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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one hour today.

DML cover and array of topics:

  1. Overview of the DML CBD promotional party
  2. China is spying on Americans, here is how
  3. China is penetrating the Federal Reserve
  4. China warns of Nancy Pelosi’s proposed visit to Taiwan, and the military is getting ready for conflict
  5. Pelosi and husband involved in insider trading?
  6. Housing market ready to fall
  7. Companies that are inflating prices
  8. Cuomo joins NewsNation
  9. $1B Megamillions
  10. DML’s text message with Trump supporter gets hot.

The podcast is available on The DML NEWS APP, iHeart, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.


  1. Nancy and her husband are so guilty of insider trading it would take a stupid idiot not to see it. Laws for thee not for me. They should be under the jail.

    • Most of them are involved!! How do you think they get so rich!!
      Bill and Hillary sure didn’t make all that money off their foundation!!! And now the daughter is rich too!!!
      You know if they can they will!!
      WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  2. I think that without a doubt Nancy Pelosi is feeding her husband insider information that he has used to put together monstrously profitable trades. The public is enraged with good reason. Normally I think for insider trading, a defendant can be fined onerously, has to cough up his or her profits, and is thence barred from being involved with the securities industry for life. Paul Pelosi has a hedge company— that is why Nancy appears to be so rich. It’s his money technically but they’ve been married for 50 years, so at this point it’s a partnership. I resent that they’re doing this. It’s not in any way fair to the public. I’d like to have insider information too.

  3. These are public government servants.
    Not screw The American people and get rich as a public servant.
    No pensions for life . Live off social security and what you put away in your pension fund through your employer.
    Fauci at 81 and the War criminal of the 21 century gets 380, 000 for life .?No
    Your job ends so does the cash.

  4. I love you DML. But I don’t think there’s any politician that can make anything right in this country. Ron DeSantis has a $20 million surplus but didn’t do away with sales tax throughout the summer like he said he was going to do once the snowbirds left. And he’s not addressing the home crisis in Florida a lot of Floridians that a native or getting kicked out of their houses due to high rent and greed

    • It was not two months, and it’s not $20M. It’s $20B. And I’ve never met a person who wants their home price to go down. Rents are based on supply and demand. You’re asking Ferrari to sell its cars for Kia prices. So either find a better job or move to an area less in demand in or out of the state, or apply for welfare. Unlike Biden, ron won’t blow up his own economy.

  5. The final curtain call for trump !!

    they will get him this time Like it or not .

    We will fight that’s all they need.


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