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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 56-minutes for July 16.

DML covers the following topics:
1) Biden Administration working with Facebook to label misinformation posts about Covid.
2) New mask mandate issued in far left county. Get ready for it to go nationwide.
3) The elections 2020 were questioned by millions of people who are now being proven correct.  Audits in GA and AZ are offering earth shattering information.  You’re not a conspiracy theorist.


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  1. White House is taking down Wrong information on Facebook because they know they’re in big trouble with the fraud of the election that’s why they’re doing this they don’t want anybody to act on this

  2. So what’s going to be done about it? I’ll tell you nothing! The Republicans are so weak and we are going to be stuck with this admi until 2024. All I hear is talk and more talk but nothing being done with Biden administration. I am so furious!

    • These Republicans better grow a pair. And start standing up for the Americans.. The elections are coming up for some of them also. I already have my list of Rhinos, you want to change my mind.

  3. Same ol same ol….the left shreds the constitution and the right is there pointing fingers….meanwhile, nothing gets done,I’m disgusted with American politics…which is worse,the ignorance of the left committing crimes or the complacency of the right knowing it’s wrong and doing nothing? 2 sides of the same coin I’d say….

  4. With all this coming out when is the public going to see some justice? We have been hearing this for months but nothing is happening. So until is does we can’t really believe anything is going to change.

  5. Amen to the Republican donations for who knows what! Politicians are like lawyers, they aren’t happy unless they have their hand in your pocket all the time! Election fraud is a treasonous offense! When are the necktie parties going to commence?

  6. I second that Rebecca! I refuse to donate 1 cent to the Republican National party until they push for forensic audits of the 2020 election. I will only donate to individuals and groups affiliated with specified candidates of my choosing!

  7. What’s going to happen about the election fraud? Overturn the election & put our President back in! President Trump!!!!! Arrest those treasonous people!

    • That’s what I think everyone wondering why?? Why isn’t the law of the constitution being used to prosecute these crooked people in congress and having them charged with treason and removing them all permanently from office. Enough of the lies and corrupt people in office!!


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