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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for Monday, January 25 is 30-minutes in total length.

The program focuses on an interview between FACE THE NATION and Dr. Birx, a member of the president’s task force on Covid-19.

DML explains how FACE THE NATION shows it’s true bias in the interview, and how they use Birx to destroy Trump’s legacy as it connects to COVID-19.

DML rips into Birx and FACE THE NATION, and he makes a great argument for the American people to question the data and narrative about COVID-19.  DML believes more now than ever that the COVID drama was designed to rid of Trump.

A must listen and share.


  1. The coronavirus “crisis ” has always been less about public health and more about imposing social controls, seizing political power, and scamming for dollars.

  2. We have no MSM’s. We have not had a journalist since they had a part in the Bill Clinton murders of the people in Waco and Rubyridge
    They are the fools that are being used to push satans agenda.

  3. I figured that covid was their ploy to get rid of trump since the first impeachment didn’t work. They used this virus for that reason and they know it.

  4. The dems paid and worked with China to use covid19 to bring President Trump down. I don’t watch those fake news shows anymore. I don’t think Fauci knows what hes talking about half the time. He says something different every time he talks. And the doctor is just as bad.

  5. I hear already it will take 30 yrs to turn things around after this..Fauci & Birks are hypocrites. They took an oath to become Dr’s. So they are now saying they felt intimidated? B.S., a trustworthy Dr. does not sugarcoat anything during a pandemic. Funny how they refuse to give Trump any credit for anything. We all know Warp Speed got the vaccine under Trumps watch..Biden is only a puppet for the left who is using him because of his Washington connections..won’t be long & we’ll see him go bye bye.

  6. I am totally convinced that Covid was designed and unleashed on us by the Chinese Communist Party in cahoots with the evil democrats to take down President Trump! If they could have killed him and got away with murder they would have. That’s how dirty, rotten and evil they are! Their goal is to destroy him no matter how long it takes. They are scum of the earth!!
    Long Live President Donald Trump! May he be blessed by God with the strength and determination to come back in some form and take our country back from the evil leftists seeking to destroy it!

  7. They all need to be exposed
    And some day they will. But they don’t care, they got rid of trump and lied like hell to do it. They all have cushy jobs, millions of dollars, hide behind corrupt media, and big tech. Right now they have it made.
    Its all hatred because they couldn’t do what Trump did in short period of time, and Trump through a wrench in their corrupt agenda.

  8. The far left and their foreign friends including China in particular worked in conjunction to get rid of Trump. The radicals got their wish, but it may come back home to bite them in the ass !!!

  9. it was disgraceful the way National Guardsmen were treated for Biden fake inauguration. Left to sleep in parking garage floors and streets with no restrooms or basic human needs met! I’m furious that they were treated worse than most animals by Washington D.D., many coming home with the COVID virus! Please investigate who demanded this and made no preparation for their care and dignity. They should be prosecuted and exposed! Thank you for all you do.

    • Heard it was orders from Pelosi…they had one bathroom in the parking garage for hundreds of men, no wi-Fi, extremely cold. GOP got them all pizza but dems only sent cookies. Trump offered his hotel nearby but when the dems heard that they told the guardsmen they could come back into the Capitol. Democrats are pathetic, disgusting and EVIL!!

  10. Oh it was. Otherwise how would weasel Fauci know with certainty that President Trump would face a pandemic in his presidency. It’s horrible you can hate one man so much that you would kill so many people. Top democrats were behind all this & I hope it’s all revealed to the people so justice can be served

  11. Biden is taking our country way back Our country was doing great just last week signing 25 bills its crazy China will own us before its over with I read where Hillary Clinton and Pelosi set the January 6 th riot so they could drame Trump for it democrats are so dirty

    • Unless there is a push by Republicans to pressure state legislatures to purge the voter registration books and to pass stricter voter laws that would attest/prosecute ballot harvesters, ban mail-in ballots, make sure every absentee ballot is verified by signature and photo copy of voter I.D or some
      sort of photo I.D with current address.

      • MAJOR ALERT…You need to see the bill they are in the process of trying to pass…look up HR1. It’s essentially to allow all forms of voter fraud including mandatory Vote registrations now for 16yr. olds. They are not capable of a logical vote at that age. It’s basically to tell them to vote Democrat. The list will make your blood boil. LOOK IT UP AND SPREAD THE WORD. You can see the full article on The Gateway Pundit. Go to their website and scroll down till you see it. Just disgusting!!! They need to be stopped !!

    • You can’t think like that. That’s the thinking that kept 500,000 Trump voters in GA from going back to the polls to vote again in the runoffs. If those people just did their duty and voted again on Jan 5th like they did on November 3rd, the Republicans would still hold the Senate.

  12. Of course it was designed to get rid of Trump. I knew because why did the Pandemic occur during an election year. Gave fuel for the Democrats to cheat and they did. Honesty and fair play went out the window, as well as our honest vote!


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