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The Dennis Michael lynch Podcast is 49-minutes for July 20.

The topics covered today:

  • AAP says kids over two should wear masks at school
  • Biden takes credit for Trump economy
  • Does Kamala have Covid?
  • Gov DeSantis makes his first mistake for 2024
  • First man sentenced to jail for January 6, his big crime was a Trump flag?
  • Woman in NJ being fined for her anti-Biden flags
  • Woke black girl harasses a white girl, no punishment
  • Ben & Jerry gets ripped by Jews


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  1. Thank you DML so much for the free Podcast. I look forward to it daily. God bless you and Miss Mary and your awesome family 😎

  2. I eat yogurt so Ben&Jerry’s is not in my house. I hate when these companies try to go woke. It just ruins their businesses.

  3. I love Ron DeSantis too … because he WAS just going about being the best Governor in the country. It was as if he never slept in order to accomplish all his new laws and regulations, keeping up against all the bad things in the country–sheltering his people in FL. Then today, you brought up the “Fauci” things and that reminded me I saw an add a few days ago online for what USED to be Trump’s CBD oil for sale. But this time it was for gummies … AND THIS TIME IT PICTURED TRUMP AND DESANTIS AS SPONSORING IT. IT MADE ME WORRIED FOR DESANTIS–HE NEEDS TO REMAIN HIMSELF, NOT ANOTHER TRUMP.

    Dennis (my last name btw), PLEASE talk to DeSantis and let him know he can make it on his own with only HIS accomplishments. He doesn’t need, nor should he be, Trump’s sidekick.

  4. There MUST be a concerted effort to DISCREDIT the AAP funded by Pfizer, & it’s POLITICALLY MOTIVATED RECOMMENDATIONS that present a GRAVE BACTERIAL & OXYGEN DEPLETION HAZARD to the HEALTH of all school children, ABSENT of any SCIENCE BASIS or MERIT to justify any further Damaging 7 hrs a day MASK MANDATES? Tucker Carlson recently revealed that there are actually NO CHILD CV DEATHS not related to having previous health issues?? So HOW CAN AAP EVER JUSTIFY THE OBVIOUSLY POLITICAL MANDATE WEARING MASKS FOR ALL CHILDREN AGAIN when it’s been proven CHILDREN HAVE NOR PRESENT ANY RISK TO GET OR SPREAD CV ???? CV IS NO LONGER AN ONGOING THREAT TO THIS NATION as well? Restrictions are ENDED most EVERYWHERE? WHERE are all the new cases posing supposed threats? MANUFACTURED BY FAUCI & Democrats that want CITIZEN CONTROL to continue! These virus VACCINES ARE NOT EVEN APPROVED by the government as safe, have had many 1000’s of serious Side effects reported, & have NO guarantee to do ANYTHING against VIRUSES, which have NO CURE???? For all these reasons & more there STANDS NO SCIENTIFIC JUSTIFICATION FOR MASKS OR VACCINE MANDATES & any government claims trying to force citizens to do so ARE PURELY POLITICAL!!!

  5. Dennis , the TRUTH has been uncovered about Jan 6 THAT IT WAS STAGED & PLANNED BY OUTSIDE FORCES, NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS?!! So why are you excoriating supposed Trump supporters? The ones sentenced in court are false Trump supporters, pretending,waving flags to make us & Trump look guilty??!

  6. The girl in store should have looked straight in the camara and started singing God Bless America…but, I guess that would require her to know the words.

  7. I have to agree with you about Ron DeSantis. When I heard him talk about the Fauci merchandise, it didn’t set well with me


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