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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 47 minutes today.

DML discusses the new Government Disinformation Board and what it means for you.

Plus, the immigration problem gets extremely bad. DML also talks about the destruction of cities under Democrat rule.

Last, he reviews the WH dinner with the press and how Biden made a fool of himself.

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  1. One thing I’m surprised Dennis you overlooked and I know you know. These illegals that are overrunning our country. (Is it really ours anymore) These illegals breed like rabbits! All minorites in fact don’t seem to be concerned about the cost or the responsibility of boinking as many women they can to populate their races.

  2. DML… you should do charters out of Naples and Marco Island. Please move to the Naples area where we just moved. Whole different planet than Miami area.

  3. Me either , i cant believe this vile freak., we’re headed for a WAR , this is too much i have no other words


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