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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 50-minutes for July 1.

DML starts off with commentary about Bill Cosby being released from jail.

He then spends most of the program discussing the indictments against the Trump Organization and some of its executives.

DML also reveals a new political ad that pins Gov. Ron DeSantis and Trump against each other. And he reads the unbelievable results of a ranking of the best presidents.

DML concludes the program with a troubling report about how youngsters see the internet more important than real life.



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  1. If the manipulative Dominion machines are not destroyed, none of our votes will matter!! Our politicians will be SELECTED always, not voted for. The Constitutional Republic is dead!! No one in Congress ever stands up to say that our Constitution prevents a socialist/communist government! If things don’t turn around, We The People are screwed!! If all the voter fraud is not exposed and President Trump not reinstated, then welcome to Communist America, One World Order with Face recognition to track and spy on us all like Communist China!!

  2. Bev, you need to trust what President Trump is doing. Keep the faith that God is in control. I believe that with all my heart.

  3. I’m not taking anyone’s word for any of this crap anymore, don’t trust polls don’t don’t trust the experts don’t trust the media and hate to say it but I’m not going to take the words of DML but to be honest I don’t even want him to run again let alone be the president again, at this point I just don’t care if I even vote again I have had enough of all of it, I’m old, I’m sick and hope my time here is limited because I’m seeing what the left is doing to this country and I just don’t want to be here anymore.

  4. On Hannity, Trump was asked if he made up his mind. The question wasn’t “are you running in 2024”. Trump said “yes” to “have you made up your mind.” He could’ve made up his mind to not run for POTUS. My thoughts are that the run for FL Governor.

  5. Just a false flag to keep people distracted from what is about to come from the AZ audits and many other states. Mot only not thing will happen to Trump, but he will be back very soon like he said last week in a message 2024 or sooner

  6. Couple things:
    All I heard Trump say is he made up his mind about whether he’s running or not. I did NOT hear him say he was definitely running for President!!!
    Every corporation that has gifted/rewarded/compensated any employee for good performance will now be wide open for lawsuits, it’s called precedence!!!
    This will get interesting!!!

  7. Since the far left are searching for ANY and ALL reasons, wasting time and money CHASING crimes, let’s look into Biden, Harris, Polosi, Shummer, Sharpton, Comey, Obama, Clinton, the Bush family, etc. to level the witch hunt game!! Such disgusting EVIL.


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