DML Podcast (Ep9/2023) China donated $54M to university after Penn Biden Center launched. The warnings of Reagan ignored.

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 45 minutes today.

DML covers an array of topics.

  1. Reagan’s final warning ignored
  2. Biden and the China connection
  3. Davos to host World Economic Forum, one world governance
  4. DeSantis pushes back against China, Davos event
  5. American Academy of Pediatrics encourages fat kids to use meds and surgery to lose weight
  6. Jab mandate ended by the Pentagon
  7. McCarthy ridding of radical Democrats
  8. Woke college kills the word “FIELD”
  9. Mayorikis impeachment

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  1. Sir,
    The use of the term, ‘donated’ is misleading.
    China is NOT donating anything!
    They’ll expect some type of return on their handing out those funds!!

  2. DML I’m glad to see you finally talking about WEF, you should look into Schwabs right hand man, Noah Yuval Harari, evil evil man he is

  3. Your finally talking about things you once said were conspiracy theories. Why the big change? About time your now realizing you were wrong but you still have more to learn.

  4. Why is DeSantis pushing back against Klaus Schwab’s Davos World Economic Forum when Trump had no problem promoting the Great Reset by speaking at Davos in 2015 and 2018?
    It is fair to assume Trump was there promoting Trump International Inc with the communist Chinese as his released tax statements illustrate..

  5. Wow! So much misinformation here. There are no conspiracy theories because they are all playing out now. Wake up people, we are placed here on earth at this time in history.

  6. My friend taken a stroke from the jab – – she lost the hearing in one ear .. Thank God she got her hearing back …

    Plus my 76 year old friend every time she eats her nose starts running like she has a bad cold & still happening today .

  7. Dennis

    The Saudis had NOTHING to do with 9-1-1. Do your research. It was an INSIDE job. Our OWN government is responsible. That is the REAL story. Our government is responsible for terrorists attacks all over the world. Remember Benghazi? Hillary Clinton is RESPONSIBLE for American’s being murdered. Get your facts straight.

    • I saw the news report immediately after the first tower was flown into and specifically watched the reaction of George Bush immediately after he was notified. Do you remember his very casual reaction at that moment as I will never forget it. Our office personnel watched it on four large TV monitors playing 24/7 to a news around the world channel in our office and we saw it within minutes of both towers being flown into. I remember “Ohhhh” from George Bush when someone notified him and quietly told him the news. His reaction was like he already knew about it. It was a most unusual feeling to watch him right at that moment.


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