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The Dennis Michael Lynch podcast lasts 54-minutes on this Friday, February 19.

DML focuses in on the liberal media’s attack on Senator Ted Cruz for taking off for a day to Cancun while Texas suffers through a storm. But they overlooked Obama’s disappearing act to Hawaii during the Super Storm Sandy nightmare in 2012. DML also gives some facts about the over-the-top news coverage of Cruz versus that of lazy reporting of Gov. Cuomo who is being investigated for his role in COVID-19 deaths at nursing homes.

DML then dives into immigration policies being issued by President Magoo (Joe Biden) and how it is hurting minorities.

An excellent program that must be listened to and shared.



  1. Never Never Ever apologize to these evil demonic demons ! When you give the Devil an inch he’ll take 100 million miles ! All this confusion is from the devil who is seeking to devour your soul !
    The Name Of Jesus is the only way to fight this fight with magnificent results.
    If you’ve never called upon his name you’ll be thankful if you did
    So just have a little talk with Jesus tell him all about your troubles he will hear your faintest cry and he will answer. Jesus please strengthen your saints mentally physically and spiritually to fight the good fight. Thank you Jesus I love you father

  2. More importantly where is there so called president? Shouldn’t he have gone? Obama was the president at the time of Sandy. Ted Cruz is a senator and don’t give me crap about him being from Texas.

  3. Cruz was being a daddy! Ignore the left!!! They just need someone to deflect the attention off of them. Cruz don’t let them get to you!!


    I REFUSE to hold this against CRUZ even for second! He and his family needed a Vacation after dealing with the slime in @ the WhiteHouse during another President Trumps FAKE impeachment! He needed a place to wash off all those vile DemoRATS after being around the likes of Pelosi,🐷Schumer,💩McConnell 🐀 (So if any DEMORATS read this!!! Read my lips 👄 @&$&

  5. What about the democrats taking off for the caribbeans to have an ENJOYABLE time on our dime?
    Where’s joe dementia? In basement?

    Allow the TEXAN to do as he wishes with his family, on his dime. While the wacked out Dems are fixated on President Trump.

  6. Neck, we still don’t even know what Obama was doing the night Amb. Chris Stevens et al were murdered in Benghazi! No media standards ever apply to the Left.

  7. Biden did not legitimately win the election. Case closed. Our propagandist media is comparable to China’s state-run media. Ted Cruz knew he was under scrutiny, to begin with. Democrats are vultures. Cruz knew better. I’m not passing judgment. I’m just saying he is smarter than that. I believe Cuomo intentionally allowed senior citizens to die for financial reasons, and he will ultimately answer to God for his actions, regardless of whether or not he faces justice in this life.

  8. Easy answer, Cruz is white and a conservative. Don’t forget the divider clown was elected TWICE by lots of white people who in reality he hates


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