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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 45-minutes for July 21.

The topics covered today are listed below.

  • US life expectancy in 2020 saw biggest drop since WWII, DML doesn’t buy the reasons
  • Girl gets denied by major university because she won’t take a vaccine that can kill her
  • Biden’s bogus remarks about the economy need to be called out, and so DML does it.
  • Biden attacks terrorists in Somalia
  • WHO warns of another COVID wave
  • Senator Paul destroys the liar known as Dr Fauci during hearing
  • Russia launches new stealth fighter jet



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  1. Dennis our country is on the up tick again on COVID, so they say . I have not heard anyone questioning why. They are blaming the unvaccinated. That might be true but it is not the US citizens. Nobody is putting this together. I have seen 2 large groups in our corner of CT . I would guess it is the same throughout the state. Now we have the numbers up , and the media will not put these things together. Am I wrong and just looking for the worst in the media across the country. I don’t think so.

  2. I think you’re on to something Donna. Who’s testing all the migrants pouring into the border and then quickly getting bussed out to anytown, USA? If Trump were to have done this the media would have been blaming him for the sudden rise.

  3. Letting millions in without covid testing! This congress is nothing but murderers! Habitual Lying MF! Nothing they say and I mean nothing that comes out of their mouths is even remotely true! Even HI would be a lie! Straight jacket lliers!

  4. And one other thing since we’re on the topic…this is no means the Democrats “caring” about these Central American migrants….this is future vote harvesting period, a desperate way to hang onto power for years to come. They knew their cheating at the ballot box could be exposed at anytime and this letting in of thousands and thousands of migrants is only plan B. The only hope now is to get a conservative in office in 2024 and quickly begin deporting most of these migrants illegally admitted into the US by the Biden administration.

  5. And another vial was spelt out upon the earth and it killed a third of everything
    This isn’t a conspiracy it’s the EndTimes
    He will return soon


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