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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 50 minutes today.

DML is joined by Alec Lace to discuss an array of topics:

1. SCOTUS leak influences the left to break out into violent protests
2. Trump scores victory in Ohio with JD Vance
3. Comedian attacked on stage by crazy leftist
4. Biden suggests to teachers they are co-parenting your kids
5. Censorship and the Ministry of Truth

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  1. These are professionals protesters get paid well for protesting. You know pay for play. It’s about time they get they get down on their knees and repent. God knows and he is also been showing us that their is evil. God have mercy on these brainwashed and spoiled brats

  2. The left doesn’t need to turn volume they are violent. Everyone needs to homeschool before your children are transitioned and told what to think and what they can speak. This country is being ran by cheaters and evil communists. Free speech is prohibited in all dictatorships.

  3. I am so happy it’s going to end to many baby have died billions of them could be less but it’s time.
    Plus they give out free birth control pills, and if men don’t what his girlfriend to have his child then he should wear a rubber or bring back the after sex pill. But the baby killing needs to stop. As the older people die off there are no one that will be coming IN behind us it seem the young people are not thinking this way let have fun first. In Missouri if the women want to remove her child they have to go to St, Lois or to a different state to have it done. But what get me if a women has her baby and she does not what it and she thru the baby away she goes to jail. So tell me what is the difference a nine month baby can be deliver and they
    lay the baby on a metal table tell the baby dies and this baby was not wanted but they that did it they don’t go to jail do they.


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