longer than men. There’s a reason for that. It’s because they’re not married to women.’ Well back then they weren’t.

  2. LOVED this podcast! Will be listening again and taking notes as well. I grew up near Irvine and still have roots there. Might just make an appt. for myself and maybe my mom.

  3. Hi DML – this is a great informative podcast. Also, needs to be noted that there are women that do get early menopause – I myself had at 40-41 including a relative of mine. What is interesting, if you are on the pill – it will mask your period where it appears you are regular, but once you go off – it’s all haywire within that first month and not fun. After that – it was completely over, and since early, you are at a higher risk for osteoporosis and will need to do annual blood tests for that and also every 5 years a bone density test as well since early menopaused. Sucks, but the upsides – no more periods, etc. lol Glad she covered what supplements to take and what can help with all of that.

  4. I really enjoyed this podcast, great information. There were several things I heard here that I’m planning to look into. Thanks for thinking of us.


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