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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 40-minutes on July 13.

DML covers a lot of material and topics today.

-Trump releases disturbing claims about election fraud and AG Bill Barr
-Cuban protestors arrested, some missing
-Gov Abbott says Dem Lawmakers in TX will be arrested
-New information about Joe Biden and his connection to Hunter’s business dealings
-J&J Covid-19 vaccine causing a new health problem, warns FDA
-Liz Cheney raising huge money for reelection
-The Dems are worried about Wokeness and 2022


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  1. Barr was always a deep state Those of you who don’t remember Rubyridge Look up Barr’s part in the killing of a child and woman standing in the door doing nothing I don’t know who it was who got Trump to go along with Barr being Head if the DOJ but that person and Barr needs hanging

    • That would be Mitch McConnell. These positions that have to be approved by the senate are on a list. And McConnell told Trump who they would confirm. Trump had to pick from that list.

    • Barr is as corrupt as they come! Barr had all the evidence of election fraud, and did NOTHING! He and Duram let América down, big time. The deep state is very deep.

  2. Marine Officers are OBLIGATED to NOT follow UNLAWFUL ORDERS!!! I spent 30 years in the Marine Corps – I know that and I am sure he does too. NO MORAL COURAGE!!!


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