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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 48-minutes for July 19.

Topics covered are listed below.

  • Biden releases terrorist
  • New patriotic song under liberal attack
  • Door to door vaccines begin in NC
  • LA County Sheriff will not enforce new mask mandate
  • Bill Burr slams CNN in curse-laden podcast
  • DML’s run-in with a Black Lives Matter boater


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  1. Sad there are so many ignorant hate filled people in the world that are out to try and intimidate! Their day is coming, God will be the final Judge! Amen. Thanks DML, prayers unceasing for US all in Jesus name! Amen. July 20, 2021

  2. I loved this podcast all about love and family.
    You spoke volumes not getting involved with BLM creatures.
    Hopefully the love coming from your boat and family made them think a little bit. 🇺🇸🇺🇸💕💕

  3. WOW is all i can say i am.very happy that that sight did NOT steal your joy as obviously it was intended to do , noone fed into it so they lost !!!!! Although that marina shoukd have done something ….

  4. A good decision dealing with the BLM boat incident. I’ve always believed ‘silence is more powerful’ than words the majority of times! Silence can’t be misquoted!
    Thank you, Dennis, for today’s podcast. One of your nieces looks to be about the age I taught, 1st grade. The majority of my 30 years. They have little concept of time, age, money… At 40 or so, I was tagged as 18 by my students. When I told them my real age, I was ancient. Happened a lot through my years…loved it. Lol That’s why I loved first grade…they were eager to learn/read, honest, not burnt out w/school yet, shared their love openly and were not judgemental. It was rewarding. I pray our children will never lose that time of innocence.


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