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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 93-minutes for this day, January 18.

DML interviews Richard van Breemen from the State Univ. of Oregon.

Breemen and his team claim that they’ve found certain properties from the hemp plant can prevent COVID from attacking human cells. These amazing results were found despite the NIH rejecting 3 requests for funding by Breemen and his renown team of scientists.

This is an eye opening podcast. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or The DML New App. Watch the program exclusively on

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  1. Google Fauci’s history is there for all to see You May censor and remove But the truth will slap you silly He is the father of all that died in America and Africa and the world
    Maybe the one that is censoring me will be his next virus victim

  2. Michael Dennis lunch it’s all about the almighty dollar that’s what’s all about you got it right and so do the guy the doctor he’s talking to or the scientist you’re talking to yeah of course they don’t want natural because the pharmaceutical company would go down the drain it’s all about money

  3. I don’t remember my first order of Power 3000 DMLCBD but I’m thinking it was late 2018 or ? My step father and I were having a conversation about me taking CBD and I told him after taking it my horrific neck pains went away and haven’t had that horrific pain anymore after convincing him to try it
    My Mother and Step father both elderly were taking CBD oil starting late 2018 and continued to take CBD throughout the pandemic and haven’t stoped taking CBD since and neither of them have had Covid even after being exposed to the virus a few times and neither of them have had that dreadful poison jab I believe this information is being stifled from the public because they damn well known CBD kills Covid My goodness they’ve got a lot of blood on their hands don’t they

  4. This Dr and his team.are remarkable , tremendous podcast and very eye opening and TRUTHFUL . Thank you SO much for sharing this wealth of information a real.mindblower !! . I am a firm.believer in natural.remedies myself use your products every day and i greatly admire and respect this Dr and you ! Blessings

  5. The podcast with the scientist was spot on. Reason why NIH won’t give him the money is that they don’t want a CBD product out there that prevents covid cuz there is no money big pharma would be making off the product. Big pharma is counting on the vaccines only.


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