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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 30-minutes for this day, January 21.

DML is joined by political guru Dick Morris.

Morris, who is a conservative, used to be the right hand man for Bill Clinton. He is very familiar with Hillary, and her never ending passion for being president.

Morris and DML speak about the midterms, 2024, and all things politics, Trump and Clinton.

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  1. Lol good luck with that effort again heifer. She doesn’t need to run against anyone ever. I wouldn’t vote her in for dog catcher.

  2. This is getting old and this is the best the corrupt clowns can come up with. To me this is a revenge tour and you thought cheating was prevalent with the last election just wait, no doubt it will be another rigged election

  3. She’s garbage. The woman who blatantly said “what difference does it make, they’re all dead now”. Remember that? Referring to Benghazi. She’s no better than Biden & desperate to be the President. Many are all done with the Clinton’s! She couldn’t control her husband, how can she control the country?

  4. Don’t ever believe much of what Dick Morris says! His track record will tell you everything. Surprised that Newsmax picked him up after FOX dumped him.

  5. I’m sure Trump will expose her for the wretched person she is for the Russian Collusuion witch-hunt she engineered. Get out the popcorn for that one! The woman has no conscience for anything.

  6. Of course she will! The Dems know how to cheat!
    And she legally lost to Trump! She would definitely legally lose to Trump again!
    She didn’t support Benghazi and she is a traitor! Who wants a traitor for president!!!!!!!

  7. Hahaha! Clinton’s a glutton for punishment. Can’t wait to see Trump pummel her again. What makes her think people who couldn’t stand her before are now going to vote for her now? Delusional. Four time loser!

  8. Ha ha ha. Give it up Hillary. Nobody will vote for you. Or do you have a strategy to cheat on the election just like the Biden election.

  9. Hillary is like the filthy vulture waiting high up in a dead tree waiting for the animal to die. She is a real threatnif she runs in 2024.

    Lessons Hillary and democrats learned:

    1. News media gave a lot of coverage for Trump because at the time they thought he was a clown show that would boost Hillary to victory. In 2024 they will not give Trump coverage.

    2. Cheating worked well for the democrats in 2020 so they will do it again. As Republitards sleep at the wheel, Democrats are already strategizing and getting key conspirators into place, strengthening logistics (crooked ballot harvesters, ballot forging mills, computer hackers). If Trump is the candidate, many Republicans will secretly help the Democrats.

    3. Biden has ushered more than 2 million illegal aliens this year to districts that were purple; turning them blue. There will be a massive campaigning advertising effort by democrats to urge illegal aliens to vote.

    4. We will most likely hit a massive recession by next year and the democrats will buy allegiance by more stimulus checks and unemployment cash; driving us deeper into inflation.

    5. Russia and China will invade their neighbors (Ukraine/Taiwan) and sleepy Joe will push us into a conflict believing his jingoism will boost his dropping poll numbers. He will bamboozle about half of the USA which is all he needs for Hillary to win in 2024.

  10. Lol the bitch will never win she is burnt toast and doesnt even know it. I havent like this bitch since her husband was president.

  11. Don’t laugh to hard. Beijing Biden ran more times than Hillary and won the nomination and stole the Presidency from his basement !! Don’t put anything past the crooked left and their attempt to Nationalize elections which they will control !!! Once a political thief always a political thief. The telling factor is if the “ Clinton foundations “ start up again to funnel illegal foreign funds !!! Then we will know !!!

  12. She will be in gitmo before that ever happens. Dream on you treasonous murderer. Stop giving her the time of day. Maybe you and your pedophile husband can get a cell together. Unreal.

  13. I firmly believe there is no way Hillary Clinton would run against Trump a second time and lose. So in my opinion I believe that she knows she’s already going to win by cheating. I am sure the plan has already been set in stone.

  14. They better ramp up the investigations against her, or will it all be hidden like the smartest person brandon knows (scambag hunter)

  15. Shows you how crazy and corrupt she is. No one that is have sane wants this evil corrupt lunatic in public office. She needs to take a sleeping pill and chill out. Maybe if she stayed out of the public life for about 10-15 years, the country might think she finally did what was right for the country. We do t even like to see that pathetic face of the 😈

  16. She is a joke. Her head is so full of herself I am surprised she fits through doorways. Does anyone really care what she has to say or do. If she ever wins you know it was a stolen election.

  17. Please – no redo’s on either one! Although Trump did some good things, his rhetoric did damage in the long run and the Dems never let up on bashing him, so his hands were tied most of his term. Hillary is just a lying, corrupt, inept a__hole! Let’s try nominating someone who will be good for the country and is under 80 🤦🏻‍♀️


  19. I think Dick Morris is wrong about the Hispanic votes. There could be some aberrations like the Virginia Youngkin vote or because of the Cubans and Venezuelan exiles in Florida; but overall the main bulk of our Hispanic population and illegal alien population are mostly Mexicans and Central Americans. They are overwhelmingly in the 80 percentile or above in supporting leftists.

    Loom at what happened in Chile and Honduras; both nations dumped their conservative presidents and voted in solid communists. It is in the latin american tradition and DNa to vote and support despots and socialists. That is also why Biden has been shipping in millions of illegal aliens.


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