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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 50-minutes long for July 12.

The discussion today opens with DML’s opinions about the CPAC presidential poll for 2020, and how Trump’s dominating victory in the poll can potentially spell doom for 2024.

DML also discusses a tweet from the FBI about reporting your family and friends to the agency if you think they may be going radical.

Then DML comments heavily about an interview between CNN and Dr Fauci concerning vaccinations and why people don’t want to be vaxxed.

He closes the show by slamming the Biden Administration over its narrative about the uprising in Cuba.



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  1. As much as you want Desantis, DML – In my opinion….Florida needs this man. True there is nobody like Desantis, but he’s better where he’s at right now. Trump has inside info on the swamp and has left seen it first hand. Trump getting revenge? So be it. It needs to happen! NO ONE paid for the misdeeds against Trump – the spying, the fake impeachment’s, the CONSTANT LIES!! At least I felt someone was looking out for ME!

  2. DML is clueless about the WAR being waged against the pedo demon Deep State. Donald Trump is the spokesman for the good guys. That is why the Dems and RINOs hate him. If DeSantis or Noem took up that role, they would destroy them too. As for what attracts women voters, he makes an excellent case against women being allowed to vote. They are ruled by their emotions.

    As for voter fraud, the entire edifice is being destroyed. Trump won 2020 with over 100 million votes, I believe. He won California. All this will be revealed this year. Military tribunals will be held and the DC swamp will be gutted. Start listening the the X22 Report and wake up.

  3. Why aren’t the CDC and FDA banning tobacco? Come on Dennis! Surely you aren’t advocating for even MORE government control? Tobacco is a personal choice. Also, the intrusive nature of “opioids” killing people – the opioid deaths are not those with chronic diseases and pain who are people who are responsible but pay the price by not being able to get the medication they need because Joe and Jane Doe are dying from recreationally using HEROIN AND FENTANYL, but those with severe autoimmune diseases and cancer are being shamed for needing relief from MS, RA, etc…

  4. Why the massive HO for DeSantis? Ive yet to here him even hint of running. Lets not forget that 75 million number is MUCH higher.

    • It’s amazing how some people have made a living riding the “Trump Train” until it isn’t lucrative anymore. DML is into Desantis now who has not even hinted at running. Honestly, DML is losing me….just my thoughts


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